Nurture your friendships and your romantic relationships.

A quality gal pal has certain characteristics that make her valuable, just like a good girlfriend does in a romantic relationship. We tend to separate these roles, even though, at our core, the quality is the same — the act of living authentically.

In other words, you value certain things in all relationships. For example, if you value honesty in your friendships, you probably seek honesty in your romantic pairings as well. And if you want time with your good friend or romantic partner that is focused on being together, rather than endless text and phone call interruptions, it means you are interested in quality time, rather than simply avoiding being alone.

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So, it makes sense that you can practice relationship skills in both friendships and romance, which will teach you how to be a good girlfriend as well as a better significant other. And in addition to relationship advice you should be following for the sake of your partner, there are also a few rules to abide by to keep your friendships healthy.

Here are three tips for being a good friend:

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