The Pokédex of college stereotypes: guys edition.

Being a freshman in college is exhilarating. It’s living on your own, independence, figuring out how to use a washer and dryer, and discovering all the ways you can make food with a coffee pot or mug.

With this new and exciting world to discover, there are also all the strange inhabitants to meet. Especially of the male variety.

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To save you from some of the confusion of identifying these creatures and different personality types, some of which can be very dangerous to your freshman heart, here’s a working field guide to all the guys you’ll meet in college.

1. The foreigner.

Meeting a guy who hails from another country varies from region to region. Depending on the country of origin, “the foreigner” can come in two varieties: he’s either here for a good time, not a long time, or he’s a work hard, play never type of guy.

If his country of origin comes with a stereotypical accent, you can bet that this elevates his attractiveness by at least fifteen percent. These guys know that they’re hot stuff, and are not afraid to use their foreigner status to pull all the girls they can on campus while they’re still here.

Be warned, there’s a good chance that he may be so caught up in the social scene that he flunks out. Or, he might be so invested in his studies that he never even looks up from his books, and therefore be the bane of your existence when vying for that top scoring position in class.

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