Amy had just had a terrible break up with their boyfriend of a couple of years so Maria and Laura who had suffered the same fate not too long ago thought getting away might help Amy. Marie and Laura had decided to take Amy to a bed and breakfast for some fun and help her forget.

Marie, who was from Canada, knew some bed and breakfasts in northern Canada.

Amy asked, “Is so dark there most of the time that time of year in Canada isn’t it?”

Marie replied,” Yes but who needs daylight to party.” Amy nodded and smiled at Marie.

The three of them looked at a list of a few of the places to stay and decided upon a place called The Candy Cane Bed and Breakfast.

With that the three of them packed their bags and headed out to have a few days of rest and relaxation.

They took a plane to Toronto having a few cocktails on the flight. They were hoping some drinks might help relax Amy.

Their plane landed on time in Toronto from there they took a small plane to the airport nearest their bed and breakfast.

They were greeted by a gentleman driving a sleigh named Wunorse. He was tall strong and locks of golden hair he wore in braids. As he walked towards them, they heard the faint sound of bells.

Amy whispered to Marie, “Things are looking up already.”

He helped them into the sleigh which was adorned with bells and big bright red bows.

Wunorse inquired, “You are Any, Marie and Laura, aren’t you?”

Laura said, “Yes we are.”

He then told them, “I am here to take you to the Candy Cane B&B.”

Laura asked him, “What is the idea of using a sleigh to take us there why not a car it’s freezing out here?”

He replied, “It’s not far and I have some warm blankets for you and some hot chocolate for the ride there and you will see the sleigh goes with the charm of the B&B. “

As promised the ride there was short and the hot chocolate and blankets kept them warm. The ride there was pleasant and as they grew closer the smell of smoke from the fireplace filled the air along with scent of the tall stands of pine. The path was lit by old fashioned lanterns leading the way to the B&B.

Upon arriving they were greeted at the door by a beautiful Asian woman.

She said, “Welcome to the Candy Cane bed and breakfast, my name is Mary but please call me Sugarplum as that is what everyone calls me.”

The three of them looked at each other and with a few snickers Laura finally said, “We will call Sugarplum if that is your wish.”

As they entered, they could see a blazing fire going and the B&B was decorated with the magic of the Christmas season, with wreaths, holly mistletoe and candy canes everywhere. The scent of fresh baked cookies filled the air. They all knew now what Wunorse meant by the charm of the B&B.

Sugarplum said, “I will be your Hostess for the next few days that you’re here I serve coffee at 6 a.m. and your breakfast will be ready for you at 8 a.m. sharp. I’d also like to let you know since this is the dead of winter, I will be also serving you for dinner if you desire it. I know that was not included and the price of staying here but as a courtesy I will do that for you no charge.”

The three of them responded almost in perfect unison to Sugarplum and with a big smile said, “That is most generous of you.”

Sugarplum picked up a menu and a rules sheet of the bed and breakfast and handed each one of them a copy.

Sugarplum then told them,” I will prepare a ham one night a roast beef another and from there you may pick and other item on the menu you would like.”

She continued on, “If you would rather there are a few bistros in town, but you must be careful if you go out this time of year because it’s very cold and we are expecting a severe snowstorm in a couple of days.”

The three of them read the rules sheet and the last line it in bold print it read (Better be nice and not naughty as Santa is watching).

Sugarplum took the three of them to their rooms so they could unpack.

She then said, “I have a nice bottle of wine and some fresh baked pie and cookies for you if you would like when you get done unpacking.”

The three of them unpacked their bags and gathered before heading back into the main room to share a glass of wine.

Amy said,” Did you read that last line to Marie and Laura?”

Marie replied, “Yes I thought that was pretty funny, but you better watch out Santa might be watching.”

They all went into the main room and had a glass of wine. Sugar plum then brought in a tray of chocolates, cookies and some slices of the fresh pie.

She said, “I make these myself I hope you find them to your liking.”

Laura tried the chocolate and exclaimed,” This is the best chocolate I’ve ever had in my life. It’s almost magical, I’ve never tasted anything quite like this.”

Amy and Marie then grabbed a piece of the chocolate and said,” You are right Laura this is the best thing I’ve ever had in my life.”

They all then tried the pie and had the same reaction. Sugarplums blushed for just a second at the compliments she was getting.

The three of them thanked her for the wine and wonderful chocolates and pies They decided it had been a long day of travel and time for a good night sleep and thanked her again for the warm welcome.

The smell of fresh brewed coffee woke up Amy first the next morning. She looked out her window and saw it was still dark, fumbling around the room looking for her phone to find out what time it is. She saw it was almost 8 a.m. in the morning and still no sun.

Within a few minutes the other two had woken and they who went to the kitchen to grab some coffee.

Sugar plum was there and greeted them with a smile. She then inquired, “Did you all sleep well?”

All three of them nodded in approval.

Sugarplum said, “Your breakfast will be ready in just a few moments.”

Sugarplum served them and they all gobbled their breakfast up as if they had not eaten in a month.

Laura said,” Your cooking is incredible Sugarplum this is some of the best breakfast I’ve ever had.” 

Sugarplum just smiled at her.

Sugarplum asked the three of them, “Do you have any plans for the day. Would you like me to give you some suggestions?”

Amy said, “Sure we would like that.”

She replied,” We have some interesting shops in town you might want to spend the day looking at some of those. We also have snowshoeing in the forest or possibly cross-country skiing depending on the weather.”

They all looked at each other and Marie spoke up,” Shopping sounds wonderful.”

She replied, “I will have Wunorse take you into town on the sleigh and I will warm up some blankets for you and send some hot chocolate along for the ride.”

Amy smiled and whispered into Laura’s ear, “Oh great I can’t wait to see him again.”

He was waiting outside on the sleigh and took them to the shops and then inquired, “What time would you like me to pick you up?”

Amy said, “How about three.”

Wunorse nodded and wrote down the time in his notebook and said, “I’ll be here promptly at three.”

The town was quaint and old fashioned in the architecture. The three of them spent the day in some of the most interesting shops that any of them had ever seen many of them just selling Christmas decorations Christmas trees and warm Christmas clothing.

Wunorse arrived promptly at three and took them back to the bed-and-breakfast as flakes of snow began to fall.

They arrived back at the B&B and as they entered the crackling fire felt good on their cold hands and bodies.

Laura says,” I’m going to go up and take a shower.”

Marie then added, “That sounds like a good idea I might take a bath.”

Amy nodding,” The bath sounds like a good idea to me.”

As they each entered their room there was a bottle of wine and some cheese along with some chocolates on their tables. She had also laid out heavy bath robes with the logo of the B&B on their beds.

There was also a note from Sugarplum that read (I had to run to the Market and grab a few items this should tide you over until I get back with your dinner.)

Amy ran her bath with steaming hot water, and she took the chocolates and cheese with her along with the wine to her bath. She nodded off in the bathtub a few times and she felt herself falling asleep, so she got out and put on the warm robe.

She looked out of her room I did not see a sign of the other two. She went downstairs and nobody was there, and then she heard a noise coming from Laura’s room.

Thinking to herself they must have a party going on in there, so she went into the Laura’s room. Much to her surprise as she entered the room when she saw was Laura lapping up Marie’s pussy. Standing there stunned in the doorway at what she was seeing.

Amy stood there for a few minutes and started tingling as she watched the two of them.

Amy was unable to move.  

 Laura noticed her standing there and said, “Please Amy come on in and shut the door.”

Amy stuttering, “But but but I didn’t know you two were lesbians.” 

They both looked at her at the same time and in unison reassured Amy, “We’re not we are bisexual.”

Maria and Laura set up at the edge of the bed and asked,” Amy have you ever been with another woman? 

“Amy replied, “Well no I have not.” 

Maria then remarked,” It’s high time you learned trust me this can be so much better than being with a guy.”

Amy thinking to herself what the hell I am on vacation.

They both walked to the doorway each one of them grabbing one of Amy’s hand and had her set on the bed. Marie started sliding Amy robe down exposing her perky breasts. Laura sitting at the other side of Amy turned to her and started kissing Amy. Each of them pulling themselves closer to each other.

Laura gently pushing Amy back on the bed as they continue to kiss. Maria got down on her knees and gently opened Amy legs and she was soaking wet. Maria started gently licking her pussy.

Maria took her finger started rubbing Amy’s clit as she was licking her. Amy legs opened wider and wider as Maria licked down to her ass.

Maria began sucking on her clit as Amy’s moans became louder even through the kissing with Laura. Amy grabbed Maria hair with one hand and the bed with the other as her back arched and her toes curled.

Amy almost screaming, “Maria oh Maria I am going to cum.” Biting her lip she then soaked Maria with her juices.

Maria looking up at Amy thru her legs and smiling and asked, “So Amy did you enjoy that?” 

Without saying a word Amy got up and had Maria stand as she went to her knees then said giggling, “My turn.”

Laura then interrupted, “Wait just a minute” She then slide underneath Amy and then began to suck on Amy’s pussy.

Amy never having been with a woman kept asking Maria. “Am I doing okay? “

Maria giving her a few pointers and responded by cumming on Amy.

Maria giggling then told Amy, “I think I just answered your question.”

They both stood up and had Laura lay on the bed and they took turns licking her until she came with a mighty orgasm.

The three of them spent the next hour taking turns kissing and making love to each other. All of them having multiple orgasms.

Laying exhausted on the bed Amy looked at Maria and Laura and told them, “That was the best sex I have ever had.”

Maria laughing and told Amy,” I told you it would be good!”

Laura looking at the clock said, “Oh shit look at the time we better get to the dinner table or Sugarplum will get mad at us.”

The three of them hastily got dressed and scurried to the dinner table.

Sugarplum was there and asked, “Did you have a fun day of shopping?”

Laura spoke up and replied,” Yes we did and sorry we are a bit late for dinner.”

Sugarplum said, “No worries I was a bit late getting home from the market, so your dinner is running a little late.”

Sugarplum brought out some wine and cheese and her homemade chocolates.

She then asked,” So do you three have any plans for tomorrow?”

Maria replied, “We were thinking of trying the snowshoeing as I used to do that all the time and it can be a lot of fun and great exercise.”

As Maria and Sugarplum told their stories to each other about their adventures show shoeing. (Maria made herself out to be an Olympic champion).

Amy whispered into Laura’s ear, “Do you think she heard us making love?”

Laura answered, “I don’t think so and if she did that is our business and not hers anyways.”

Sugar plum served them their dinner and as usual the three of them could not get over the food and how indescribable it was.

After dinner they all sat around the fireplace enjoying a glass of wine and some of Sugarplum’s chocolates. Enjoying their dinner and the wine they grew tired and thanked Sugarplum and then went off to bed.

They all got up the next morning excited about going out in the snow and trying snowshoeing. They went to go get their breakfast.

As they were eating Sugarplum told them,” I’m not sure about your adventure today going snowshoeing there’s a big storm coming in soon I could get pretty bad out there.”

She then said the only reason I am considering letting you go it is that you told me you were experienced Maria.”

Maria reassuring her, “We won’t go far so we’ll try it for just a little while.”

They all got ready and put on their warm jackets and were met outside by Wunorse.

He told them, “You have to be sure you stay on the trail I know she told you about the storm coming in but it can get pretty bad in a hurry up here so stay on the trail and it’s lit with lanterns.”

Nodding their heads Maria replied, “We will do that exactly that.”

The three of them started out on the trail and having a great time. As they went down the trail it started snowing heavily and the lanterns were getting harder to see.

Laura looked at Maria and commented,” I think we should turn around this is getting pretty heavy. “

Maria disagreed,” Don’t be such a pussy we can go a little further.”

They went down the trail a little further and suddenly, the snow started coming down hard it was a whiteout and now near impossible to see.

Amy getting worried told Maria, “Are you happy now?”

They all turned around and started heading back up the trail as they did Maria turned her ankle and slide down the hill.

Amy screamed,” Maria are you okay.”

Laura and Amy went down the hill to help Maria, but she could not walk. The lanterns were disappearing as a snow was becoming so heavy.

Amy said in a panicky voice, “Are we going to die out here we can’t see, and she can’t walk”

The three of them shivering panicked afraid and beginning to freeze. Tears came to their eyes. When suddenly, a red light could be seen in a distance and coming towards them.

Through the blizzard-like conditions Wunorse appeared.

He looked at the situation and picked up Maria and told them,” I can carry her to the sleigh is just around the corner you two wait here and I will back in just a minute.”

He then came back for the other two and helped them up the hill and to the sleigh.

He continued, “I will take you back to the B&B and get you some attention Maria and get you all warm.”

Sugarplum was waiting for them as they all came in the door and she had three fresh robes for them and said, “Get out of those clothes now and put these on.”

They all did exactly that and went and stood in front of the fire and helped Maria to a chair in front of the fire.

Maria looking up at Wunorse asked him,” How did you find us?”

He told all of them,” Well I am good at making things and had a tracker sewed into your jackets.”

The three of them snickered and Amy said, “Come on tell us the truth.”

He looked over at Sugarplum and said,” I think it’s time we told them our little secret.”

Sugarplum sighed and responded,” I guess you’re right.”

She walked over to the bookcase and pulled out an ancient looking book and blew the dust off it. She then opened a page of the book and walked over to the three of them.

Sugarplum said,” I have a couple pages I want you all to read.”

She laid the book open and pointed to the page that read.

Traditional Christmas Elves names and roles

Sugarplum Mary

Mary is said to originate from a faraway Asian province. She is tiny with dark hair and skin and awfully pretty.

Head of sweet treats, Mary is the most marvelous of cooks and is the top assistant to Mrs. Claus in the kitchen. Our Christmas Elf, Elfin adores her and learned most of his recipes from her. If Santa has ever brought you chocolates and other sweet treats Sugarplum Mary will be behind the original recipe.

She also teaches Kung Fu to the young elves every Friday afternoon. 

Sugarplum then pointed to the following page. 

Wunorse Openslae

One of the few old native Nordic Elves, Wunorse is in his middle years, around 600 years old. Akin to his Viking ancestors he is tall and strong with long blonde hair that he wears in thick braids. He wears dozens of tiny jingle bells sewn onto his clothes, so the enchanting sound of magic Christmas bells follows him everywhere.

In charge of the reindeer, Wunorse is also a true inventor and craftsman, and he always carries with him a pencil and notepad for doodling, sketching and dreaming up new inventions. It was him who long ago created Santa’s magic sleigh. 

The three of them looking confused.

Amy finally spoke up and asked Sugarplum, “You mean you are trying to tell us that you are Santa’s elves?”

Sugarplum told the three of them,” Yes we are and have been for centuries the sleigh you have been riding in is Santa’s magic sleigh.”

Laura said, “But there is no such thing as Santa.”

Sugarplum looked at Wunorse and smiled and said to them, “Santa lays within your heart and within everyone’s heart all you have to do is believe.”

Sugarplum went to the window and opened the blinds and they all saw the sleigh being pulled by nine reindeer and driven by a man in a red suit.

In the distance in could be heard,” Ho Ho Ho.”

I want to wish all the Lushies a Happy holiday season and take care of those in need if you can.








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