The secret to being more charming (without being cheesy) is chivalry.

When was the last time you felt completely appreciated — the kind of appreciation that leaves no doubt about how fully gorgeous/handsome, talented, honored, respected and loved you are? The kind of appreciation that makes you tremble, even?

When was the last time you were so authentically charming that you caused someone to have a reaction like that?

As confident as you already feel, dating someone who makes you feel deeply appreciated is incredibly special, charming and arousing. And being able to appreciate someone authentically is a skill worth mastering.

That skill is called “chivalry” and in the past, it was solely the domain of gentleman. But today, anyone can be chivlarous, regardless of gender. All it takes is a little charm.

While the word “gentleman” might be a throwback term in this era of split the check, 50/50 gender equality, but there’s a secret that men like me know — chivalry works! That’s because charm, when it’s authentic (and it does have to be authentic!) is a wonderful way to make people feel appreciated.

Though some jaded folks accuse chivalrous guys of manipulation, hypocrisy, misogyny or worse, true modern gentlemen regularly practice the virtues of chivalry.

Small courtesies — holding the ;door for you, paying for dinner, sending you a handwritten thank you note, or hailing your cab — are just the beginning of our chivalrous repertoire. We work hard to match our acts of courtesy to your unique preferences; it’s a sign of our respect and interest in you ;— whether romantic, professional or casual, woman or man.

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