Lovehoney have teamed up with Womanizer to launch a sex toy with a twist.

And women everywhere are labelling the product “game changing” after trying it.

The Pro40 Clitoral Stimulator works by sucking on the clitoris rather than stimulating it by vibrations like a conventional vibrator.

It works by using Womanizer’s revolutionary Pleasure Air Technology.

The Pro40 Clitoral Stimulator has rave reviews

The stimulator encircles the clitoris with a silicone head, offering six intensity levels to gradually build sensation.

And it’s gone down a treat with Lovehoney reviewers, who claim the sex toy brings them to climax in under a minute.

One reviewer who tried it claimed she had her first orgasm in 20 years, she said: “I had tried every way that I could think of.

“But then after the second or third time of using it I had a full orgasm. I was completely shocked.

“Now it gets me there every single time I use it.”

Another added: “I easily orgasmed in under a minute. Perfect orgasms every time.”

The sex toy has rave reviews on LoveHoney’s website too, with 4.5 stars out of 5.

Sex expert Dr Jess O’Reilly said: “If you’ve never had an orgasm before or you find orgasms can be elusive, the Womanizer Pro40 may be the perfect toy for you.

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“Its soft pressure waves create a symphony of pleasure sensations that might be described as a blend of gentle suction, rumbly stimulation and sensual taps of air. It takes the guesswork out of the journey to orgasm.”

Lovehoney’s product director Bonny Hall added: “This is the first time Lovehoney has done a collaboration with another sex toy brand.

“We teamed up with Womanizer because their product is a real game changer which has attracted the most phenomenal reviews.

“All the word-of-mouth feedback we are getting has been incredible with many women enjoying their very first orgasm with this toy.”

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