Leap of Faith

I’ve been burned before

My giving nature taken for granted

My friendship chewed up and spit out

My heart poked with holes


So, I’ve treaded more lightly this time around

Perhaps wiser than before?

Cautious about how much to give

Holding back some of myself

Maybe more than I should


You reached out and were kind

But I felt vulnerable still

Till you gave me a new dress

And a weapon to protect myself

From those who would hurt me


Then little by little, the walls began to crumble

A brick here, some mortar there

Until I left an opening

And you climbed in


Subtly to be sure

Not rude or outrageous or ostentatious

Just clever, mysterious, and fun

And I smiled and it felt good

Still I kept a few pieces out of view


Over time I learned to laugh from my soul again

Untethered by doubts (or at least not as many)

Wondering if this time I could trust?

Thinking I shouldn’t hold back anymore


Pondering what would be a clear opening

Then a heart damaged by others,

People who should have been honor bound,

And I could hold back no longer

As the last piece fell


A mystery no more as we both took a look,

As I let go of the rope like I’ve not done before,

Allowing a window that no one has seen

Feeling safe enough to introduce you to the DJ inside my head


It’s been a puzzle worth solving with carefully chosen words and

With trust that evolved over time

Nothing rushed or pushed or uncomfortable this time

Just a leap of faith that paid off.

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