Get ready for a throwback kind of Thursday, star signs.

Your daily love horoscope and tarot card reading for Thursday, December 12, 2019 is affected by the Sun in independence-loving Sagittarius as the Full Moon perfects at 12:12 a.m.

All zodiac signs start the day in openly communicative and sociable Gemini.

What does this mean for today’s horoscopes and how will all zodiac signs be affected?

These two planetary energies directly oppose one another on the ecliptic plane and mark the starting point of the upcoming 2020 lunar eclipse season.

Today we are all on Life Path 9, which is based on the wisdom you have learned from your previous relationship experiences.

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The number 9 has a very strong vibrational energy because it has the quality of other numbers inside of it. The number nine has the vibrational frequency that indicates that you have a very wise soul with an amazing amount of wisdom inside of you.

On days like today, it’s easy to be drawn to people with great ambition and drive because they are wholesomely authentic, encouraging you to do great things.

You have found out the type of person you are the most attracted to and you are not going to accept unhealthy relationships. Been there and done that. You don’t wish to ever experience feeling so inferior ever again. You have left your negative experiences in the past and you never, ever want to feel the way you have before.

You have finally figured out that you are worth more than what you have had before.

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