Your relationship isn’t doomed.

A couple going through a rough patch can learn how to fix a relationship through their actions. 

No matter how hard we try, there are sure to be relationship problems — breakdowns of all kinds, misunderstandings, broken agreements, not having our needs met, unhealed wounds that get activated, and other provocations that send us straight into conflict with our partner.

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Take this important piece of relationship advice: It’s not the negative interactions themselves that are the problem — it’s how we respond to them that makes the biggest difference.

Couples with high-performance relationships are champs because they know what to do to repair the disconnection quickly after it occurs.

Here are 28 ways that happy, strong couples work to fix their relationship problems.

1. Acceptance

First of all, they don’t fear conflict to the point where they deny the issue.

They are willing to tell the truth when alignment is interrupted.

2. Attitude

They accept that conflict in a relationship isn’t dangerous and that it even has some advantages when utilized properly.

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