Tracy’s Dog sex toy became famous after a viral funny review by a client which was shared by thousands over social media.

Since then, the kinky sex toy, which has been dubbed a game-changer, has grown in popularity among couples and “solo players” buying it on Amazon.

For many women, having orgasms can take a while, but Tracy’s Dog allows women to “get there fast” as well as play with the intensity of the experience.

The vibrators are aimed at closing the orgasm gap after research shows that 54% of men experience one, while 28% of women get to climax.

Further statistics show that a whopping 80% of women don’t even orgasm from penetrative sex.

The Tracy’s Dog vibrator is a real game-changer

Tracy’s Dog brand started off with a focused niche on vibrators but since it became a social media sensation, it expanded beyond that.

It wants to eliminate the “pleasure taboo” around orgasms and increase the normality around climaxing.

The vibrator comes in a discrete package, which is made out of body safe silicone and features a waterproof design.

What’s even better is that it doesn’t require any batteries, but instead is charged via USB and ready to go in 60 minutes.

Tracy’s Dog vibrators can be purchased at a 20% discount during Black Friday, if you visit the link here.

It’s changed people’s sex lives and cured a person’s depression

The sex toy has been the top seller on Amazon which has brought the best sex life ever to 1 million women in just one year.

One customer review read: “I’ve never really had an orgasm, came close but never fully released. So I decided to give this a try and I have never orgasmed so much in my life.

“Thank me later, it helped me identify what I’m looking for and my tell-tell signs and if he isn’t doing me like this toy. Replace him.”

Another added: “This is a weapon. It cured my depression, I don’t go to therapy anymore. I was walking from side to side after I finished using this thing, you’ll feel like you just had the best sex appointment ever.

“Trust me, best believe you will never see me frown ever again. My life has completely changed, have a blessed day.”

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