Whether you’re in a relationship or not, self-pleasure is very important and making time for it can really help you understand what you want.

So this weekend if you’ve got nothing exciting planned, why not book in a date with yourself?

The Black Swan is a solo masturbation position and the sex masterminds at Ann Summers reckon it’ll promise you an unforgettable orgasm.

To spice up the move, you could even throw in a sex toy to really intensify those orgasms.

The sex move is perfect for a little bit of solo action

How do you master it?

Simply lay on your front, bend your knees a little and lift your hips.

You can then get full access to pleasure yourself from underneath.

To include a toy, slip it underneath you and ride the vibrations to what Ann Summers describes as “stunning”.

Laura Whittaker, senior manager at Ann Summers, said: “It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year already, but Halloween is well and truly upon us.

“While many of us will be dressing up in our scariest (and sexiest) outfits and partying the night away, it can also be the perfect time to shut the curtains and give yourself a little treat.

“The Black Swan is a great solo position where you can lay on your front, close your eyes and slip into your deepest, darkest fantasies.”

The Moregasm+ Wand promises even more sensations

Ann Summers recommends adding a vibrating toy into the equation to guarantee even more pleasure.

The Moregasm+ Wand can help deliver truly mind-blowing sensations during the Black Swan solo position.

Laura continued: “We can guarantee this will make for a Halloween evening that’s an absolute ‘thriller’!”

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