Skeletons always find their way out of the closet.

It’s that time again, and that means we have to expect the unexpected as we welcome in the final Mercury retrograde of this year, this time occurring in Scorpio, on October 31st. Depending upon location, it could also occur on November 1st, but that doesn’t mean the irony of the start date is going to escape any of us. 

Mercury in retrograde is known for bringing back past situations, and Scorpio tends to expose what we prefer to keep hidden. So it’s definitely a time when those skeletons we’ve stashed deep within our emotional closets will be coming out again.

And it’s just in time not only for Halloween, but also to make sure we end the year where and with whom we’re supposed to.  

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Mercury retrograde 2019 will last until November 20th, but will not leave his post-shadow zone until December 7th. We can really expect to deal with the themes this brings up until then.  

Mercury is the planet that rules communication, whether it’s our inner thoughts and processing or our conversations, even emails, with others. Depending upon which zodiac sign this planet is traveling through, it will affect how we communicate.

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