Take a deep breath because everything is about to change.

Sometimes, it seems that everything happens at once. We get to this space where we’ve made sense of things, have closure and peace, but then a tornado rips through and turns everything upside down.  

Well, your September 2019 love horoscope is the tornado, and its target is our lives. We knew it would take a while for the dust to settle from the eclipses in July because of Mercury retrograde and Jupiter retrograde. As many ideas as we had, we weren’t able to put them in motion.  

August brought greater clarity in that we were able to think about things  and start to formulate plans, but it still wasn’t the right time to jump or move ahead on things. In contrast, the monthly love horoscope for September 2019 will impact our zodiac signs in transformational ways.

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For many of us, August was a month of patience. A month of doing more waiting that any of us would like, and it was also the time for planning and plotting, encouraged under the Virgo stellium we saw around the Black Moon.

But September is here, and with it a whole new set of energy. And whether we feel ready for it or not, it’s certainly one that is going to keep us on our toes.

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