After three months of Uni, I was happy and settled. I had a great roomie, excellent courses and a nice little job in the Uni café four evenings a week, which helped stretch my meagre funds.

Of course, it was all too good to be true. The Uni authorities decided to sell off the café to an outside company to reduce costs.

Not the cost to students, of course, as the prices all went up, but without wishing to sound bitter, I was out of a job.

So, here I was Skyping with my mum and explaining how tight everything had become when she suggested that I give her old Uni friend, Phoebe, a call.

Apparently, Phoebe owned a small shop in the same town as my Uni and had told mum that she was looking for staff to work evenings.

Mum said that she’d seen a picture of Phoebe outside her shop, and it appeared to be some kind of deli – coffee shop. That would be ideal for me with my experience of shop work and waitressing.

I teased mum about her use of the internet. She was a complete technophobe and treated her laptop like some all-seeing god in the corner of the room. Sammy, the youngest of my three brothers, says that she won’t wear her reading glasses and turn on the video when she skyped in case someone else could see her.

Anyway, I copied down Phoebe’s phone number and told mum how much I loved and missed her then signed off.

I gave Phoebe a call after classes finished the following afternoon. A warm, friendly-sounding woman answered the phone, and I pictured someone similar to my mum, rosy cheeks, ready smile and a fuller figure after having whelped several children.

Phoebe seemed surprised that I was calling at my mum’s suggestion but readily agreed to meet with me the following evening.


A little after seven the next evening, I walked along a side street five minutes away from the main shopping mall.

I was looking for a sign with a cupcake. A cherry-topped cupcake, according to mum, but this street seemed too quiet for a coffee shop. Then again, the shop rents were probably lower, and the footfall from people walking to the mall could be good, and it was not too far from the Uni campus.

Finally, I saw a sign, “Phoebe’s Treats,” and a smart red and grey shop front with smoked glass windows.

I pushed open the door and entered, as I stepped in a distant buzzer sounded.

“Oh, Fuck!” I thought as my eyes settled on two things, a large display of vibrators and dildos and an illuminated store logo on the back wall. My stomach dropped through my boots.

The cherry-topped cupcake that mum had told me to look out for was, in fact, a full round breast with a perky pink nipple.

Just as I thought of bolting out the door, an attractive and very shapely woman emerged from the counter area.

“Hi, I’m Phoebe, and you must be Tania, Suzy’s daughter. How lovely to meet you.”

This sleek, sexy woman in snug tailored trousers and a semi-sheer blouse was a long way away from my mum, but her voice held the same warmth as the one I’d heard during our phone call.

I introduced myself and moved to shake hands, but Phoebe hugged me and kissed me lightly on both cheeks.

“Come on through, and we can chat. I have to say I’m a little surprised that Suzy sent you here.”

We settled in the back office, and I tried to slow my breathing and relax. One thought now bounced around my head, how to get out of here without looking a complete fool.

“Would you like some coffee?”

I looked at the coffee, and all the examples of the cupcake logo around the room and I lost it.

I giggled, I laughed and laughed even more until tears ran down my cheeks before I turned to Phoebe and came clean about the mix-up.

Phoebe picked up a copy of her logo and then laughed herself, “Oh, that’s so typical of Suzy. Your mother is one of a kind.”

All the laughter broke the tension, and my nervousness was gone. We sat drinking coffee, and I explained that my previous work experience did not include adult boutiques and that I had little knowledge of sex toys and fine lingerie.

Phoebe gave me a long appraising look before leaning forward to rest a hand on my forearm, “Tania, You’re a smart, intelligent girl and quite sexy in a preppie kind of way and you’re Suzie’s daughter so if you want the job come back tomorrow at six and Jenny, my head salesgirl, with sort you out. If you decide not to accept, then call me, and it’s no hard feelings.”

We quickly hugged again, and I promised to give mum her best wishes and turned to leave.

“Phoebe, if I accept, can we leave mum thinking this is a coffee shop?”

“Tania, I won’t lie to my oldest friend, but if she doesn’t ask, I won’t tell her.”

And with that, I scampered out of the shop and into the cool night air.

That night was one of the most restless I can remember even worse than waiting for my Uni acceptance letter.

Dreams of silky, lacey lingerie mixed with huge outsized dildos filled my mind between restless periods of wakefulness. At one point toward dawn, I slipped a hand between my thighs and found a warm wet mess of a pussy. I rarely masturbate, and yet my finger slipped in with ease, and moments later, I panted to a shuddering climax before relaxing into a deep sleep.

As soon as a reasonable time arrived, I texted Phoebe to accept her offer before heading to my morning classes.

What a long morning that was, my mind drifting to my upcoming appointment, and again I felt the dampness in my panties.

Classes over for the day, I almost ran back to my room to get ready.

Pulling out my best jeans and top with what passed for sexy undies in my student wardrobe, I quickly stripped and headed for the shower.

Just as I was reaching to turn the water off, I had a sudden urge and grabbing my razor from the shelf I lathered up the matt of dense black curls between my thighs and plunged the razor in.

“OUCH!” I shrieked out loud. I now had a stubbly streak ending in the blade caught up in my long hair.

After hopping about the shower tray for a moment waiting for the pain to subside, I tried plan B.

First, I trimmed the excess hair with my nail scissors and then swapped out the blade for a new one. Now with thick fresh lather, every stroke revealed smooth pink skin. In minutes my pussy was smooth and ‘mmm’ oh so sensitive.

My fingers dallied over my slit triggering a wave of new sensations through my loins that ended deep in my belly.


Six o’clock and with a deep breath, I pushed open the shop door again.

A pretty redhead came forward, asking how she could help. She had lovely curly hair that shone in the store lights, and a slight figure that looked amazing in a short black skirt, semi-sheer cream blouse and over the knee stockings.

I explained who I was, and she gave me a hug and that kiss on either cheek again. I inhaled a lovely light fruity perfume.

“Well, hi, I’m Annie, and if you go back to the office, Jenny is waiting for you.”

I found Jenny pricing up some exquisite ivory lingerie.

Again, the hugs and cheek kissing. Jenny explained that Phoebe had spent a while living in France, and it was a custom that she had adopted and had become the norm at the store.

“So, you’re going to be the new assistant in the evenings. It’s lovely here, and Phoebe is so nice to work for.”

“Did she explain that I don’t really know much about the err… the…” I gestured to the various items stacked around the office.

Jenny giggled, “The merchandise?”

“Yes, it’s all rather new to me.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I was just the same when I started.”

Annie had followed me through and was giggling at my obvious discomfort.

“I have some brochures for our lingerie lines that you can take home and study and the sex toy stuff you can pick up as we go along.” Jenny was very matter of fact about the toys, and it was helping me to relax.

“Now we have a uniform and Phoebe expects it to be clean and pressed at all times. Hair must be clean and well-groomed. Nails nicely manicured. Take a look at Annie.”

With another giggle, Annie gave a little twirl showing off her smooth firm thighs as the skirt lifted a little.

“Phoebe has already picked out your uniform. She’s got an amazing eye for sizing people. Two skirts and blouses and then we give you four sets of lingerie from stock, and we can, within reason, help ourselves to the over-knee stockings as we need them.”

I nodded my understanding and Annie offered to collect the lingerie from the stock room.

“What size are you, Tania?”

“Size eight and a B cup.” Damn, I could feel myself blushing again.

“Phoebe was spot on with the uniform,” Jenny said as she handed me two cellophane-wrapped parcels from a rack in the corner.

Annie returned with several hangers of lingerie. “Okay, let’s see the transformation.” Annie handed me a lacey black bra while Jenny split open a cellophane wrap. Both looked expectantly at me and with a gut-churning feeling, I realised that they expected me to change in front of them.

Like ripping off a sticking plaster, I went straight for it. Top off, jeans down and then with a pop of the fastener, and my bra was off.

Annie passed me a wispy lace bra, and I slipped it on. Amazingly it supported my breasts beautifully while allowing my swollen nubs to show.

The panties were thong style. Two flimsy triangles attached by a silken string. Thank god I had shaved.

Looking down at myself, I thought how good I looked. Much better than in my usual cotton basics.

The blouse and skirt followed, then knee-highs and a pair of heels that Jenny produced from a box.

“Wow, Tania, you look hot!”

Jenny and Annie were giving me long admiring looks, and I have to admit I liked it.

“There’s a mirror in the changing room, take a look,” Annie giggled.

“We have a changing room?”

“Of course, but we’re all friends here,” added Jenny, joining in with the giggles.

Nipping through to the shop, I found the changing room at the rear of the lingerie racks and admired myself in the long mirror.

I liked what I saw; my normally bashful, clean, but casual student girl look had morphed into a sexy leggy young woman. My full breasts filled the tailored blouse allowing my still erect nubs to tent the sheer fabric.

“See you’re hot!” Jenny smiled at me she and Annie had followed me through to see my reaction.

At that point, the buzzer sounded, and a tall slim woman in business attire entered the store. Long tapered trousers stopped just above elegant ankles shod in Louboutin heels that clicked rhythmically as she crossed the polished wood floor.

Annie moved forward to greet her and offer assistance.

“I’m looking for a Strap-on if you could show me your range.”

I’m sure I blushed as she made her request, but she could have been asking for cookies she looked so comfortable and authoritative.

Annie showed her over to the display and started to explain about different styles of strap-ons and fastenings.

The woman took an instant liking to a red leather set, and I could hear Annie explaining that it would take a variety of different sized dildos, including ones that entered the wearer’s pussy as well as the partner for mutual pleasure.

Jenny whispered to me how good Annie was with the clients, but in listening to her, I missed the woman’s next question.

“Tania, could you assist me for a moment, please?” Annie had turned to smile at me.

With a deep breath and an unobtrusive shove from Jenny, I walked over to assist.

Between the unfamiliar heels and my nerves, I suspect I looked like a new-born giraffe as I wobbled across the floor.

“Tania, I need to show how the harness fits if you could just hold up my skirt for me,” Annie sounded so matter of fact as she turned toward me.

Quickly I lifted the hem of her skirt and gathered it around her waist, exposing a toned pair of ass cheeks highlighted by a black lace thong just like the one dampening between my thighs.

Thighs that I had been unconsciously clenching.

Annie stepped into the harness and snapped the fasteners into place before giving a slight twirl.

I swear the woman growled as she stared at Annie’s mound. The tight harness had caused a delightful camel toe.

Seemingly unconcerned, Annie selected several dildos of varying lengths and girths to hold against her swollen lips.

“Excellent, I’ll take the six-inch and the nine-inch ones along with the harness,” the woman’s voice had taken on a husky tone, and she was clearly struggling to tear her eyes from Annie.

Jenny came over to escort her to the pay point and began wrapping her purchases in tissue.

“Oh, add a bottle of lube, and I’ll have one of these too,” she added, selecting a long slim object from a display near the till.

Jenny wrapped everything in tissue before sealing each parcel with a sticker. Yes, the ‘Cupcake’ logo again and slipped the items into a glossy bag.

Once the Louboutin woman had left the store, I joined Jenny at the till and picked up another of the long items the woman had selected, “Fly swat?” I queried.

“Oh no, that’s a pussy flogger.”

“You mean for hitting someone’s…?”

“Pussy, yes,” Annie confirmed with an exaggerated shudder.

“Oh, OUCH!”

“No way am I ever letting that near my honeypot. I don’t mind slapping my clit when I’m frigging, but that’s the limit.” Annie had joined us and was giggling again. She really did have the most infectious giggle.

“I reckon that’s just what that woman had in mind; she couldn’t take her eyes off you,” Jenny was pointing at Annie’s skirt with another flogger.

Lifting her skirt, Annie popped the fastener on the red harness and in doing so, revealed a large wet spot on the front of her thong along with the distinct aroma of a horny young girl.

“I need to go clean up a little,” dropping her skirt, Annie headed to the washroom.

I followed Jenny back to the office, wondering if anyone could smell my very wet pussy too.

“So, Tania, back to the toys. What do you have at home, dildo, vibe or what?”

“Well, actually, I er…, well, I’ve not really…” Now I could feel a wave of heat from my neck up as I struggled with my lack of experience.

“Oh, hun, don’t worry about it,” Jenny moved to touch my forearm lightly.

“Guess you’re more of a fingers kind of girl. I never had any toys until I got this job. Made do with my fingers and my hairbrush handle,” Annie had returned to hug me as she made this announcement.

“In that case, I have some samples here that you can take home to try, they’re all brand new and yours to keep, of course.” Jenny delved into a plastic crate in the corner, “Six-inch dildo, Rabbit vibe, oh and an ultra-slim butt plug. These will get you started.”

“Are you sure Phoebe won’t mind?”

“Of course not. We get lots of samples, and you need to know your jelly dongs from your butt plugs.”

The rest of the evening passed quickly as I read the lingerie brochures and watched Jenny and Annie with a selection of clients.


After catching the shuttle bus back to campus, I hit the showers before pouring myself a large glass of Merlot.

Laura’s parents owned a wine import business, and we always had a few bottles at hand.

Piling my pillows against the headboard, I allowed the rich, fruity flavours to calm me down before picking up my samples to explore them more closely. I had already rinsed them in the shower.

The dildo was the smallest and safest looking of the three and would be the one I started with.

Laura, my roomie, was a loud and frequent masturbator, she made no secret of her needs and indeed teased me endlessly about my lack of self-pleasure.

Still, it was nice that she was away visiting her sister, and I could explore on my own.

Slowly I started with teasing my nipples and stroking the smooth undersides of my breasts before gripping and stretching my swollen and aching nubs. Ever-increasing waves of pleasure spread throughout my body before ending deep inside my belly.

Moaning my pleasure, I slowly moved my hands down over my trembling belly toward my throbbing pussy. I can’t recall ever having felt such deep excitement.

Slowly my fingers trailed toward my slit. I could feel the heat of my arousal, but then I realised that I wanted more.

Leaping back up, I grabbed Laura’s make-up mirror. A4 sized and free-standing on an A-frame, it had little LED lights around its edges.

Flicking the switch to light it up, I sat back against my pillow nest and pulled my knees back while allowing my legs to fall apart. A position I knew Laura favoured from my furtive observations.

Now my fully exposed, freshly shaven pussy was fully visible in the mirror.

My lips were slick with my juices and hugely swollen with my arousal.

Tentatively I drew a finger along my lips, sending shivers of pleasure through my body.

Then again, I repeated the action with more pressure and watched as my lips parted to reveal my pink core.

My finger was now slick and shiny with my juices. I raised it to my face. First, I inhaled my aroma and then slowly extended my tongue to taste myself for the very first time.

I was surprised by how sweet and pleasant my cum tasted. Not at all what I had expected.

For a few minutes, I just traced my finger around my lips and entrance. I want to call it my cunt, but that sounds crude.

Picking up the dildo, I gently kissed the tip before sliding the cool silicon cock between my pussy lips and coated it in my cum. Ever so slowly, I slipped it back and forth between my lips, coating it in my juice and moaning at the pleasure it gave me.

Reaching that point where the need to cum was overwhelming. I angled the head toward my cunt, there I said it, and slowly pushed it home.

I stared in fascination at the mirror as the slight point of the dildo parted my lips, sending a deep shudder through my body.

I continued to stare at my swollen lips as they slowly peeled apart, stretching to allow the pink phallus access. Strings of cum slowly adhered to it.

Oh, fuck, so much bigger than my finger or tampon, the only other objects to have got this far.

I felt full and stretched, and oh so fucking good.

For a few moments, I just held it still as I adjusted to the feelings it triggered.

I let my mind freewheel. I had always been told that good sex is as much mental as physical.

Who would I picture as I enjoyed my first proper orgasm, Andy da Silva from my civics class, Robbie Grey from book club, Big Johnny Dreyfus from the football squad?

Closing my eyes and breathing deep, I pushed that extra last inch in and then slowly withdrew everything but the tip.

It only took a few repetitions before my orgasm hit, and it was huge.

I swear I saw stars and fireworks. I could hear distant screaming and looked down upon my writhing body as the storm hit.

It took a while for me to regain my senses. It was like I had stepped outside my body.

As I calmed down and gathered myself, I realised that I’d had my first proper orgasm and felt no guilt, only joy.

I realised that I was no longer a child, that I had used my pussy for pleasure, and that at times, it would be my cunt.

And lastly, I realised that the last image in my mind as my orgasm hit was Annie, Annie in her little black thong giggling her naughty giggle.

At that point, the Merlot, the excitement of the day and that huge wet cum worked their magic, and I slipped off into a deep, deep sleep.



I woke the following morning to a sun-streaked bedroom and the world felt right. I felt good.

Even the finger that lightly danced across my pussy felt good. I could feel dried cum all over my mound and thighs, but none of the soreness that I expected.

Sitting up in bed, I realised that I’d slept naked — another first for me.

Laura was often naked in our room, and always so in bed, she frequently commented on my excess modesty as she put it.

Padding across the room, I turned on the coffee maker and headed into the bathroom, pausing to admire my naked self in the mirror and liking what I saw.

I was feeling alive and satisfied, and I couldn’t stop smiling.

Sitting down, I released a long steady stream of pee. The door was open, I was naked and peeing loudly, and I didn’t care who heard.

After dabbing myself dry, I rinsed my hands and then used a warm washcloth to clean below.

Such a simple act felt so good, and my nipples stiffened in appreciation.

Back in bed, I sipped my coffee and let the caffeine work its magic.

One cup down, and one was left on the hotplate. I decided it was time for the Rabbit.

It was at least twice the length of the dildo and much thicker. It was red with a ring of silver balls around its midsection. Curving up from the base was a little mini vibe with big ears that, oh yes, looked like rabbit ears. Duh, I’m slow at times.

Just holding it was sending those squirmy worms of excitement through my belly again. It was heavy and almost scary.

Pressing the on button made it shudder in my hands — a constant deep throbbing.

Button two made the throbbing faster and stronger. I touched the big red tip to my nipple and squealed in delight. Working my way through the other settings, I found I could make it pulse in all manner of patterns. Those shiny silver balls could spin around on the shaft, and of course, those big ears would vibrate.

Stroking my slit, I confirmed that I was as wet as I felt.

I spent a leisurely five minutes just teasing and stroking my slit. Stretching my lips, slowly inserting a finger and spreading my honey until I felt relaxed and ready to take the Rabbit.

Nuzzling its head against my slit, I slowly turned the speed up.

OH, FUCK did that feel good. My breathing quickened, and my heart raced.

Just moments of this intense pleasure and I recognised that an orgasm building.

I wanted to make the moment last. Slipping the big buzzy head away from my cunt, I popped it into my mouth.

Those powerful vibrations made my tongue tingle. My honey tasted richer and less sweet than the night before.

Nipples next. I lay the Rabbit between my thighs, letting its head nuzzle by my anus. It was slow, throbbing, comforting and arousing at the same time.

Wetting my fingers, I gave my nipples a good work out.

Pinching and squeezing them to the point of pain before stretching them until there were huge swollen nubs that throbbed desire deep into my core.

I was being so loud, moaning and groaning, shouting profanities to an empty room.

Rabbit time. Now slick with the cum that had flowed from my slit as I teased my nubs. It was hard to hold.

Setting it to a pulsing, throbbing buzz, I teased my cunt lips. My legs were starting to thrash on the bed as I rocked my aching body against the pillows.

Over the next ten minutes, I cycled through the settings delighting in the different effects on my body before pushing those ears hard against my clit and flicking them on.

I cannot describe what happened next. I screamed, I flooded cum, I swore, I looked like a thing possessed.

I awoke some twenty minutes later, with the Rabbit buzzing away on the floor by my bed.

I tried to check my pussy, but it was far too sensitive to touch.

I poured the now rather stale coffee and sat on my wrecked bed, marvelling at what my pussy, my cunt could do for me if I only let it.

Needless to say, I never made it to classes that day. Instead, I spent the day in my room with the vibe and the Rabbit fucking myself silly between deep contented naps.



The following morning, I was up bright and early.

A long hot shower was what I needed, including a careful shaving of my pussy. I had grown to love the sensations that smooth skin gave me. Then a pot of coffee and fresh pastries.

Who knew that constant masturbation was such an appetite stimulant?

By nine o’clock, I had changed all my bedding, cleaned and dusted the room and opened the windows to freshen the room. I may have been imagining it, but it seemed that the room smelt strongly of wet pussy.

Laura was due home late morning, and her mirror had needed a thorough cleaning to remove all traces of my cum from it.

Eleven o’clock saw me sitting at my laptop, trying to catch up on the lessons missed the previous day.

“Hi, Tan,” Laura burst into the room, throwing her holdall onto her bed before pulling me in for a hug.

I hugged back, suddenly appreciating the soft warmth of her body and the rich woody tones of her perfume.

“How’s the family, how’s Emma,” I asked while hugging back just as hard.

“Yeah, fine, all good and Emma sends her love.”

I had spent a long weekend at her sister’s earlier in the year.

Suddenly Laura straightened her arms to give me a long quizzical look, “Tania, has my little mouse discovered fucking, you have haven’t you?” Laura was grinning broadly

“No, yes, well sort of,” I stammered out in reply

“You are glowing, and this room stinks of sex.”

“It’s not fucking exactly,” I grinned as I met her eye.

“Well, tell me what it is then,” with that Laura grabbed a couple of Cokes from the fridge and pulled me to her bed.

Realising that I was no longer embarrassed by my body or my needs, I sat and explained everything, mum’s misunderstanding, the job, the toys, and my last forty-eight hours.

Laura, bless her, just sat and listened delighting in every detail before delving into my bedside drawer to see my toys.

“Oh, lucky you. This Rabbit is top of the range and that slim butt plug is ideal for a beginner.”

I admitted that of the three toys, the plug was the one causing me the most anxiety.

“Don’t worry, Tan, it’s very slim, not too long and only flares at the base. It will be just like a fingering.”

“If you say so.”

“Would you like to see mine?” Laura really didn’t have any inhibitions.

I looked toward her bedside cabinet and nodded that I would.

Then Laura threw me a real curve. She bounced up from the bed and turned around before flipping up her short skirt.

There was her full firm bottom, completely bare. The naughty bitch was commando and glinting from between her ass cheeks was a red crystal.

“You like?” she giggled over her shoulder, noting my shocked expression.

“Go on, touch me, touch it.”

I let my hands glide around her bottom cheeks marvelling at the soft firm skin before settling on the jewell between her cheeks.

I had expected it to be cold, but it was warm to the touch. My friends’ core doubtlessly heated it.

Laura groaned aloud and wiggled her ass.

I stroked again. This time my fingers strayed further, and I felt the warm moist heat of her pussy.

“Oh yes,” Laura pushed back against my hand, and I felt her lips part against my fingers.

“Tania, just grip the plug and tug gently,” Laura begged her eyes locked on mine.

I took hold and started to pull the plug. Her pucker started to stretch and open, revealing more of the silver plug.

“Tan, push now!”

I pushed the plug back in, and her pink ring closed around it.

“Now, pull again.” I pulled and quickly, we were in a rhythm pushing and pulling. Each pull would open her wider, revealing more of the silver plug that looked like an egg within her pucker.

As we played, Laura sank to her knees on the bed and began to frig her pussy.

The room filled again with the bouquet of wet horny woman this time blended with the richer aroma of ass.

I had reached the point of almost pulling the plug fully out, and Laura’s fingers had become a blur between her thighs.

With a final tug, the plug came out, and I stared at Laura’s gaping pucker.

Laura meanwhile slapped her clit. One firm slap and a jet of cum sprayed downward onto her bed as she screamed her release.

Almost without thought, I moved my fingers to her pussy and scooped up a handful of her cum.

I licked my fingers and palm clean.

Laura’s flavour was much richer and spicier than my own. I loved it.

“Tan, that was amazing let me get cleaned up, and I’ll show you the pleasures of your ass,” Laura said, her voice shaking with the power of her release.

Laura stood and quickly removed her sneakers and ankle socks before dropping her skirt and tugging her tee over her head. Her glorious full breasts were braless, and the nipples were pale and swollen.

Looking at me, she asked,” Well, what are you waiting for, come on get your clothes off.”

My jeans were quickly on the floor with her skirt, and then my tee joined them, followed by my bra and panties. I wondered if Laura noticed the large wet spot on them.

Grabbing my hand, Laura pulled me to the shower.

We stepped into the warm water and Laura lathered herself up with peach shower foam before rinsing off and hugging me to her.

I hugged tightly back. The feel of her breasts against mine was glorious.

“Tan, for good anal sex, you need to be clean, relaxed and totally aroused,” with that, she dropped her mouth and kissed me long and hard on the lips.

I kissed back just as keenly, even parting my lips to accept her tongue. I wondered if she could taste her own cum on my lips.

Minutes passed with us standing in that hot steamy cubicle just enjoying the feel of each other’s body.

“Okay, let’s get clean, Hun.” Laura broke the kiss and retrieved the peach foam.

Dropping to her knees, Laura covered my legs in creamy peachy foam before her strong fingers cleaned every inch of me. Kneading and massaging my feet, my calves, my thighs before skirting over my centre to repeat the process from the neck down.

The feel of those fingers teasing down my neck and back was divine. I was already moaning aloud in pleasure before they reached my breasts before those fantastic fingers worked their magic on my swollen nubs.

Eventually, I ended up facing the shower wall, arms raised, hands against the slick tile.

“That’s it, Tan, push your butt back.”

It was the most intimate moment of my life. Another girl’s hands were gliding around my most secret places.

Warm water and foam coating my ass, my mound, and my labia, all firmly worked in by Laura’s long, strong fingers.

I remember leaning against the tile feeling the water run down my back as Laura’s fingers danced around my pussy, slipping between lips that were slick with a lot more than water and peach foam.

Yet more fingers between my ass cheeks, pressing against my pucker, stroking the lightly ridged skin at my entrance.

I’m guessing Laura squeezed my clit, I can’t recall for sure, but a huge orgasm wracked my body.

As I calmed down, I became aware of another sensation. A fullness in my ass and I realised that the cum had been a diversion. Laura’s finger was now fully inserted in my ass.

I wriggled my butt slightly, and she let her hand move with me. It felt so strange and yet good too, so fucking good.

For the next few minutes, we just stood. Laura’s spare hand stroking my breasts, my belly, my sex while her finger made slight movements inside my ass.

My mind was flying, trying to process the sensations, the feelings, and the very idea that I was naked in the shower with my female roomie with her finger deep inside my ass. Probably even more shocking trying to understand was how much I was enjoying it.

Eventually, Laura slowly slipped her finger out and turned the water off.

I turned from the wall and kissed her full and hard on the lips again.

Laura grabbed two large fluffy towels, and we dried each other off. I took great delight in drying her breasts and pussy. Her nipples and clit were visibly responding to the touch of the fluffy cloth.

I revelled in the sounds she made.

Then we were back in the main room and Laura was guiding me to the bed. “Tan hun, I suggest you kneel. That’s it knees apart and ass high.”

Laura’s hands were stroking my lower back and ass cheeks, it felt so good, and all the time I could feel how wet I was and how much wetter I was getting.

I moved to tease my nipples one at a time.

Oh fuck, a trickle of cool fluid made its way between my ass cheeks. I could feel it hitting the top of my ass and slowly working its way down over my pucker to blend with the warm cum trailing from my cunt.

Laura’s fingers joined the cool slickness. Slowly and firmly working it in and around my opening.

The pressure from her finger slowly increased until the tip broke through my resistance, and I moaned loudly at the feeling of it slowly filling me again.

“OH, FUCK Laura, that’s so fucking good.”

“Oh, my little mouse likes her ass filled, eh.”

“Fuck yes, and I’m not such a timid mouse now,” I groaned and giggled as her finger slowly stretched my pucker.

“So, ready for more?”

I wriggled my ass in acceptance and felt Laura’s finger edge slowly from my ass.

More cool fluid and then pressure, the plug. It was slightly wider than Laura’s finger, and my ring was resisting the intrusion,

“Relax, just breathe deep and enjoy, Tan.”

I drew in a deep breath and felt Laura’s hand against my wet cunt, stroking and teasing my swollen lips and clit.

Moments later, my body quaked in release and Laura slid the plug in.

I swear I could feel it changing angle as Laura angled the tip down, then up and fully into my ass.

“Oh! Fuck, Laura, it feels huge. I’m so full.”

“Tan, do you need it out, is it too much?” she asked with such care in her voice.

“Oh, Fuck no, it’s amazing.”

I moved on the bed, felt the fullness move with me. The sensations were incredible, so amazing.

Slowly I raised from the bed and tried walking around the room. Every step was triggering such amazing feelings, cum was flowing from my cunt, and lube was leaking from my pucker.

I was in heaven.

“If you think that feels good, try wearing heels too,” Laura was by my side, “But not just yet, baby steps little mouse.”

Back to the bed and I gingerly sat down, feeling the small plug push deeper as my cheeks compressed.

Raising my knees, I started to rub my cunt.

Teasing and stretching my lips, letting my fingers stray to my ass and feel the flared base of the plug.

Laura sat at the other end of the bed and splayed her legs.

Gently she guided her feet until they met my own, and we were sole to sole.

Our eyes met, and her fingers started to dance across her wet glistening cunt.

We took our time and waited for each other’s arousal to synch.

With the plug in my ass, everything I did to my pussy felt so much bigger and stronger.

Laura fingered her ass as she fingered her cunt.

Our eyes never moved from each other, not even when we screamed in a joint release.

“Tan, just relax, and when you feel ready, we can slip that plug out, honey.”

“Okay, but remember, I have work tonight. Maybe I’ll get more samples to try.”

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