Night at an After-Hours Club

Michelle and friend, Jamie get it on with and older man while Michelle’s husband watches

It was Saturday night and summer had definitely arrived, so it was time for a day on the water. We had been invited by friends to join them on their boat on the river and had a great time. My girlfriend Jamie had tagged along with us since her hubby had been called out of town for his work. After heading back to the dock, Bill, Jamie and I decided to stop at a small after-hours club on the way home. The place was deserted when we arrived and only Tom the owner was there. Tom is a good friend of Bill’s, is almost 50 and has sort of a biker look, but he’s really a great guy.

Jamie, Bill and I were still wearing our swim suits that we had had on all night on the boat. I had on an old red and white polka dot bikini that ties at the side and at the halter top, with a pair of camo shorts over. Jamie was wearing a white suit with red cherries and had a skirt type bottom over white panties. Jamie is very petite blond, sort of. She is such a sweetheart and she is so freaking hot and is pretty wild.

We had a couple of drinks and on top of what we had consumed on the boat we all had a little buzz on. Jamie and I were in a naughty mood and started to dance to the music Tom had turned on the sound system. Soon we were touching and hugging and Bill and Tom keep urging us on. My camo shorts were off pretty quickly. And Jamie and I went behind the bar and chased Tom out to the other side of the bar on one of the stools. We were mixing stuff and having a great time. Jamie said, “We need to liven this place up, get up on the bar and dance for the customers Michelle”. So I did.

I could see that Tom was really enjoying the show and so was Bill. Tom yelled for Jamie to join me, as if she needed encouragement. Soon we were hugging, and touching and kissing. Jamie is so hot and so naughty. She laid down on the bar and spread open pulling me down on top of her. The guys were whooping and clapping and directing us to do more. Guys are so predictable.

I was kissing Jamie all over and so was she. All of a sudden Jamie reaches up and unties my top exposing my breasts and started licking, kissing, sucking and nibbling my nipples. I heard Tom say to Bill “holy fuck Michelle’s tits are amazing, you lucky bastard’. I could feel myself getting wet. Bill yelled out for me to take off Jamie’s top and said “we want to see her too”. Tom reached in and pulled Jamie’s top down exposing her pert breasts. Jamie has small but sensitive breasts and I kissed and sucked her little nubs. Tom was rubbing her panty covered pussy while we were kissing and Jamie whispered in my ear “I am going to eat you first then let’s fuck them both.”

Soon we were just enjoying each other and had forgotten about Bill and Tom watching us. Jamie was licking my thighs and touching my pussy through my suit. We’d stop every once in a while to drink and tease the guys. Tom was just shaking his head and grinning as he said he’d love to have either of us as a playmate. Bill said, go ahead Tom, approach the bar. He leaned into the bar and we both descended on him teasing and kissing him and grabbing his cock through his pants. God he felt huge. He was kissing us both and it was deep wet kissing.

Jamie and I looked at each other and then pushed Tom away so we could finish what we started. My hand went to Jamie’s pussy and omg her panties were just soaked. Jamie was on her knees and had pulled the crotch of my suit to the side and was running her fingers in the folds of my pussy. She leaned in and started licking my pussy, lapping at my lips and flicking her tongue on my clit and rosebud. I could feel a male hand on my leg and knew it had to be Tom’s. He was moving up toward my pussy, but he must not have known how far he was allowed to go.

I heard Bill telling Tom “Michelle and Jamie are lovers you know, they are both very Bi and play together often. Jamie makes Michelle cum over and over when they are together.” Tom asked Bill if he could touch me. I heard Bill say to him, “Yes, Tom, you may touch her as long as she doesn’t stop you go right ahead. “

I moved off the bar and pulled Jamie to the edge and asked Tom to help me remove her panties. He gladly helped and then I licked my way up her leg to her very wet pussy.

We moved from the bar to a pinball machine

I was so focused on Jamie that I had never noticed that Tom and Bill had taken off their clothes while they were watching Jamie and I make love to one another. I love the way she tastes and how she cries out and pushes into me just before she cums and I could tell she was close. I felt the warmth of someone behind me and then a tongue on my thigh and butt. I could tell from the roughness of the beard and mustache that it was Tom. He was spreading my cheeks and then I felt the warmth of his tongue on me, on my anus. Ummmmm, he was licking me from my anus to my clit and stopping to spear his tongue into me. His tongue felt so good and I looked back at Bill on my other side and his eyes were filled with lust.

I asked Him “Bill, what do you want me to do?”

He told me “Eat Jamie, make her cum, make her wet, so I can fuck her. Let Tom lick you, touch you and then fuck you.”

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