It was quite an eventful week. I cuckolded Malcolm on Tuesday night. On Wednesday, which was Julie’s day off, she rang me to tell me that she had ended her relationship with Paul and that he had moved out. She ended up spending the night with me. On Thursday night I went to a collaring ceremony taking Julie and Sally along with me and Saturday was Valentine’s Day of course.

Tuesday’s cuckolding was a spur of the moment thing. We had had some new stock in of ‘Be my Valentine’ baby-doll nightie sets and as Malcolm and I were inspecting them I picked up a nice red lacy set and said to him, “Sally would look good in this.”

He gave me that usual excited cuckold look of his and replied, “I would enjoy dressing her for bed in this for you sir and tucking you both up in bed.”

I thought about for a few seconds and handed it to him and said, “Okay then. I could do with a fuck. I’ll be round about nine.”

He was almost slavering at the thought. “C… can I sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed tonight sir?” he asked.

I smiled. “Of course you can Malcolm,” I replied patting him on the shoulder. “In fact, I would like a nice long soak in your bath with your wife and you can also make sure that she is very aroused and I am very hard for our fucking.”

His eyes began to glaze over. “It would be my pleasure sir,” he said quietly.

I wondered if there was anything that Malcolm wouldn’t do as a cuckold and then a thought suddenly occurred to me. “When’s Sally’s birthday?” I asked him.

“First of March,” he replied. “Why?”

“How old is she this time?”


I thought for a few moments. “Her body clock is ticking away isn’t it Malcolm?” I said to him.

He looked puzzled. “I mean, late thirties and no children yet!” I said.

“We have talked about,” he admitted. “Just waiting for the right time.”

I smiled. “There’s never a right time to start a family is there really,” I told him. “Maybe I should bring the subject up with her tonight when we’re in bed.”

The puzzled look on his face began to fade away. “I think you get my drift Malcolm, don’t you?”

He never said a word as Sally came into the store room. I smiled at her. “Malcolm would like me to come round tonight,” I said to her.

“Awww that’s nice darling,” she said to him as she gave him a quick hug. “I could do with a night in bed with my master.”

I gave her a quick kiss as I made to leave. “Will there be anything special required sir?” she asked me.

“Malcolm will fill you in,” I explained as we parted.


It was a spur of the moment thought and one which was said without much seriousness but for the rest of the day it grew on me. It was the ultimate act of cuckolding after all – the wife’s lover getting her pregnant. I had a Nigerian friend who had actually done it. I had seen the pictures of her naked next to him with her belly swollen with child and then after the birth with her holding the baby. I am not black so it wouldn’t be so obvious but all the same I would have cuckolded to that extent.

When I arrived at their home Malcolm had a cold beer waiting for me and he left me and Sally alone together while he went and prepared the bath for us. Although she was my slave as well on cuckolding nights she was my lover. She enjoyed cuckolding Malcolm; enjoyed the humiliation that went with it and enjoyed pleasing me as her boyfriend. We sat together in the lounge while he busied himself upstairs and she told me that he had told her about our conversation earlier.

“It was kind of an off the cuff remark,” I told her. “Why, is he worried about it?”

She smiled. “On the contrary, he’s had an erection all night thinking about it,” she told me as she dropped her hand onto my lap.

“And you?”

She leaned over and kissed me giving my erection a squeeze at the same time. “Well when I took my vows at my collaring ceremony I did say that I give you my mind, soul and body!”

“But… “

She kissed and squeezed me again. “My body is yours master to do with as you wish,” she said softly. “If you demand me to have your child I will obey.”

“But that’s not a kind of demand that I would make of a slave,” I told her as her fingers busied themselves with my zipper.

Sally loved having my cock in her mouth. I had lost count of the number of times over the years that she had visited me in my office and took a few minutes out to give me a blow job. Some women are not all that keen on swallowing a guy’s cum but she loved it. “I would love to feel your cum inside me while I was fertile,” she said before taking me to her lips.

I closed my eyes.

“You know Malcolm doesn’t cum inside me anymore don’t you?”

I opened my eyes and shook my head. “No, I never knew that,” I responded.

“It’s been about three months now,” she said. “I just felt that it should be your exclusive right to do me bareback. He does fuck me but I always make him wear a condom now.”

“I didn’t know that.”

“I also didn’t think it fair on you having his leftovers when you went down me. Malcolm doesn’t mind that, in fact, he loves it but I just feel that I should be clean for you down there.”

Sally had surprised me.

“My current cycle ends a week before my birthday,” she said. “So if you demand that I stop taking my pill after it I will.”

The thought was exciting me more than ever now and with her mouth filled with my cock I was getting close to coming. There was a momentary distraction as Malcolm knocked on the door but when no one answered he went away. He knew that when the doors were closed he couldn’t just walk in the room without invite. Sally looked up at me and smiled as she pulled her mouth away from my cock. “In my mouth or my cunt?” she asked.

“Cunt,” I responded.

She smiled and sat up. Climbing onto my lap she lifted her skirt as she straddled me. She wore no panties; there was just a suspender belt and stockings. As she slipped down on my cock she kissed me and then put her lips to my ear. “I can almost hear you now master,” she whispered. “Demanding your slave to hand over her contraceptive pills; demanding her fertile body be yours to use.”

I groaned.

“Fucking me; using me until you have impregnated me. Making me have your child,” she whispered. “I can hear your voice now master.”

I cried out as I came inside her and Sally moaned loudly too. I knew then that it was going to happen and happen soon. We disentangled and went upstairs where we found Malcolm waiting in the bedroom. He removed Sally’s top and skirt and then took off her stockings and suspenders. My cum was already running down the inside of her left thigh and he guided her back against the bed and started to clean up. I undressed and stood by his side watching him lap up my cum and when there was nothing left he turned to me and took hold of my erection. Sally sat up and began to stroke the back of his head. “Can you taste me on him darling?” she said tauntingly. “He gave me such a wonderful orgasm.”

Malcolm groaned. He loved to hear her say such things.

“Master might be asking me to have his baby soon,” she told him. “You don’t mind do you darling? You don’t mind if he father’s our first child?”

He gagged on my cock as he shook his head. Sally patted him again. “Thank you darling.”

I was quite excited now so I pulled away from his hungry mouth. I wanted a long soak with Sally and then a nice long bedtime fuck before falling asleep in her arms. Their bath was quite a large one and easily had room for two people to stretch out at each end. Malcolm enjoyed washing us and I was quite relaxed about just lying back and letting him sponge me down. Sally loved it too and got him to give her pubic mound a shave even though she didn’t really need it.

Afterwards he dried us both and then dressed Sally in the new nightie and tucked us both into bed. While he put up his camp bed at the bottom of the bed Sally and I kissed and cuddled and then she told him to leave the room while we made love. A little while later he quietly came back and got into his bed.

I slept soundly waking up around five thirty with Sally quietly sleeping next to me. I began to gently stroke her nipples through the lacy material of her top. They quickly became erect and her breathing got heavier and so I ventured down with my fingers and slipped them inside her panties. She was warm and sticky. With my fingers now wet with her juices I massaged her clitty. Involuntary moans began to escape her lips as her husband gently snored from his bed on the floor. I was going to stop, it seemed so unfair to wake her for sex but her arousal woke her. “Oh master,” she sighed as she reached for my erection.

It was time for sex again. I didn’t bother taking her panties off when I moved between her legs. I just pulled them to one side to expose her cunt. Sally’s hand reached down and took hold of me and pulled my cock to her entrance. Moments later I was deep inside her, pulling her bottom tightly against me as I wildly thrusted away. It was fast and furious and very satisfying and during it I made up my mind that I was going to demand that she came off the pill. I was going to get her pregnant.

As I dismounted and stretched out on my back I saw Malcolm’s head peering over the end of the bed. I almost burst into laughter seeing him there but for him I knew it was sheer delight in watching his wife get fucked by me. “You had better clean us up Malcolm,” I said to him.

Afterwards we got up and showered; all three of us together under the hot refreshing water. Sally enjoyed being sponged down by her husband once again but when he went to sponge me down she took the sponge off him. “No let me bathe my master,” she told him.

A short while later we found ourselves in the kitchen, dressed and having coffee. Sally as usual took out her box of contraceptive pills from the cupboard and took her pill. It was then that I reached out and took the box from her. There were four full strips of pills and one with just a few remaining to be taken. I looked her in the eye as I put the full strips back in the box and put it in my pocket. I handed her the almost strip one back. “I think it’s time to stop now Sally,” I told her. “Once they are gone I want you start a family with me.”

She said nothing for a moment as my words sunk in then she stepped across to me and kissed me. “It will be an honour to have your child master,” she said.

I looked at Malcolm. There was a bulge in his pants – he was a happy man. “I was thinking,” I said. “Your birthday falls on a Saturday doesn’t it?”

Sally nodded.

“I think we’ll go away for the weekend and make a start then,”

She reached up and kissed me. “Whatever you say master.”

I looked at Malcolm. I was sure that he was probably thinking that this would be the first time that they would be apart when he was being cuckolded. “You don’t mind holding the fort that day do you Malcolm”

He shook his head. “No… no it will be fine.”

“After that,” I said to Sally, “we’ll be spending as much time as possible together. It would be nice to have our baby around Christmas time”

She smiled but Malcolm still looked a bit anxious. Quickly finishing my coffee I left them to it. I knew that they had a lot to think and talk about and needed time together. In a few weeks time Sally and I would be fucking on a very regular basis and each time I came inside her she would be risking getting pregnant. For Sally and I it was going to be an exciting time but I did wonder if Malcolm would feel the same when it was happening.

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