They saw Ben again on the following Friday. The project that he was working on in Manchester had overrun by three days and so Anthea was very excited to see him. Jack watched them warmly kissing and embracing after the door had closed behind him. He also saw Ben give her bump a long and gentle rub as he enquired about his daughter. Anthea looked at Jack as she explained that she had a forthcoming scan next week.

They went into the lounge and it was there that Jack gave Ben a small gift-wrapped box. “This is a thank you from me, Ben.”

Ben was obviously taken by surprise by the look on his face. Both Anthea and Jack looked on as he started to open it. The present was her idea. She had noticed his keyring on his last visit. It was a well worn old car ring and she had noticed that it looked inadequate in holding all the keys that it was meant to.

They had searched together online and she had spotted a Spanish style matador keyring showing a large black bull embossed on a silver circle. “I think that’s rather fitting isn’t it?” she had told him as he placed the order.

Ben laughed as he finally extracted the keyring from the box. “Fitting isn’t it,” he commented. “Thank you, Jack.”

“I… I just wanted to say thank you for… well, taking care of Anthea and er… making her pregnant for me.”

Ben glanced at Anthea and then back at Jack. “There’s no need to thank me, Jack, it’s all been a pleasure. I should be thanking you for allowing me the honour of giving your wife her first child.”

Anthea stepped closer to him and put her arm through his. “I think that what Jack is trying to say is that he realises just how much you please me sexually and this is his way of saying thank you.”

Ben smiled.

“I… I also want to apologise to you if you feel that I have not treated you with respect all these times.”

Ben glanced at Anthea again and looked back at him. “That’s okay, Jack. There’s no offence been taken.”

Jack gave a sigh of relief as his humiliation ended but he also felt sexually excited as well.

“I thought we would get a Chinese takeaway in for dinner,” Anthea told Ben.

“Sounds good to me. Same as usual for me.”

Anthea turned to Jack. “Same again for me too darling.”

Jack left the room to get his jacket. “Would you like some banana fritters too?” he asked them both.

They both said please. “Aren’t you going to ring it in for delivery Jack?” Ben asked.

“I think Jack would sooner walk and let us have some quality time together,” Anthea told him. “I need to show you just how much I have missed you.”

Jack noticed her hand dropping to Ben’s groin. “Don’t rush back, darling,” she told him.

Moments later Jack began his fifteen-minute walk to the takeaway. ‘Forty-five minutes should be long enough for her to show him just how much she had missed his cock,’ he thought.

They were still in bed on his return so he put the food into the oven on a low heat to keep it warm. Ten minutes later, they came downstairs and they all sat down at the table and ate. Afterwards, they relaxed with a couple of glasses of wine and orange juice for Anthea. It was then that she told Ben that they had told her mum and dad the truth about the baby.

“That was brave,” Ben commented.

Anthea looked across at Jack and then told him the rest of their revelations. Ben was quite shocked but after a while, he told them if they needed anyone to help them out in their cuckolding he had one or two friends might be suitable.

“Have you anyone in particular in mind?”

He mentioned a man called Abe. “Abe and I go back a long way,” he told them. “He’s from Alabama originally. Abe’s what I would call old school, sees himself as an irresistible magnet for married white women looking for a real man in the bedroom.”

Anthea glanced across at Jack. “Does he come to the UK a lot?” Jack asked.

Ben nodded. “He used to come over quite regularly but I think it’s been nearly two years since he was last here. I was back home last year and I looked him up. He’s still up to his old tricks.”

“So he’s experienced then?”

Ben looked up at her. “Oh yes,” he responded. “Very. He’s been around the block a few times. We’ve done threesomes together a few times as well. ”

“Maybe you could get in touch with him,” Anthea suggested. “See if he’s over this way soon.”

“I know one thing that would get him over here very quickly,” he responded with a smile as he looked down at her bulge.

“Oh?” Anthea asked before she began to shake her head. “Oh no, not that!”

A big grin filled his face and he nodded. “Yes, that,” he said patting her bump. “He’s always wanted to do this. If he hasn’t done it already he’s going to pretty jealous of me.”

She shook her head again.

“But what if she wants to?”

Anthea shrugged. “That’s up to her but I wouldn’t want to encourage her.”

Ben kissed her and slipped his hand under the hem of her dress. “But you said it was the best sex you had ever had when you started having pregnancy-risk sex with me,” he told her.

Jack could see his dark-skinned hand against the sheer white crotch of her panties.

“It was, yes,” she responded with a sigh.

“Then it would be wrong to deny her that pleasure wouldn’t it?” Ben replied. “Abe’s a heavy cummer like me. He wouldn’t take long.”

Jack thought about Helen. She would enjoy black cock. She came across as quiet and unassuming but he saw something of a sultry vixen lying dormant inside her. She was also very attractive and looked much younger than her forty years. He could imagine her being quite at home with a big black cock just like her daughter. When Ben had first come onto the scene he found it hard to picture Anthea with a black man. When she first dated him he thought that maybe she was doing it just to please him like some cuckolding wives tend to do but he was wrong.

He remembered the first full night she had spent with Ben in their bed. She had invited him round for dinner and he recalled all those times when his attention wasn’t on them or he had left them alone for a short while. They were very tactile and Anthea always seemed to be the one making the first move or overtly touching Ben. And he remembered when nine o’clock came.

They had all finished dinner and were relaxing with a drink in the lounge when she suddenly kissed Ben and said something quietly to him. Ben had smiled and she reached for his hand. “Ben and I are off to bed now,” she suddenly said as she stood up.

Moments later they left the room. He heard their footsteps on the stairs and then the bedroom door above closing. For the next hour or so the lounge was filled with sounds coming from above; headboard banging against the bedroom wall, creaking bedsprings, cries and groans of sexual enjoyment sprinkled with Anthea’s screams. There were bouts of silence at times but they were short-lived. He reckoned that Ben must have fucked Anthea at least three times in that period.

The thing that he remembered most was the sheer enjoyment of masturbating in bed later. As he lay there he stroked himself slowly thinking about them lying in the marital bed together. There was silence there now but he had no doubt that they would be awake perhaps talking quietly as they stroked each other’s bodies; perhaps kissing too. Anthea liked to kiss and she liked to talk as she stroked his body.

Teasing, taunting fingers moving sensuously over his body as she talked dirty. He wondered what she would be saying to Ben. He knew that she could be forthright and honest; forthright and honest enough to tell him what a good lover he was and how big he was.

Jack had been quietly enjoying his self-indulgent pleasuring of himself when he suddenly heard telltale sounds coming from their bedroom. They were fucking again. Ben was fucking his wife Anthea once again. Suddenly Jack lost control and felt his warm cum splash against his belly.


It was Ben’s question that brought him back to the present. “Did you get my link to that website, Jack?”

He returned a blank look.

“The cock cages,” Ben reminded.

“Ah yes,” he responded. “I’ve not had chance to look yet.”

Anthea smiled. “Have a look tonight while we are in bed, darling,” she told him. “I think you would enjoy it.”

Jack smiled nervously but he also felt his erection stirring. “Cuckolds do enjoy wearing them,” Ben chipped in. “They also have some other accessories on the site too. Printed t-shirts, underwear, jewellery… all sorts of stuff really designed for cuckold couples. Perhaps get a nice white t-shirt for Anthea saying ‘My Husband is a Cuckold’ and one for you saying ‘I am a Cuckold’. You can choose your own print as well if you want.”

Anthea smiled. “I don’t think that we could wear those outside,” she said, “but indoors would be fun.”

Ben smiled. “Perhaps your mum and dad would like one too once they get started,” he said. “Your dad would probably enjoy a cage too. Just imagine having your dad and your husband wearing them.”

Anthea shook her head. “Jack, yes but not my dad. I just don’t want to know.”

Ben looked at Jack. “You would wear one wouldn’t you Jack?”

He looked away. “You choose one for yourself and send me the link. I’ll pay for it.”

Jack found himself nodding.

“Try the CB3000,” Ben suggested. “From what Anthea tells me that should be quite ample. Also, you’ll need a couple of necklaces for the keys.”

Jack looked puzzled.

“They come with a small padlock and two keys,” Ben told him. “One for the wife and the other for her Bull.”

Jack gave a wry smile as Anthea spoke. “Are they easy to fit?”

“Very,” he answered quickly. “I could show you and your mum how to fit them and then you can fit them yourselves.”

Anthea laughed.

“Maybe your mum could fit Jack’s and you fit your dad’s?”

No way!” she told him.

Ben looked at Jack. “Would it bother you if Anthea fitted one on her dad and her mum fitted one on you?”

Jack hesitated in giving an answer. In truth, he would welcome the touch of Helen’s fingers on his genitals and he could also picture her fingers touching her dad as well.

“I take that as a yes then?” Ben responded.

No way,” Anthea said, “I don’t mind my mum fitting one on Jack but there’s no way I’m going to touch my dad.”

Ben smiled and gave her thigh a gentle squeeze. “Okay then,” he conceded. “You go online and get one for yourself. I’m going to take your wife upstairs and have an early night.”





Jack ordered his cock cage that night after they went to bed. The rhythmic sounds of creaking bedsprings coming from above him added excitement to his quest and he bought a couple of t-shirts, one saying ‘My Wife Cuckolds Me’ and the other saying ‘Cuckolded Husband’. He wanted to buy some things for Anthea but she would never get the benefit out of them until after she had the baby but he had already earmarked a pair of white bikini panties that said ‘Black Cock Only’ as well a t-shirt with the words ‘My Husband is a Cuckold’.

Afterwards, he went to bed and stopped momentarily outside their bedroom door. Ben was fucking her again and Anthea was lost in a world of ecstasy. It made him hard and he quickly slipped into his cold, lonely bed and masturbated.

Ben stayed with them on Saturday too. Normally he would slip away in the morning and return in the evening, not just to keep his presence hidden as much as possible from their neighbours but also to hide him from family and friends. Over breakfast that morning they discussed their situation. “Now that mum and dad know, I think it is pointless trying to hide our set up,” Anthea had said.

Jack agreed. “In three months time, our secret will be out anyway so what’s the point. We may as well get things over and done with now. Tongues will wag anyway so let’s get the gossiping over with.”

“I agree,” Ben said. “They have probably seen me coming and going anyway and are already putting two and two together.”

“Aye and making three make four!” Jack quipped.

They all laughed. Ben rubbed his hand over Anthea’s bump. “You shameless hussy, you,” he joked.

Anthea laughed. “I bet there’s a lot worse going on behind closed doors out there.”

Ben and Jack agreed. “So how do you guys want to play this?” Ben asked.

“How do you mean?” Anthea asked.

“Well, some couples don’t mind being open about their cuckolding situation,” he replied. “Most prefer to keep it secret of course, but there are some who get a kick out of openly cuckolding.”

“What, you mean wife and lover being seen out together?” Jack asked.

Ben nodded. “Even all three being out together too,” he said. “I’ve been in relationships with some couples and have held hands with her and even kissed her in public while he was there.”

Anthea looked at Jack. “How would you feel about that?” she asked him. “Ben and I being out together on our own and showing affection in public in your presence?”

Jack felt his cock stiffening.

“The husbands have always got quite a kick out of that level of humiliation,” Ben looked at him and said.

Jack looked away.

“How would you feel about that, darling?”

He looked up at her and smiled. Anthea got up from her seat and moved around the table to him. She kissed him as she landed on his groin. “The idea turns you on doesn’t it?”

Jack nodded.

“Well as Ben says, cuckolding is about all three of us getting pleasure out of it,” she said as she sank to her knees between his legs.

He groaned as her fingers busied themselves with his zipper. “Well, I’ll keep it low key at first,” she said as she reached inside his pants to extract his erection. “Nothing too overt or showy but eventually I’ll be making it known that Ben is my lover so when the baby comes along it will no great shock.”

Jack groaned as her hand gripped him and began to stroke. “Is that okay with you, darling?”

He remained silent as he enjoyed her slow masturbating of him. “”Perhaps I should hold his hand for a while we have a look round that new mother and baby shop in town later?” She said softly.

He moaned quite loudly then closed his eyes in anticipation of the public humiliation to come.

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