As summer draws to a close and the nights get colder, Brits might be looking for a few tips on how to keep warm in the bedroom.

And as Autumn officially comes to an end on September 23, Ann Summers has treated us to a very special sex move.

It’s called the Carry On Climax and it’s a sex position which will require plenty of upper body strength.

So how do you master it?

The Carry On Climax will require plenty of upper body strength

This sex move might be best from a seated position, so have your partner sit on the edge of the bed with their feet on the floor.

Then get on top and mount them with your knees either side.

They then need to put their arms around and support you.

Now ready to stand up, wrap your arms and legs around them (feel free to use a wall for support) and allow your partner to control the speed of penetration.

This sex position is perfect for the autumn nights

Laura Whittaker, senior manager at Ann Summers, told Daily Star Online: “So, another summer has flown by and we’re about to step into autumn.

“Leaving the long nights and sunny weather behind can often leave us feeling a little chilly, but don’t worry, at Ann Summers we’ve got some tips to warm you up and keep things hot in the bedroom.

“The Carry On Climax is a position that will literally lift you out of that autumnal drop in temperature and bring you and your partner closer on those cosy nights in.”

Ann Summers recommends the Warming Massage All In One

If you fancy taking things to another step, Ann Summers has recommended the best sex toy.

Laura continued: “As the mercury and leaves begin to drop, the closeness of this position will help keep you nice and warm. But why not make the lead-up to sex truly toasty with a massage using Warming Massage All In One .

“Not only will this warm you up nicely, but it’ll make for sex so romantic that you’ll forget all about summer being over!”

Fancy more sex tips?

Previously, we revealed why couples love the Bucking Bronco sex move .

The kinky sex position is great for intense stimulation and it’s seriously steamy.

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