Women have revealed all the things that turn them off when it comes to sex.

Whether its bad breath, cheaters or pets in the bedroom, everyone has a habit they hate.

But a new survey from IllictEncounters , has revealed women’s biggest sex turn off.

The leading date site for married people surveyed 1,000 women.

Th biggest sex turn off for women had been revealed in a new study

Coming in at number one was men talking about sex with their ex without being asked.

Two thirds of women, so that’s 64%, said they would rather not hear about it.

The second most popular female turn off is men who think sex is over the moment they orgasm.

A whopping 58% of women had experienced it, and clearly it doesn’t go down well.

The third biggest turn off was having pets in the bedroom, with just over half of women, 52%, said this was a no go.

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Here are women’s top ten turn offs, according to the survey

1) Men talking about sex with the ex

2) He thinks sex is over as soon as he has orgasmed

3) Pets in the bedroom

4) Sending unsolicited sex pictures

5) He says he’s a cheat

Women’s top ten biggest turn offs unveiled

6) Bad breath or BO

7) Asking: “Are you close yet?” – guaranteed to kill her chances of orgasm

8) Him using porn secretly

9) Not wanting to wear a condom

10) Having sex like a porn star – with lots of fast and furious thrusts

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