How to form a bond that can’t be broken.

Love addiction in a relationship is not as wonderful as it sounds. 

Have you ever felt addicted to love? As children become adolescents and move toward young adulthood, there is nothing more captivating, exciting, and enticing than the experience of new love.

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Do you remember your first adolescent experience of having the “hots” for someone? The heart-pounding, overwhelming feelings produced by just seeing this person across the school grounds likely made all other types of excitement pale in comparison.

At one time or another, you’ve probably been sucked into the vortex of attraction. The rush of feelings and fantasies of fulfilled dreams are dizzying to your senses. The attraction is automatic. A rush of electricity flows through you, drawing you to connect.

You pursue each other with focus and excitement. You feel addicted to love.

The cocktail of physical attraction, personality, and position is like a drug that signals your brain that you’ve found what your heart has been longing for. Once you latch on, there’s no letting go.

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