Navigating the dating scene has become harder.

With the added element of social media and dating apps, scrolling through endless disappointment can sometimes feel like a chore.

So when you match with someone you genuinely like, falling victim to one of the many dating trends out there can be frustrating.

Dogfishing, soft ghosting and cockfishing are just a few of the situations those looking for love can stumble upon.

Zombieing is the latest trend you need to look out for

But lets take it back to ghosting, the popular dating trend that sees a potential love interest suddenly cut off all contact after weeks of talking and going on dates.

Thought that was bad? Well, now a dating expert has revealed a trend that can top it.

Dating expert for Match, Hayley Quinn, explained that zombieing is the latest dating trend you need to be aware of, and it’s an upgrade from your average ghosting.

Speaking to Cosmpolitan UK, she said: “Zombieing is when those ghosts come back from the dead and reappear without explanation by sliding you a DM or a cheeky WhatsApp.”

The dating trend is one many have experienced already

Hayley told the publication that instead of focusing on getting answers from the person that had the cheek to cut you off and waltz straight back into your inbox, you should “ignore the lame attempt” to get your attention.

This is to avoid being “sucked into a toxic cycle”, especially if you’re looking for a committed relationship.

Want to know more about dating trends so you can avoid them? Take a look at these…

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People who fake dog ownership on their dating profiles.

The dating trend is when somebody poses with a dog on their profile who doesn’t actually belong to them.

Dating expert Erika Ettin told The Washington Post she believes people do this because it suggests a person has nurturing qualities, especially men.

She concluded: “That’s the main thing: stop borrowing dogs. It’s just odd when you’re using someone else’s dog online, and it seems like you’re trying too hard.”

Soft ghosting

The term refers to a person liking a message or commenting on your social media post, but not continuing a conversation with you.

It’s less brutal than ghosting but is apparently a fairly new dating trend that leaves people confused about the next move.


The term refers to those who misrepresent their assets to potential dates.

According to the Metro, the word – which is also known as “catcocking” – is given to those who edit “d*** pics” to make it seem as though their manhoods are bigger.

While a catfish might misrepresent their whole identity, including stealing photos from someone else’s profile, a cockfish focuses on that one specific body part.

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