Real names changed to protect the guilty.

I was asked a while back to write about the housewives of McKinney, Texas, an upscale bedroom community north of Dallas. I declined to write about the ladies, my close friends, out of fear that I might be discovered. I was assured that if I didn’t give their true names, no one would know. Still. I was hesitant to write anything because, you know, ladies talk.

Then one of our group members decided she would start chronicling our discussions, so to beat her to the punch, I decided I’d write down our stories, often retold with great excitement every Monday when we meet at a local Starbucks.

There are five of us, Jane, Roxanne, Emily, Joanne and me, who shall remain nameless, for now. We all met on-line in a social media group and over a period of several months, we had many great discussions, so someone suggested we meet up in person. When we got together, it was as though we were all, already, good friends, having chatted and posting notes to one another in a social media chat, for several months. We knew the names of each other’s husbands, and their quirks, and the names of our kids and the schools they attended.


Emily was a fiery red-head and had a flirtatious personality that belied her sweet little stay-at-home housewife disposition. Her husband was a traveling salesman, which allowed Emily to engage in a second and very secretive lifestyle.

I settled behind Emily’s dining room table located in her breakfast nook, on the second week of our little housewives’ club forming up.

“Were you being serious about ten guys fucking you at a frat party?” I asked, as we sat across from each other.

Emily shook her head.

“Yes,” she said. “It was an incredible feeling having those guys lining up to fuck me. I don’t know how I managed to survive it, but I did, and at times, I’ll be honest with you, I wished I had ten more lined up to fuck me. I love sex and I love what each guy brings to the table. They’re all different.”

“Does your husband know about this?” I asked.

“Oh, hell no,” Emily replied. “He thinks I am a saint. I asked him once if he had any sexual fantasies and his fantasy was doing it doggie style. I am like, whatever, let’s do it.”

I had to chuckle.

“You said something about video proof, or something along those lines,” I said.

“I have a video of some of the guys fucking me, somewhere,” Emily replied. “My boyfriend at the time made it and I saved it, just in case someone got a wild hair and wanted to blackmail someone else. Plus, I like to re-watch it every now and then, just for the pure fun of remembering those guys.”

I asked if I could see the video. Emily asked me to wait while she went in search of it. After what seemed like an eternity, she emerged from her bedroom with a tablet in hand. She plugged up and then searched through the video files.

A blurry video image flickered on to the screen. The room was dark, but I could very easily make out the image of a very young-looking Emily, completely naked and sitting on a leather couch.

“How old were you?” I asked.

“Eighteen,” Emily replied, as she sat watching the video beside me. The first guy walked over to where she sat and I watched as he straddled her, completely naked. Emily began sucking on his massive cock. After a few minutes or some great oral copulation, she got on all fours and he pounded her from behind. It didn’t take him long to cum and Emily could very easily be heard asking, “OK, who is next?” Then one by one, a series of black dudes lined up and each one took their turn fucking her, doggie style. I lost track of how many guys were involved.

“That’s number eight,” Emily proudly noted. “His name was Shawn. He had a big dick, bigger than my boyfriend’s dick and everyone was taking bets as to whether or not I’d cry or yell when he put it in me.”

I knew that big dick feeling all too well, but I didn’t say anything.

The video jumped a bunch of times before it finally ended abruptly in the middle of the last guy getting satisfied.

I was curious.

“Would you do it again?” I asked.

Emily didn’t hesitate.

“Oh yeah,” she exclaimed.

“What if we did it and I filmed it?” I pressed.

“What if you did it and I filmed you?” Emily shot back.

The thought of being boned by ten big guys, big black guys at that, sent shivers up my spine. I’d like to say I am not prejudiced, but black guys scared me.

“They’re simply black,” Emily replied. “They fuck with a bit of soul.”

I had to laugh at her comment, because down deep, I knew she was right. My prejudices were unfounded.

“Once you go black, you might never go back,” Emily noted.

“But I don’t know any black dudes,” I said. “You forget where we live.”

“And you forget where I work,” Emily replied. Indeed, I had forgotten that she was an athletic trainer for the local community college football and basketball teams.

“I can discreetly ask around and see if there are any takers,” Emily said. My head was spinning. I had just had my very first fuck session with a Hispanic landscaper, set up discreetly by another housewife in our group and now another housewife was plotting to get me hooked up with some black student athletes. How lucky could I be?

I told Emily that I’d have to think about it. She smiled and replied, “Don’t think too long or you’ll get cold feet.”

I thanked her and asked if I could borrow the video recording. To my surprise, she agreed to let me have the tablet on which the recording was stored.

Several days went by and then one morning, after getting the kids off to school, I decided to take a second look at the video Emily had shared with me. I was surprised to find several videos on the tablet. I was even more surprised when I discovered all of them involved an equally youthful Emily. Evidentially, Emily was a porno addict and from the looks of things, an aspiring porno actress. To say I was shocked, would be an understatement. Emily had a secret past that no one but me knew about.

I called Emily up and told her what I had discovered on her tablet. She didn’t deny any of her past indiscretions, and in fact, she confided in me that she still had unfulfilled desires. Damn.

I promised to keep her secrets and return the tablet the following day. Then, I screwed up. I left the tablet on the coffee table. I had gone out grocery shopping and when I returned, I found Rick watching one of the videos on the tablet. I was pissed.

“What the hell are you doing?” I asked.

He quickly tried to hide the tablet, but it was too late.

“Who owns this tablet?” Rick asked.

“It belongs to one of the ladies in our group,” I said. “She asked me to figure out a way to clean it up. Why?”

Rick played dumb.

“I was just curious,” he replied, “I’ve never seen it in the house before.”

I wanted to grab it from him and hit him over the head with it, but then I knew that if I did that, I might break it. Rick handed me the tablet and said I should probably keep it out the reach of the kids since it was not our tablet and, “there’s no telling what might be on it.”

Rick and I had an on-again and off-again relationship. I secretly fixed him up with one of my housewife friends, who had designs on him anyway, without him knowing it and he had taken full advantage of the opportunity to hook up with her. I should have cared, but I didn’t. All I cared about was him being at home when I needed him to be and paying the bills.

I had to tell Emily that I had caught Rick looking at her videos.

“Your Rick?” Emily asked.

“Yeah,” I replied, “My Rick.”

Emily was surprised, as she thought Rick and I had an airtight marriage. I had to tell her it was not as airtight as it appeared. She saw a photo of Rick and me on our mantle.

“But he’s such a good-looking guy,” Emily said.

“I know,” I replied. “But he’s got issues.”

“Issues?” Emily inquired. “Every guy has issues.”

“Yeah,” I replied. Emily remained quiet for a few seconds.

“Do you still want to do the orgy thingy?” she asked. I said that I did, even though I had some serious hesitations.

Emily reminded me that she would be right there with me, making sure nothing untoward happened. It was the untoward I feared, it was someone finding out about it.

“Well,” Emily said, “Just don’t leave your tablet sitting around where Rick will find it.”

On that, I readily agreed. Suddenly, I got a wild, hair-brained idea. I asked Emily if she had ever cheated on her husband.

“No,” she replied.

Then I asked her that if given the opportunity, would she?

“It would depend on who it was with,” she replied. I chuckled because I knew she was not quite the stay-at-home duty-bound wife that she pretended to be. In fact, none of the McKinney housewives would turn out to be saints, as I would soon discover.

“What if,” I pressed, “What if Rick wanted to fuck you? Would you fuck him?”

My question caught Emily off guard.

“Would you let him?” she asked.

“Sure,” I replied. “As long as he comes home and pays the bills, I don’t care who he fucks.”

I could tell my revelation and openness was a small shock to Emily. She pressed her cheek into the palm of her hand and stayed silent, mulling things over in her head, no doubt.

“He’s a good fuck when he wants to be,” I declared. “I can set it up if you’re interested.”

Emily sat back in her seat and cocked her head sideways.

“I’m OK with it if you are,” she replied.

“OK,” I said, “But you have to let me film it.”

We talked about how to set up a camera to record the illicit activity. Emily had a tiny camera embedded in a blank CD cover that she said could transmit a signal. We were set. I asked her to come by the house on Saturday morning and to wear something slutty and sexy. She laughed and replied,

“I don’t have anything slutty, but sexy, I can pull that off easily.”

On Saturday morning, I asked Rick to take the kids to his parents for the weekend so we could have Saturday afternoons to ourselves. He quickly agreed and took off with the kids to drop them at his parent’s house. While he was gone, Emily showed up and we stashed her video-transiting-CD-cover on the dresser in Rick and I’s bedroom.

Emily was dressed to kill in skin-tight brown leotards and a tight-fitting t-shirt, with no bra, the standard wear of McKinney Moms everywhere. We waited on Rick to arrive.

Rick sauntered back into the house and was surprised to see we had a guest. I introduced him to Emily. I could tell immediately that Rick seemed to recognize her.

“Have we met before?” Rick asked, noting, “You look familiar.”

Emily mentioned the Country Club and some other social clubs, but Rick kept replying, “No, not there.”

I couldn’t tell if he was being serious or playing around, trying to find a way to discreetly admit he knew of her past.

“I’ve done a few small-time movies back in college,” Emily said, proffering a very pronounced wink.

Rick named off the community college and university that he had attended, but Emily said she didn’t attend the schools.

Emily took the tablet that was on the table and said she had some movies on it that she could show him. Suddenly, Rick put two and two together and realized that the girl in the porno movies on the tablet was Emily.

“That’s OK,” Rick quickly replied, “It doesn’t really matter, I’m sure I’ll figure it out sooner or later.”

At that point, I told Rick that I needed to go up to the corner store, to get a few things for dinner. Emily said she needed to go, but I pressed her to stick around and to join Rick and me for dinner. She hesitated and said she didn’t want to be an intrusion on our weekend plans.

“There’s no intrusion,” I said in response. I took Emily’s hand in mine and asked her to stick around. “Give me about twenty or thirty minutes to go and grab a few things.”

“Do you want me to go with you?” Emily asked.

“No,” I replied. “You can just hang out here with Rick. I won’t be long, I promise.”

I grabbed my purse and my car keys and darted out of the house, with no intention of coming back for a few hours. Emily and I had already discussed the plan, so I proffered a wink in her direction and said, “Y’all try and behave.”

Rick simply rolled his eyes. I knew and he knew that misbehaving was something that came all too natural for him.

I came back several hours later and just like before, I found Rick passed out and asleep on the bed. Emily was gone and so was the CD cover we had planted on the dresser drawer. I fixed up dinner and woke Rick up. He apologized and said he had needed to take a nap. He asked about Emily.

I kidded Rick and teasingly scolded him for being a terrible host. Rick said that Emily had left and proffered an apology because she had forgotten about a prior commitment. Rick was good at covering his tracks.

Emily invited me over on Sunday. She played the video of her sexual tryst with Rick. I will have to admit, it was a little hard watching my husband fucking another woman, but then I couldn’t complain because I had set it up and knew it would happen.

Rick was such a horndog. Twice now, when left to his own devices, he had taken the opportunity to fuck around on me. I was now feeling less and less guilty about my own sexual discretion and for the first time, in a long time, I was now ready to experience my first orgy.

Emily smiled and said she too was looking forward to it.

“This,” she said with a grin, “was going to be epic.”

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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