It’s a bigger threat than you realize.

Often referred to as “the invisible addiction” because it flies under the radar, workaholism, or being a workaholic, can be a threat to your relationship or marriage.

Unlike alcoholism, drug addiction, or hoarding, this addiction is not only almost impossible for an outsider to recognize, but it’s viewed by most of the population as being valuable and even worthy of admiration. And it’s rewarded with praise, money, and a variety of other benefits.

There’s only one problem with it: it’s a killer. It’s been known to destroy health (physical and mental), well-being, pleasure, and healthy relationships. 

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The term “workaholic” refers to the tendency to be obsessed with or over-concerned about work to the degree that one invests so much time and effort working and/or thinking and talking about work that other important areas of life (like relationships) are neglected or impaired.

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