It’s common for women to be curious about their partner’s previous relationships.

But while many say that lovers in the past don’t matter, perceptions often change when a man admits that he has a history of paying for sex.

New research reveals that one in ten men have paid for intimacy – so you’re likely to know someone who has had the experience.

According to the University of Bristol, predominately middle class, white men with ‘high-status’ jobs are likely to pay for sex.

And while sex workers aren’t openly advertised, the service is on the rise with 11% using the service in comparison to just 2% in 1990.

A number of men told how they had paid for sex because they’re lonely, don’t have time for a relationship or are in a sexless marriage.

Commissioned by the Home Office, the surprising findings have raised the debate over de-stigmatising how men who pay for sex are viewed.

The University of Bristol study adds that those who participated the study revealed they got into sex work for financial purposes rather than for ‘pleasure’.

A researcher said: “Their situation is compounded by stigma and managing safety, and many find that the longer they sell sex, the harder it can be to leave completely”

While it may surprise you that a large number of men pay for sex, the discussion isn’t anything new.

Recently, there’s been an increase in websites that offer the opportunity for punters to rate sex workers.

The TripAdvisor-style reviews suggest that blokes are more willing to talk about the taboo industry.

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