If you’re feeling emotionally disconnected, here’s how to fix it.

Drifting apart or feeling distanced from your spouse is not an abnormal occurrence. Many, if not most marriages, experience this phenomenon.

Early in a relationship, you have a strong attraction to your significant other and want to be together as much as possible. It doesn’t take work or feel like a lot of effort to want to be together.

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The desire to be together is powerful and you feel like it will never go away. Over time, after marriage, life begins to take over.

It’s always just normal stuff like jobs, household responsibility, parenting children, helping with homework and driving everyone to practice, games and other activities.

The thing you thought would never happen … has. You don’t feel a close bond anymore. Life is so busy that you aren’t even sure how to get back on track as a couple.

You may even feel like there is little or no energy left to try to get the spark back.

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