She was old or more to the fact of age, she was ancient in terms of human life. She had walked the earth for centuries searching for the men she craved to survive on.  Men of wealth and means, men of fame and fortune and men of great physical stature, she had them all over time, used them all and in most cases killed them for their life-sustaining source she needed to survive.

Yet that had changed in the eighteenth century when she had met Harold. Harold had loved her and provided for her unconditionally. He never denied her anything. She found that she didn’t need to force Harold’s attraction upon her. He worshipped her of his own free will.

So, she stayed with Harold, never taking more from him than her needs demanded. She was always careful to stop, never to drain him of too much of his life. As the years rolled past, Harold became aware of her abilities and her use of him to sustain her own life. He never minded as she was intoxicating to him, never refusing his sexual desires and sharing her own with him.

Harold aged as any human does and in his advanced years, he wasn’t able to give her the source of life she needed. He was so pained by this he asked her to use the last of his energy to survive. Then she could find another man to share a life with. She was in tears listening to him but at his advanced age, she knew she would lose him to the heavens before long. She agreed to his request but only if he would have one last night of passion with her. After their talk, she left him to rest and she went to prepare for their final night together.

She found a silken nightgown to wear for him this night. It was of aged white silk with an open lace covering her magnificent breasts he had suckled at in his younger years. The sides where split to above her waist as many of her gowns had been so he could flip either side out of the way to either preform the art of cunnilingus or take her pussy as he wished.  That had even been times he had taken her anally until she had to force him to stop before she drained him dry of his life-giving energy. She doubted he could perform any of these things now but she wished to send him to his grave with as much pleasure as she could grant him in his frail state.

She was ready and the time had come to send her loving Harold to the afterlife. She walked into the bedchamber to find Harold awake and writing on parchment with one of the servants. The servant looked up and saw her walk towards them. He couldn’t help but notice her large full breasts standing firm against the lace and the dark V of her sex barely hidden behind the aged silk gown. Yet he knew better than to stare and quickly looked away with his cock so hard it was painful. She had that effect on all of the male servants.

Harold noticed the servant had looked away and raised his head to see her walking towards them. He quickly finished his writing and sent the servant away. She approached him and his eyes followed her all the way. Although his ability to become hard and stay hard had failed some years ago he still felt the stirring in his cock. The desire was still there even as the ability failed him so.

She watched his face as she slid into the bed with him. She slipped the covers from his body and saw he was naked. Even as aged and frail as he was, he was still a handsome man. His cock may not get hard as it once had but it still was an impressive length, she had always enjoyed it deep in her being. His stamina for cunnilingus was but a moment of his old self but she still loved the touch of his tongue.

Amongst her travels that day to prepare for this night, she had visited an old friend. Like her, he was ageless but centuries-old as well. He had given her a powder for Harold to take this night. He said it would give Harold one last night of pleasure. So, she took the powder with her to Harold.

As she laid next to Harold, she reached for his glass of wine and sprinkled the powder into it, stirring it with her finger. She offered the glass to him and he drank from it deeply. As he did, he felt the stirrings of an erection, a feeling he had long since given up hope of ever feeling again. Finishing the wine, he looked down his body to see his cock stiffen, not as hard as it once was but more than it had been in years.

She noticed it too and smiled, leaning down she kissed Harold letting her tongue slide between his aged lips. He responded as if he was tens of years younger with the vigor of his youth. He moved his tongue with hers in the dance that had only been slow for years now, yet tonight he felt years younger suddenly. He pushed against her body as he held her tight as the kiss lasted forever for him.

He pushed her away hard enough to land on her back. Feeling the strength of his youth he moved to hold her down. She was shocked by his strength and the force he pushed her with but her shock continued as he quickly covered her body with his. She could feel his hard cock resting against her, pushing the silk of the gown into her mound.

He leaned over her and bent his head and took one of her nipples between his lips. He sucked it hard with all the force he could muster causing her to streak in pain and excitement. It had been so long since he had been so forceful with her. He continued to ravage her breasts, sucking and nipping at her nipples until they were red and swollen. Yet he tired of them and wanted her nectar, the taste he had craved for so long and yet had been unable to taste.

He moved down her body, using his hands to push her gown upwards as he moved towards her mound. He reached her shaven pussy and could see the wetness seeping from her. He couldn’t resist running his tongue through it, tasting her for the first time in what felt like ages. He slipped his tongue between her lips and pushed into her, gathering more of her nectar as he went. He worked it deep as he could. He felt his nose nudging her clit eliciting a moan from her. Music to his ears that he had not heard in so long.

He flicked his tongue back and forth, touching her inner walls and tasting her as he had in his younger years. He slid his tongue from her and ran it over her clit sending a jolt through her body. She bucked her hips up to him and he grabbed a hold of her clit with his teeth and held it trapped. This again sent her moaning loudly as she enjoyed this. It had been so long since he could do this to her.

Harold finally released her clit but immediately sucked it back into his mouth biting her again. He nibbled on her clit as he had her nipples. He slid two of his fingers into her and was pumping them in and out as she withered under his mouth. He never slowed plunging his fingers into her and working her clit over roughly. Then he felt it, her orgasm hit hard and fast letting a flood of her juices loose.

She felt her orgasm hit as he plunged his fingers deep. She thrust her hips into his face as her juices poured forth. She had been denied an orgasm like this for so long. It tore through her body, sending waves of pleasure and feeding her deprived body with sexual energy but she knew there was one last act she craved of Harold so she pushed him off of her.

Harold’s understanding of his ability to please her was temporary when she pushed him away. He quickly moved up between her outstretched legs. As they had many times in the past, he positioned himself to enter her. She brought her legs around him, those still youthful legs that had held him so many years ago. They pulled him into her. He pushed deep and as she squeezed him tight before finally loosening her legs and allowing him to thrust into her.

He moved with the vigor of his youth, pushing deep with each thrust before pulling almost all the way out. He then would slam back into her causing her to shriek out long moans of her pleasure. This went on for what seemed like hours to her.

She had orgasmed several times already and he was still thrusting in and out with no end to his stamina. Yet she was feeling weaker with each orgasm but it was a subtle change in her being. She never noticed; she was so used to taking one’s sexual energy for herself. Nor did she notice her friend from this afternoon standing in the shadows of the bedchamber.

Harold felt his strength grow as her strength weakened. It was subtle at first but now he felt it course through his veins. He felt alive with the vigor of his youth but he could also feel the need to cum overtaking him. Yet he was told by the ageless one that he had to last until she weakened and could be dealt with quickly or there would be a blood bath ending his life.

He continued as long as he could but he could hold out no more. Looking into the shadows, he saw the ageless one nod. He gave in to his need to cum. He pushed into her limp body as deep as he could and unleashed the torrent of cum, he had been holding back for so long. It flooded into her spreading inside her until it was spreading around his cock, pushing its way out. He knew he had to stay in her as long as he could. The ageless one told him to take her energy he must let his cum spread in her for as long as possible for the potion to work.

Finally, nature took its course and his cock softened and he slid from her. She lay motionless below him. It was time and the ageless one quickly approached handing him a long-bladed knife. He took it in his hand and slid it through her throat, severing her head cleanly from her body. Her eyes glared at him as with her last breath she hissed at him. Her features transformed from the young beauty he had always loved to the stark demon she was. Quickly moving off of her, he watched her body turn into the hideous demon form as well.

Standing beside his bed, he was now the man of his youth again. Strong and fit but with the wealth of his old self to enjoy in his youth. The cost to him was only a small portion of his wealth to the ageless one and the death of the demon he had kept alive for so long. It was time for her to pay her debt to him.

He turned to the ageless one and said, “You were right, she was magnificent even in her death.”

Ageless one only nodded before turning to leave but stopped, turning back to Harold saying, “Remember, you could take her energy as your own but you a mortal can not kill her. She will come for you one day Harold.” Then he was gone.

Harold had servants quickly come in with a metal box that he had prepared. They placed her remains in it. It was taken immediately to a ship in the harbor where it was loaded. The ship sailed for the new lands across the ocean where she will be buried for eternity entombed in her metal box.




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