They drove home a short while later. Anthea listened in silence to Jack’s account of his conversation with her mum as she drove. She was quite shocked as well as stunned by the way things were unravelling in her parents’ lives. “Maybe we should never have told them about Ben and the baby,” she mused at the end.

Jack shrugged his shoulders. “It’s a bit late for that now, isn’t it?” he responded. “Anyway, from what your mum was saying, we may have done them a favour.”

A favour?”

He nodded. “It’s been lying there dormant for years Anthea. We’ve just lifted the lid off the box.”


“One thing I’ve learnt from our experience and from my conversation with Helen is that you can never know what really goes on in other peoples’ sex lives. Who knows what really goes on in the privacy of their bedrooms and who knows what is really going on in their heads?”

Anthea remained silent.

“I think we would be surprised at the extent of similar things happening in the average couple’s life,” Jack said breaking the silence. “Take a look at your family. Three couples and two of them have or are about to have, cuckolding relationships taking place. Who knows what goes on in John’s and his wife’s life?”

Anthea nodded in silence.

“Are we going to ask Ben if he has any like-minded friends who would be interested in getting involved and helping your mum and dad?”

“I… I think that we shouldn’t get involved. Let them find their own way.”

“Maybe. What were you and dad talking about anyway?”

Anthea said nothing as she pulled into their driveway but a few minutes later as they sat at their kitchen table she began to tell him.

“It seemed to go along the same lines as your conversation with mum,” she told him. “I found it a bit embarrassing to be quite honest. He and mum had obviously been talking about us and their situation and have made a decision to enter into a cuckolding relationship.”

“I see.”

“Dad told me that he had always wanted mum to cuckold him; even when they were courting he had those desires. He spent years though hiding it from her and eventually told her after a party one night when I had just started school.”

“And she always said no?”

Anthea nodded. “Apparently the other night after we went home from telling them about the baby and Ben, dad said to her that you were a very lucky man.”


Anthea smiled. “Yes, he told mum that he wished that she would treat him the way I treat you.”

Jack laughed.

“That’s probably why mum asked you all those questions.”

“I guess.”

“Apparently she told dad that if she did cuckold him it would be under her terms and once they started he wouldn’t be able to stop it.”

“And he was okay with that?”

Anthea nodded. “I see a lot of similarity in you and dad. I think that you both like to be dominated by the women in your lives.”

Jack did not respond.

“He… he asked me if I spanked you?”

Spanked me?”

She nodded. “He wondered if I spanked you in front of Ben.”

“What did you say to that?”

“I told him that what we did was private.”

“You think he’s into that too?”

“I don’t know and I don’t want to even think about it.”

Jack smiled.

“He also asked me if we made you wear a cage?”

A cage?”

She nodded. “Ben talked about them once to me,” she explained. “It’s a cage that fits around a man’s penis and stops him getting a proper erection. It has a padlock on it and the wife gets to keep a key and her lover has one too. Ben suggested that I get you to buy one and wear it while he and I are together.”

Jack thought about it. “That sounds very uncomfortable.”

Anthea nodded. “It would also stop you masturbating while we were together and getting pleasure from listening to us or knowing that we were fucking.”

Jack shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “You said no, though.”

“I said I would think about it but the subject never came up again,” she responded. “Not until now.”

Jack noticed the smile on her face. “That sounds ominous.”

Her smile remained. “Maybe you would grow to like it.”

Jack shook his head but he could not stop the excitement growing inside.

“Stand up a minute, darling,” she suddenly said.

Jack stood and Anthea reached out with her hand and held the bulge in his trousers. “Is this because of the thought of wearing a cage?”

He gave a slight nod.

She squeezed her hand tightly. “And the spanking,” she said softly. “Does that appeal to you as well?”

Jack cleared his throat. “No, not really.”

“It appeals to me in a strange kind of way.”

Jack did not respond.

“Maybe I should discuss it with Ben when he calls later.”

“That’s up to you.”

Anthea nodded. “Of course,” she replied. “I’m in charge. Everything is up to me, isn’t it darling?”




Ben phoned her later that evening. She was taking a bath and Jack was watching a documentary. When they had finished Anthea came downstairs to him with a bath towel wrapped around her nakedness. There was a time when the towel would wrap fully around her with overlap but those days had long since gone since the onset of her baby bump.

“Ben thinks you should be taking care of me,” she said as she opened out the bottom part of her towel to expose her nakedness.

Jack leapt to his feet.”I’ll get a condom.”

She shook her head. “With your tongue,” she told him as she moved into his seat.

It was his special armchair but sometimes she would sit in it and spread her legs over the arms and let him use her tongue on her. There was a time in the past when he would fuck her in it as well but those days ceased when Ben came on the scene. It was he who fucked her in it now. The last time had only been a few days ago.

Ben had asked Jack to leave them alone for a short while and he left the room as Anthea took off her knickers, pulled back her skirt, and settled down into his seat and Ben loosened his trousers. He rejoined them ten minutes later as Ben was buckling his trouser belt. Anthea though still remained in the chair with legs still splayed wide. It was creampie time for Jack and he brushed her knickers aside and settled on his knees in front of the chair while Ben sat down on the settee and watched.

There was also a time when he could not only fuck her at will but could also fuck her without using a condom; once again all that changed with Ben coming on the scene. As Ben proceeded to make her pregnant, he had to stop having intercourse with her altogether and when her pregnancy was confirmed he was allowed to resume having his conjugal rights but Ben had suggested to Anthea that she make Jack wear a condom each time he fucked her. ‘The freedom to cum inside you should be reserved for the alpha male,’ he had told her. Anthea realised that Ben’s edict created excitement in Jack as well as her and so she insisted on him wearing them.

Anthea removed her towel and Jack knelt once again as she settled herself down onto the edge of his seat. He could smell her excitement and he gently prised open her pussy lips with his thumb and forefinger. Anthea sighed in anticipation as she felt his hot breath against her. Jack had always been good with his oral skills; it had been the thing that had impressed her when they first started going out together. Most men preceding him and her married lover had paid scant attention to her oral needs but not them. They knew what she needed and they gave willingly.

“You’re soooooo good at this darling.”

Jack smiled. “Better than Ben?”

“Much better.”

He smiled again and flicked his tongue over her clitty before penetrating her deep and hard. Fifteen minutes later he pulled away, his cheeks glistening with her juices and praises ringing in his ears for doing such a good job in satisfying her. A short while later she got up and wrapped the towel around her once again and took him by the hand to lead him upstairs to the bedroom.

He watched the towel slip to the floor and saw her reach for her hairbrush. “Why don’t you undress, darling?” she suggested as ran the brush through her hair.

Jack suddenly felt nervous as he undressed and he kept his eyes fixed upon her as he sensed that something was imminent.

“I was speaking to Ben about the cage and he is going to send you a link to a website that sells them. He suggests that the CB3000 would be more than adequate for your size.”

He nodded as he felt his attention drawn to the hairbrush in her hand. He had never really paid much attention to it before. He knew that it was one of the old fashioned kind; strong wooden handle and head but that was as far as it went. Anthea sat down on the edge of the bed still holding her hairbrush and patted the bed beside her. “Take a seat, darling.”

Jack sat down nervously.

“I spoke to Ben about spanking as well,” she revealed. “Nothing about mum and dad, of course, just about us.”

He cleared his throat.

“Ben says that a lot of cuckolding wives use spanking as a form of discipline on their husbands,” she told him. “Sparingly of course but very firmly when it is required.”

Jack suddenly felt a dribble of cold semen on his thigh and looked down and realised that he was erect and leaking pre-cum.


Anthea nodded.

“But I don’t need disciplining.”

Anthea reached across and held his erection. “Yes I have to admit that you are a very obedient cuckold but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need reminding every now and again who the boss is.”

Jack nodded.

“It has also been pointed out to me that sometimes you lack appreciation of how good Ben is towards me,” she told him. “I mean, when was the last time that you thanked him for fucking me so well? Have you ever thanked him for satisfying me? And, more importantly, have you ever thanked him for getting me pregnant?”

Jack shook his head.

“In previous cuckolding relationships, Ben has had husbands thanking him in the form of gifts and thank you cards. They don’t have to be expensive but just showing a token of their appreciation goes a long way.”

“I see.”

“So,” she said as she stood up. “In this instance, I think you warrant some discipline; something to punish you for your thoughtlessness and something that will serve as a reminder in the future of just how important Ben is to me.”

Jack swallowed hard as Anthea turned to her dressing table chair. She pulled it out into the open space and looked up at him. “If you will lean over the back of it and rest your hands on the seat for balance please.”

He looked at her. There was a steely determination in her eyes and her demeanour was dominating. “Now, please!”

He cleared his throat and the settled down over the seat. Anthea moved closely behind him and tapped the head of the brush against his bottom. Jack felt his erection pressing hard against the back of the seat. “You do know that I love you darling don’t you?”

“Y… yes.”

“So this is for lack of respect towards Ben,” she said as she tapped his flesh once again. “Ben is very special to me and I will not have him treated with disrespect by you.”

Jack yelped as her first stroke came down on his tender flesh. It wasn’t so much the pain but the shock of what was actually happening. Then there was the fact of his submission to her. Anthea was small in stature and weak in physique in comparison to his height and muscular strength and yet he was the weakling. Anthea was dominating him and he loved it. Stroke after stroke came down upon him and yet he allowed it to happen with only yelps as a protest.

Afterwards, he stood up and Anthea laid the brush down on her table before kissing him. “I am sorry that I had to do that darling.”

Jack nodded in acknowledgement. “I expect that you will tell Ben about this now, won’t you?”

She shook her head before kissing him once again. “No,” she responded. “This will stay between us but I do expect to see a marked improvement in your behaviour towards him from now on.”

Jack nodded. “You will darling.”

She smiled as she reached out and held his firm but sticky erection. “That’s good to hear,” she responded. “Now how about getting yourself cleaned up and putting a condom on.”

Jack turned immediately and headed for the bathroom.

“Remember darling, with punishment and pain, comes pleasure,” Anthea said as she climbed into bed.

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