Master’s Present – part 2
Innocentgirl29 & Your_Sir

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The next day…

I’m so excited about my lunch date with Olivia that I found it hard to sleep last night.  I woke up early this morning, before Master, which I almost never do.  I sleep in a large cage next to Master’s side of the bed, laying on a comfortable cushion and curled up with soft blankies.  I’m very content and warm in my cozy nest.  Without thinking I quietly unlatch my cage and crawl out before carefully climbing into Master’s bed.  I take a few moments to just kneel between his legs and stare at my wonderful, sleeping Master.  

He always sleeps naked and this morning he is only partially covered with a sheet and I’m almost drooling while staring at his wonderful, manly body.  Once again, I remind myself just how lucky I am that Master found me, collared me, trained me, and made me his very own.  Then I notice a bulge hiding under the sheet and my mouth begins to water.

“I see you are up early Kitten.  Excited about shopping for my birthday present I assume?” he asks. 

I freeze, startled and then fearful for being caught outside of my cage without permission.  

“Yes Sir!” I reply, waiting to see how he will respond.

“Your excitement has led you to leave your cage without permission.  What do you have to say for yourself?” he asks.

“I’m so sorry Master.” I exclaim while lowering my eyes and bowing between his legs so that I’m face-down, ass-up just the way he likes.

“Stay where you are and think about what you have done,” he tells me.

I feel him getting out of bed.  I cannot see anything as my face is buried in the sheets, but I hear him walk into the bathroom.  Soon I hear him relieving himself and the sound is mesmerizing to me.  My mind races with memories of the last time he pissed all over me in the shower and I can feel my pussy tingling.  After hearing him flush I next hear him brushing his teeth, going through his morning ablutions.


A sharp pain quickly follows the loud whack of Master’s favorite paddle.  Five more blows land in rapid succession on my bum.  They all hurt but the few that land on the bite spot from the night before REALLY get my attention.  It is a struggle, but I manage to not cry out in pain nor to move.  My body belongs to Master to do with as he wishes, no matter how painful.  

Next, I feel Master’s hands on my ass, caressing it tenderly.  Then I feel his lips as he begins kissing my rosy cheeks and I begin to melt.  I deserved my punishment and Master corrected me as he should.  But, now his aftercare is the best thing in the world.  His kisses move toward my rosebud and I can’t stifle a squeal when he pushes his tongue up inside my bum followed quickly by two fingers in my pussy.

When he begins finger-fucking my pussy hard while also tongue-fucking my bum my eyes roll back in my head and I float in ecstasy.  I quickly realize that I’m going to cum if I’m not careful and begin to fight it.  But goddam does it feel so fucking good and I’m afraid I’m losing the battle.  My body is screaming to cum and just as I am ready to give up the fight, to give into the pleasure, Master pulls away from me.  I teeter on the edge, if he just breathed on my pussy I would cum!

“Not yet Kitten.  I told you, no cumming until you’ve given me my present! he explains as I squirm in lust and need.

“I’m getting in the shower now.  Make my coffee and be ready for me when I am finished.” Master commands.

Soon I’m kneeling outside the shower.  I’m naked, just the way Master likes me in the morning, and my pussy is leaking down my leg.  Master finishes washing and turns off the water before grabbing his towel and drying himself.   Stepping out of the shower, Master stands in front of me.  As I do after every shower, I take his cock in my mouth and suck hard on it.  Then I do the same to his balls, making sure they are all clean.  Next, he turns around and I lick his ass crack, making sure to get every last drop of water.  Meanwhile, he has brushed his hair and beard.

“Kitten, you may dress me now.” He tells me.

I jump up from the floor and dash to the room as he follows me.  His clothes are laid out (I always do it the night before after asking him what he wishes to wear) and I take my time dressing him.  First his underwear and socks, then his white undershirt followed by his slacks and dress shirt.  Then I put his shoes on him and tie them carefully (I know I’ll be punished severely if one of his shoes comes untied during the day).  Finally, his only piece of jewelry, his watch; the gold and steel Rolex Submariner.

After snapping his watch into place, I kneel again at his feet and look him over.  My pussy vibrates again with how handsome he is and I once again marvel at my luck in having found him.

“Heel!” He commands and I crawl on all fours on his left side as he heads towards the door to the garage.  

At the door he bends down and scratches me behind the ears as if I were a puppy seeing him off.  We don’t really do pet-play much (beside the fact that I sleep in a dog crate) but he loves me seeing him off every morning like this.  Perhaps because we do not currently have an actual dog and Master is very much a dog-person.

I watch as he climbs into his Mercedes SL and puts the top down on this gorgeous spring morning, wishing I was going for a drive with him.  Of course, with my pussy dripping he would never let me sit on the leather seats!  And besides, I have my own plans today and it is time to get them started!

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