Lack of trust between you and your partner can become dangerous if ignored.

You know that feeling when your head is spinning around and around on a merry-go-round? Have you experienced this with your partner, too?

All you want is for your relationship to be easygoing, but it really does not seem to go that way, no matter how hard you try. The more you ask for things, the more your partner pulls back, causing relationship problems.

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And when you ask why they will not share your relationship on social media, their answers are usually ludicrous. You do not feel like you are really being that difficult.

But, right when you reach your limit, your partner reels you back in by having their best friend call you to get you back on their good side. You are wondering if this rollercoaster ride will ever end.

All of these things point to trust issues in your relationship. Trust in a relationship is so incredibly important. And if you really stop to think about it, it makes so much sense. If you don’t have trust, then what do you have? 

As much as you love the adrenaline rush, it is time for your relationship to sprout into something more sustainable for longevity. Here’s some relationship advice and 10 signs that mean you and your partner don’t trust each other.

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