The discovery

Glenn sat at his desk trying to come to grips with what a co-worker had just told him about his beautiful wife. He felt she had to have been wrong. Reann couldn’t possibly be a member of some exclusive sex club but he knew in his heart she might just be. Their sex had always been good and then she wanted him to piss on her and she wanted to do the same to him. Of course, he had said no, it was gross and told her she was sick for even thinking about it.

Now thinking back on things, he could see the changes in her more clearly knowing what he knew now. After their fight over it, she had become somewhat withdrawn from him in bed and sex was more of an obligation than her enjoying it. Then after a few months, she got back to being her old self, enjoying sex with him. She had even started to be more aggressive with how she handled him and more demanding how she wanted to be pleasured. He thought she had just forgiven him for his reaction and rechanneled her desires into their sex life in a different way. He now knew the truth; she had simply gone elsewhere to find an outlet for her crazy desires.

Glenn got home that night and Reann was finishing up dinner. She was moving around the kitchen in a pair of short shorts that showed the bottom of her ass cheeks clearly and a tank top that clearly showed her nipples and a good amount of breast as well. He just leaned against the wall watching, still trying to piece together changes he saw in her to the information he was given earlier that day.

More he thought about it, the more he could pick out the changes in her over the last two years. It wasn’t only in bed but also how she dressed here at home and when they went out. She was a lot less conservative than she had ever been allowing for a much sexier Reann to be exposed. That’s not to say he was complaining she had changed. What was bothering him was why she had changed and what to do about it.



She felt his eyes on her but didn’t acknowledge him. He hadn’t said anything yet so she just let him watch. What she did do was purposely work her shorts higher, showing more of her ass to him. She didn’t have to worry about the tank top, it couldn’t get any more revealing unless she just took it off. Every time she knew he could see her, she tried to bend over, giving him a good view of the shorts pulling tight against her ass and crouch. She knew he had seen the outline of her pussy as she bent over each time.

When she had dinner done and, on the table, she turned to him with a big smile saying, “Hi babe, your home. Dinner is ready if you are ready to eat.”

He blinked quickly to clear his thoughts and said, “Sure it looks great.”

Dinner was great and they ate exchanging small talk but Glenn’s mind kept running back to what he found out today. His co-worker gave him just enough details about what Reann was doing at the club to know she was fulling her fetish of being pissed on each time she went. The co-worker was also quick to tell him she wasn’t having intercourse with anybody there. Of course, this co-worker left out a lot of things she had seen Reann do there. She didn’t think Glenn needed to know all the details about his wife’s activities there.

When dinner was finished Glenn said he was going to go shower and change. Reann said she was going to clean up the kitchen and go sit on the patio. They went about their separate chores. Glenn to the shower and Reann cleaning up from dinner.


Watching Reann

While Glenn was taking his shower Reann cleaned up the kitchen and then went out back on the patio to relax and wait on him. She took her tablet with her to browse on. She started out checking emails and looking at Facebook posts from friends. The longer she surfed around the net she eventually wound up in one of the sites that catered to her fetish. Although it had only been a few weeks since her last visit to the club, she just couldn’t resist the urge to watch some of the new videos posted.

Sitting in the lounge chair, she propped the tablet upon the wide arm as she watched the videos play through. She found one of Jeremy and Lindsey from the club. She was tied to a bench with her hands tied above her head, her feet tied together and pulled tight to her ass causing her legs to splay open leaving her pussy completely exposed to Jeremy and three other men standing around her completely nude as well.

As she watched the video, Jeremy moved over to Lindsey and lowered himself over her face. His cock was almost touching her forehead when he let loose with a stream of piss. It drenched her face and ran down along her throat before dripping on to the floor. Just as Jeremy had finished, the largest of the three other men watching moved so he was standing over Lindsey’s pussy. He held his hard cock in his hand and pointed at her pussy. He suddenly let loose a gushing stream of piss that landed squarely on Lindsey’s pussy. He moved his dick back and forth, wetting her whole pubic area down before he stopped.

As Reann watched she had her hand moving over the crotch of her shorts. She was rubbing her pussy through the fabric but it wasn’t long before she had pushed her hand inside to feel the wetness of her pussy directly. Working her hand along her wet lips and teasing her clit as she did. Her other hand found one of her hard nipples and was teasing it through the fabric of the tank top as she continued to watch.

The last two guys moved to either side of Lindsey’s body and started pissing on her. The one was working from her neck downward as the other worked his stream of piss upwards along her body. Reann thought both guys must have drunk five gallons of water before starting this video. They both covered her whole body in piss, paying special attention to piss directly on her nipples.

As the two guys started pissing, she jammed two fingers in her pussy and started working them furiously in and out. She was pinching and pulling her nipples at the same time. Finally, she felt the sudden urge to cum wash over her. She knew she was going to cum any moment and then it hit. She let out a long, loud moan as her body went rigid and her pussy clamped around her fingers, never considering Glen might hear her.

What she hadn’t heard was Glenn come out of the house just as the first guy was pissing over Lindsey’s pussy. Glenn slipping his shorts off behind her went totally unnoticed as well, she was so totally caught up in the video. The first she realized she wasn’t alone on the patio was when the first stream of Glenn’s piss hit her. He was standing just off to the side of her head, so it hit her shoulder and splashed up on the side of her face.

She whipped her head around just in time to catch Glenn’s stream full on across her lips and nose. He continued to empty his bladder on her face, watching it run down to her chin until it dripped off on to her chest where it was soaking her tank top. She was loving the feel of Glenn’s piss streaming from her face and soaking her tank top after watching Lindsey get soaked with piss.

Glen having emptied his bladder quickly moved around to straddle the lounge chair so his cock was sticking straight into Reann’s face. He placed his cock at her lips. She immediately opened her mouth to allow him to slip between her lips. With Glenn’s piss still dripping from her face, she sucked him in as far she could, running her tongue over his cock as she went, tasting his piss still on the wet head.

Glen reached down and grabbed the back of the chair pushing his cock deeper into Reann’s mouth. He started moving in and out of her mouth with deep strokes while holding onto the back of the chair. He would allow her to catch a quick breath every few strokes and was staying deep in her mouth and partly down her throat. She was doing her best not to gag with each deep stroke but was loving the feel of his cock fucking her mouth.

Glenn could feel his approaching orgasm and got just a little rougher with Reann. She had fully relaxed so that he could get all of his cock deep into her throat. Each time he did, her throat would expand taking him fully until his pubic hair was touching her nose. She was loving his control over her right then.

Glenn moving his hands from the chair to Reann’s head, held her as he started cumming down her throat. He was letting loose with the largest load he had given her in a long time. He pumped what felt like a gallon of cum into her and she was trying to swallow every bit of it but finally, she pushed him away. As his cock slipped from her lips, large ropes of sticking cum clung to it, eventually falling to land on Reann’s tank top adding to the wetness of the piss that had soaked earlier.

He was standing there still straddling the lounge chair when the sudden urge to piss hit. He didn’t hold back instead without warning he just let loose hitting Reann square in the face that was already covered with piss and cum. His cock was still semi-hard so as he pissed it bobbed up down with each stream covering her face completely from forehead to chin. Finally running out of pressure like a garden hose turned off the last of his piss thoroughly finished soaking her tank top displaying her harden nipples standing out.

Reann was so overtaken with what Glenn just did she pushed two fingers into her pussy and was working herself up to a powerful orgasm as the last of his piss was hitting her chest. She cried out letting her orgasm rush through her. Just as her orgasm subsided, she let a stream of her own piss fountain out soaking her shorts through. She laid there afterward just exhausted.

Glenn sat finally sat down next to her on the lounge chair looking over at her piss and cum soaked face and said, “I guess we need to talk about something.”

Reann looked up at him and said, “I guess we do.”

With that exchange, things became silent as they both processed what had happened on the porch.

Reann, watching her husband thought to herself, that was a good move having Lindsey tell him. When she first met Lindsey, neither of them knew that she worked with Glenn until one fateful night at a company dinner party during the holidays. They came face to face at the punch bowl. She was there with Glenn and Lindsay had brought her husband Jeremy.

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