It’s finally that time of the year again.

According to the Urban Dictionary, cuffing season is a term which describes someone’s desire to be tied down by a serious relationship.

It involves getting frisky while it’s chilly outside and getting cozy in bed with a person by your side.

But if you’re married, that doesn’t mean you can’t still curl up next to another person other than your spouse.

Ashley Madison, the world’s leading married dating site, has compiled its Winter Wanderlust list using last year’s sign-up data to discover which UK cities cheat the most.

Manchester made the list

Lucy Beresford, relationship expert and psychotherapist, said: “Typically the colder months are when a lot of people long to be in a relationship and want someone to cuddle up with on the sofa/in front of the log fire, or to engage in the various winter rituals such as buying gifts or decorating the tree.

“However, it seems that not everyone in the country follows this desire and instead may be using an affair to fight off the Winter blues.”

The list looks at each city’s winter 2018 sign-ups and it’s revealed the most unfaithful cities in the UK.

Newcastle upon Tyne ranked eighth on the list

Here are the top UK cities for cheating this cuffing season:

  1. Salford
  2. Wolverhampton
  3. Coventry
  4. Manchester
  5. Bradford
  6. Derby
  7. Portsmouth
  8. Newcastle upon Tyne
  9. Southampton
  10. Leicester
  11. Leeds
  12. Sunderland
  13. Birmingham
  14. Cardiff
  15. Nottingham

Leeds was eleventh

Cardiff is the fourteenth on the list

Christoph Kraemer, Managing Director of Western Europe for Ashley Madison, added: “We’re certainly seeing trends between now and this past summer.

“Smaller cities like Salford, Wolverhampton, and Coventry populate the top of the list. But we’re also seeing some change.

“For example, while London didn’t make the cut this season, some of the other larger cities like Birmingham, Leeds, and Manchester are making themselves known. We’re seeing many more signups in the UK’s larger cities. Infidelity is on the rise.”

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