While most people think having a multiple orgasm is impossible, that’s where they’re wrong.

As part of our incredible Sexmas Advent Calendar with our friends at Ann Summers, we reveal how to reach the big-O not once, or twice, but more times.

According to the masterminds of the sex retailer, all it takes is a little bit more focus in bed.

While most people think foreplay is pointless, it’s actually not when it comes to achieving more pleasure.

Ann Summers told Daily Star Online: “Many people may like to claim that multiple orgasms are a myth but they’re just plain wrong.”

To achieve numerous orgasms in bed, focus more on foreplay and explore different erogenous zones to get you into multiple heaven.

Exercising your muscles ‘down there’ could also be advisable – as this will help you to be in more control during sex.

The kinky brand continued: “Vagina clenching toys such as Jiggle Balls are the perfect way to get that workout with a little extra pleasure…

“Plus they’ll help you in that quest to achieve the elusive multiple orgasm.”

You can check out Ann Summers’ guide on experiencing more than one orgasm.

Achieving multiple orgasms isn’t impossible

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If you want to take things further during foreplay, here’s how you can master the art of oral sex this season.

Ann Summers suggests building confidence in that department and communicating with your other half to understand whether you’re doing it right or wrong.

And we also shared why having a festive frolic improves your health.

Enjoying our Sexmas Advent Calendar? Why don’t you tune in tomorrow for the fifth day of Christmas!

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