Just because we may fall into a rut, it doesn’t mean we have to stay there.

On August 26th and 28th, respectively, we will experience two different astrology transits with Uranus: Uranus trine Mars and Uranus trine Venus, with Venus in Virgo, Mars in Virgo as well, and Uranus in Taurus. For our zodiac signs, this is meant to shake up any routines or ruts we’ve felt stuck in lately.

While Uranus will be in Taurus during this transit, this is really about letting ourselves enjoy life and the excitement that comes along with trying something new. In astrology, a trine is when two planets are within 120 degrees, creating positive and beneficial energy for us to make benefit of in our lives.

This is the second of three Venus-Uranus trines this year, which means we’re likely to see something peak around this time, the first of which came up in February of this year. The final trine of the year occurs in November, so the energy around this trine will linger until then when we see the final outcome.

This is the only trine that occurs between Mars and Uranus this year, which means it’s action-packed around creating change.

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