We’ve seen a manner of sex trends go viral in recent months, from cockfishing to pegging.

But now as the decade draws to a close, dating experts have predicted the rise of one very naughty act.

The experts at Plenty of Fish have coined a number of dating trends to sum up the dating woes of British singletons.

Following a survey of over 1,000 British users on the dating app, a whopping 50% of people have claimed to be a victim of fleabagging.

But what is fleabagging? And when should singletons be wary of it?

Fleabagging is when someone constantly dates a person who is wrong for them.

According to the study, half of singles (50%) feel they have consistently dated the wrong person for them.

The survey also found this is more prevalent with women, with 63% admitting to be a victim of the act compared to just 38% of men.

Shannon Smith, Head of PR, Plenty of Fish, said: “Dating is changing, and our annual trends survey reflects what singles will and won’t accept from their partners.

“More than ever, singles feel empowered to have honest discussions about what behaviour is and isn’t acceptable, and are being open about the things they’re looking for.”

It might have happened to you at one point

So if you’ve been fleabagged, you’ve probably been a victim of cockfishing too.

Cockfishing is when someone misrepresents their assets to a potential date.

A cockfisher might use photo editing apps, a special lens, or even pose next to items which could make their penis looks significantly larger.

Although there are several studies revealing that women prefer an average-sized penis, it seems like some men can’t resist but to over-exaggerate its actual size sometimes.

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