As she kissed me, Jake bent and took one of her nipples into his mouth, likely tasting more of my load that had dripped there, but Teri, breaking off our kiss, laughed and pushed him away. “Stop! God, you’re such a horndog – look at Little Jakey, all hard and ready to go again!” She looked at me. “Has he always been this horny?”

I laughed at her name for his dick, then shrugged. “Pretty much, I guess, ever since he was old enough to know what that thing was. His brain is in his crotch – but you know that already, of course.”

She laughed again. “I think you may be right. Come on, guys, let’s just sit and talk for a few minutes while we dry off, then we can get dressed.”

He looked down at “Little Jakey” in mock consternation. “Well, if you’re sure no one wants to suck this for me…”

She poked him in the ribs. “I don’t, but maybe later you can talk me into it – how about you, Heath?”

I was shocked. “What? Me? Umm, no, I think I’ll have to pass too, much as I appreciate the offer. Sorry, bud.”

When she let out a peal of laughter at my response, I realized she’d been yanking my chain too, knowing full well there was no chance, and I smiled weakly.

We sat on the picnic table again, with Teri in the middle, the three of us pressed close together against the cooling night air, our feet on the bench. I suppose it was not too sanitary or considerate to plunk our bare asses right where people might eventually be eating, but nobody worries about squirrels, birds, and other animals do their thing on it; besides, we’d all just had a good rinse in the lake.

She put an arm around each of us and pulled us closer, and I was very aware of her warm skin and the softness of her breast pressed against my ribs. I started to put my arm across her shoulders but Jake beat me to it, so instead I dropped my hand to her lower back, which had the benefit of allowing my fingers to explore the upper curve of her perfect ass cheeks and the small valley that dipped between them.

She sighed happily and nestled into us. “Mmm, this is nice. I’ve never had two handsome, naked men all to myself before.”

I laughed. “Seeing that we’re only seniors in high school, it’s not like you’ve been missing out all your life.”

She shrugged. “No, but I could get used to this. Don’t you think it’s nice?”

I did, of course; I wasn’t at all sure where it might be heading, or even what the repercussions might be in the immediate future, but I realized that I’d enjoyed it immensely, and that just being with her like this, even if it also included Jake, had made me as happy as I’d been in quite some time.

I turned and kissed her shoulder. “Yeah, Teri, it’s really nice. I didn’t expect anything like this when the evening began, but it was all amazing. Thank you – both of you.”

Jake cut in. “You don’t need to thank us, dude. We enjoyed it too. Sometimes you just go with what feels right, and it’s felt like something like this was coming for awhile now. Don’t you think?”

I didn’t think – I hadn’t sensed that at all, my mind too clouded with angst over my love of Teri and jealousy toward my best friend, but I didn’t want to admit that. I leaned forward to look at him, trying to formulate a reply, and saw that she had his erect cock in her hand and was slowly stroking it, something I hadn’t been aware of. It distracted me, and I laughed.

“Man, you and your perpetual boner! Teri is right, you are a horndog.” I was sitting there with my balls and flaccid cock dangling down over the edge of the table, but I knew it wouldn’t take a lot to get me up again either; the difference was that I’d only come once, where he was, as far as I knew, working up his fourth load of the evening!

He grinned. “You’re just jealous of my amazing abilities. Let Teri get that python of yours up again and we’ll have another go-round. That sound okay to you, babe?”

She wriggled happily and reached down to grab my cock. “Sure, it sounds great to me!”

Unfortunately, she’d no sooner wrapped her fingers around my dangling organ when a set of headlights pierced the darkness up the road at the turn-off to the lake as a car swung in by the gate. This time of night it was almost certain to be either the park ranger or the county sheriff, neither of which we were prepared to meet. A mad scramble for clothes ensued, all of us dashing about and yanking our shirts and pants on, foregoing underwear for the sake of time.

We knew we had a few seconds, because he would check out Jake’s car first, but it wouldn’t be long before he turned his spotlight into the picnic area. Teri had gotten her shirt on first and was just tugging her little shorts up to her hips when the picnic area lit up as his light found us. I’d done better, my skin dry and easier to pull clothes over, and Jake was behind me from the perspective of the patrol car as he finished zipping his pants. I felt him shove something into my hand, and realized it was my boxers, which I tucked into the back of my waistband and pulled my shirt tail over as he did the same with his Jockeys.

His loudspeaker crackled to life as he said, “You kids stay right there, don’t try to take off – I have your license plate number already called in.” He turned a bright flashlight on us as he doused his floodlight and began to amble our way, taking his sweet time.

As he drew closer, I spotted Teri’s tiny panties dangling from the end of the picnic table, and when he looked down to check his footing, I snatched them up and jammed them in my pocket.

He stopped about five feet in front of us and shined his light in our faces; as a result, we couldn’t make out who he was, but he knew us. “I know you guys; should you be out this late with a game tomorrow? Don’t you have a team curfew?”

I’d already about figured it out by his voice, but when he lowered the light and my eyes adjusted, they confirmed my suspicions; it was Officer Talbot, a Sheriff’s deputy who worked our games and sometimes escorted the team bus for away games. He was close to the team and a friend of our coach, so there was no point in lying to him.

I nodded. “Yes sir, we do, but we’re not doing anything, no drinking or anything like that. We’re just sort of hanging out, killing time. Too nervous to sleep, you know…”

He nodded, looking at each of us in turn. “Uh-huh, I see. I know who you are, Heath, and I know Jake, but I don’t think I’ve ever had the pleasure…” His eyes returned to Teri, and I saw them linger on her breasts, where her erect nipples stood proud in her damp t-shirt, which was wet-spotted by the streaks and drops of my cum that had remained on her skin when she’d so hurriedly pulled her shirt on.

She didn’t shrink from his gaze at all, instead boldly introducing herself. “I’m Teri Denton. I live in town now too, and I’m Jake’s girlfriend. And you are…?”

“Miss Denton, nice to meet you.” He’d replied directly to her breasts, but now managed to raise his eyes to her face. “I’m Deputy Rick Talbot, with the Montrose County Sheriff’s office.” His eyes returned to her stiff nipples, but then ran across her body, taking in all the wet stains on her shirt.

Luckily, her hair was still quite wet, so I figured he probably just assumed it had dripped water on her – and then it occurred to me that her wet hair opened a whole other can of worms. He almost immediately upended that can.

“Have you kids been swimming?”

Again, it would be futile to lie, and Jake responded, “Yes, sir. Out to the raft and back, just to burn off some nervous energy.”

He shook his head. “Skinny dipping, I assume?”

Teri blushed but giggled, answering him as Jake and I laughed nervously. “Yes sir, of course – and that water is getting dang cold!”

He laughed too. “Oh, to be so young and carefree again.” He looked her over again, his eyes drinking in her sexy body from head to toe. “Lucky boys – and you, Miss Denton, I hope you know what you’ve gotten yourself into; these two are quite a handful.”

“Yes, I’ve discovered that.” He missed her double-entendre completely, but she grinned irrepressibly. “I think I can handle them, but I appreciate the warning.”

He considered her more carefully this time, committing her to memory. “I’ll just bet you can. Look, kids, there’s a whole load of crap I can write you up for, from trespassing, to swimming with no lifeguard on duty, to lewd conduct – and that doesn’t even count informing your coach about where and when I found you. But we’re going to need you both tomorrow if we’re going to have a chance to beat Gunnison, so if you’ll get out of here, I’m inclined to pretend I never saw you – although I’ll clearly remember seeing you, young lady.”

She laughed at his awkward compliment, thanking him as we both breathed a sigh of relief. “The three of you go on now and get home – and try not to get into any more trouble, okay?”

We immediately agreed in full, and he turned to walk away as we looked around for anything we may have missed – like our shoes, none of which were on our feet.

Jake said, “Glad it was him and not some hard ass, we could have been in a lot of trouble.”

Teri shook her head. “Nah, not superstar jocks like you guys. You always catch the breaks.” She hesitated, looking after him as he walked away, then called out, “Hey, Officer Ricky!”

When he turned and lit us up with his flashlight, she promptly pulled up her t-shirt, giving him a good, long flash of her glorious tits. She even did a little shimmy, her breasts bouncing becomingly as she giggled. “Thanks for being such a nice guy!”

He stared, a big grin on his face, before replying, “You’re welcome, beautiful. Thanks for being so generous to an old, married cop!” Still smiling, he turned away again as she lowered her shirt, waving over his shoulder as he again admonished us to get home, safely and soon.

I was laughing, but Jake stared at her in shock. “I can’t believe you did that!”

“What? I was just buying us a little good will in case there’s ever a next time when we need a friendly cop. We can’t always rely on you being so indispensable for a game, can we?”

He finally saw the humor in it and laughed. “I suppose not. You sure made his day! C’mon, we better go before he changes his mind.”

Teri was looking around in the pale moonlight. “I don’t know where my underwear is.”

I did. “In my pocket.”

“Oh. Why?”

“Because I collect pre-owned girls’ panties – that, and they were laying in plain sight on the table when he was walking up to us.”

She laughed. “Don’t be gross… I guess I need to learn to keep better track of my panties, huh?”

Jake nodded. “There’s a thought – or I can keep track of them for you, especially while you’re in them.”

We’d been walking to the car as we bantered back and forth, and when we arrived, Jake opened the passenger door and began to crawl into the back seat. “I’m going to catch a quick nap, so you can drive again, bud.”

“Anyone ever tell you you’re a lazy fucker?” In truth, I was amazed that he’d apparently come twice without a nap in between.

“All the time. I can live with that.”

“If you’re planning on sleeping, I’m going to sit up front.” Teri sounded a little peeved, but he was more than agreeable.

“Good, then I can stretch out.”

We loaded up accordingly, and Officer Rick stayed and watched until we pulled away from the park, then followed us to the highway where we went in opposite directions. By that time Jake was already asleep and snoring softly. Teri looked back at him and laughed. “Is there such a thing as sex-induced narcolepsy?”

I grinned. “Apparently so, yes. He’s amazing, isn’t he?”

“I’m actually surprised he didn’t doze off halfway to shore while we were swimming.” As I laughed, she went on, “Don’t go straight home; drive around a little, let him sleep while we talk.”

I was okay with that; with Jake sleeping behind us it wasn’t exactly having her all to myself, but it was close. As I agreeably turned down a county road that I knew, one that went into the hills and wound around a little bit, Teri raised up from her seat and began to wriggle out of her shorts.

Startled but intrigued, I said, “What are you doing?”

“Taking my pants off.”

“Yeah, that I could see – but why?”

“Well, lets’ see… it’s either to flash you my pussy, or so that I can put my panties back on before I go home – if you’ll give them back to me. Which would you prefer?”


She laughed. “Fair enough – and I didn’t think you’d go there!” She leaned back against the door and put one foot on the dash and the other against the side of my seat back, her long legs spread wide and her sex on glorious display – if it hadn’t been so fucking dark!

I mean, if I could have stared and let my eyes adjust, I’m sure it would have been amazing, but flicking from the road to her crotch and back as I drove was simply frustrating. I ached to see every bit of what she was offering, and this wasn’t working at all!

Risking waking Jake – or hitting a deer or something because of reduced visibility – I turned on the dome light. With watching the road, I still couldn’t drink her in as I wanted to, but oh my, what I could see! She was so perfect, right down to her glistening wet pink pussy, lips spread and slightly swollen looking, the hair on her mound pale and sparse and just the merest trace outlining her sweet lips. She pulled her shirt up so that her breasts were also on display, and then ran her fingers lightly over her sex.

“You approve?”

“Teri, my god.”

“Is that good?”

“Yeah, that’s… you’re amazing. So beautiful and sexy.”

“And yet you didn’t want me.”

“What? That’s not true!” I wanted her deeply, in so many ways, not all of which revolved around sex, although that was a powerful pull at the moment. Again, I couldn’t tell her how I felt, that I loved her, ached for her, and wanted her for myself, so I stuck with the sexual connotation. “Of course I wanted you – my hard cock should have been ample evidence of that!”

She giggled. “It is ample, all right. If we had both worked on him, Jake would have let you fuck me.”

I nodded. “You’re probably right – and then he would have regretted it and it would be something we could never undo. I don’t know how to unfuck you.” She laughed, which had been my intent, to ease the tension. “Teri, he desperately, desperately didn’t want that to happen. I could see it in his eyes.”

“Are you always the good guy, Heath, or do you have some devil in you? I desperately wanted to feel you inside of me, but you bailed out so that you wouldn’t hurt your friend, even though you say you wanted me as much as I wanted you.”

It was far more complicated than that, but what could I say? “No, I’m not always the ‘good guy’, and turning away from you and diving in the lake was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but Jake is like a brother to me. I just couldn’t, Teri. I hope you’ll understand someday.”

I turned off the light, ashamed now for my thoughts as I ogled her while Jake slept.

We rode in silence for a minute or so, until she said, “I’m glad you are so honorable, Heath, even if I am still very horny for you. You know Jake better than anyone, so if you say we’d have hurt him so badly, I believe you, and I’d never want to hurt him. I’m glad you stopped things where you did.”

As she finished speaking, she reached out and took my right hand from the steering wheel and pulled it to her inner thigh, where her skin felt warm and smooth and perfect. I rubbed the backs of my fingers against her inner thigh, enjoying the way her soft skin felt, but the desire to touch her in a more personal way was too strong for me, and I slowly worked my way down the inner slope of her thigh until I was caressing her sex with the backs of my fingers.

She was hot and wet, and the soft, fleshy lips of her pussy bumped across my knuckles, sticking just slightly due to her moisture. She moaned as I softly petted her, pushing her hips forward in a silent demand for more. I turned my hand and ran my thumb over her sex, feeling the hard nub of her clit as I slid between her lips, and then her opening, slippery with need and the remains of Jake’s cum, and when I began to slowly enter her with my thumb she pushed forward, taking me as deeply into her as my thumb could go, her vulva pressed to my knuckles and the web of my hand. My cock ached with need, and when I felt her tighten herself on my thumb, squeezing it, I think I almost came in my pants.

I began to slowly fuck her with my thumb, Teri providing as much of the thrust as I was as she moved her body on me, and the penetration, coupled with the web of my thumb stretched against her clit, brought her to a sudden orgasm. I was so aroused that I was leaking madly and could feel the growing wet spot in my pants, well down my thigh where the tip of my cock was, but I was also so engrossed in the way she felt inside, and the fact that I could so easily make her come, that I really didn’t care if I unloaded in my pants by then.

She was breathing heavily and moaning as she brought herself to a second orgasm on my hand, but then she pulled away, my wet thumb sliding out of her as she reversed field, leaning over the console and clawing at my belt and zipper. The scent of her sex on my hand, still undoubtedly heavily influenced by last load of Jake’s semen inside of her, was intoxicating, clouding my mind. Still, I was driving a moving vehicle on a public roadway!

“Teri, what are you doing?”

“I need your cock.”

“Now, while I’m driving?”

“Yes, now – but relax. I know you won’t fuck me, but I am going to feel you in my mouth again, and make you come, like you did for me.”

”Oh. Well, that I’m pretty sure I can do!”

I tried to raise up as much as I could, and she unzipped and tugged at my pants until my cock sprang free, upright and throbbing. She immediately took me into her mouth – and not a moment too soon. I know she had me in her mouth less than a minute, her hand under my balls, gently squeezing and fondling, when the dam burst and I came huge, groaning at the intensity of it. I pumped and spurted uncontrollably, every muscle in my body involved in a massive orgasm as I slowed, trying to keep the car on the road.

She rode it and took all I had to offer, moaning with pleasure as I filled her mouth, her hands and lips encouraging me to give her all I had, which I eagerly did. She paused long enough to swallow before continuing to lick and suck me as the starch slowly went out of my cock, and when I was drooping to about half-staff, she let me slip free and sat up in her seat, leaving me dangling out of my pants.

I looked down at myself, and then at her, still bottomless, beautiful, and so fucking sexy! “You took it out, so you need to put it away.”

“Nah, I don’t do the putting away bit, I just take them out so I can admire them – and you are oh so admirable!”

“I wish I could return the favor.” That wasn’t a lie; I’d have had my mouth on her steamy pussy in a New York minute if I wasn’t driving the car.

“Me too! You’d do that, even knowing Jake came inside of me?”

“Yeah, I think I would. You’re just so damn beautiful and sexy…” I figured her swim would have taken care of most of it, and if not, I’d learn something new. “It seems like it’s only fair, considering.”

She smiled. “Did you enjoy that?”

“You couldn’t tell?”

She laughed. “Yeah, I kinda sense that you enjoyed it a whole lot.”

“Mm-hm; nothing gets past you, girl. Did he sleep through all that?”

She turned and looked over the seat at Jake. “Like a baby. I think I wore him out, which is good reason to have you along to bat cleanup – so to speak. I’m still disappointed that you didn’t want to fuck when we had the chance.”

“Teri, I desperately wanted to, more than I can tell you. It’s not that simple, though. I mean, Jake…”

She cut me off. “He’ll be okay with it, I promise. He just needs a little time to process the idea, but I think he’d love to share me with you. He told me that he loved seeing me suck you, out there on the raft. It really turned him on.”

“Seriously?” I was very surprised by his admission. “Yeah, well then, maybe. The only reason we just did what we did was because he was okay with it out there, but even just now I felt like we were cheating on him.”

She looked at me for a long several seconds, then said, “You don’t need to feel guilty. Watch…” She reached back and shook him, and when he began to make groggy, waking-up noises, she said, “Hey sweetie, since you were asleep and I was still horny, I let Heath play with my pussy and make me come – and then that made him so horny that I had to suck him off again.”

That seemed to wake him up. “What? Really?” He struggled to a sitting position. “You really did that?”

She giggled. “Sure did – come here, and I’ll show you!” She grabbed his hair and pulled him forward, locking lips with him in the direct line of sight I had in the rearview mirror. To my amazement, despite the fact that her mouth and lips still had to be slick and redolent with my cum, he didn’t pull away; instead, it looked like he shoved his tongue into her mouth, eagerly searching for evidence that her words were true!

They tongue-wrestled for a good long while, Jake not the least put off by the knowledge that I’d so recently spilled another load in the very mouth he was so eagerly exploring. With her leaning over the seat, kissing him, it put her ass and pussy in a very touchable position, and I couldn’t resist taking advantage.

She was warm and wet and perfect in every detail, from shape and scent to the feel of her soft, sensitive parts and the small sounds of arousal she made, and I loved every second of it. In case we never did anything like this again, I wanted to sear every moment with her, every sound, every scent, every sensation and every smallest detail about her I could into my memory.

She moaned into his mouth when I softly stroked her hard little button and pushed back against my hand when I slid two fingers into her. She moaned again when I teased her tight little star with a wet finger but didn’t object as I’d thought she might.

I’d been trying to get a bit of a rise out of her by doing something so taboo, see if they’d break the kiss, but it seemed that she might just welcome that intrusion, which opened up a whole new world of lewd thoughts; those caused my cock to reverse course and begin to rise from the dead, a surprising resurrection! When she moaned through a minor orgasm I throbbed with need,

As it turned out, we didn’t do anything more that night. We were all pretty much spent, and it was very late, so I dropped Teri off first – her house was closest – then myself, turning Jake’s car back over to him to drive himself home. As I got out in front of my house, he came around the car, and we stood close together for a moment by the open driver’s door. I’d turned off the ignition because his car is a little loud, and a gas hog.

He looked at me, looking up a little because we were so close. “I’m sorry I had to bail out on you, out there on the raft.”

I knew he was referring to stopping things before Teri and I had sex. “It’s okay, Jake. No harm done, and she is your girlfriend, after all. It was a little weird anyway, but I sure enjoyed what we did do.”

“You seemed pissed.”

“No. Disappointed, maybe, but I could tell how you felt.”

“Did you want to fuck her?”

I laughed. “How long have you known me? Of course I did, man; any guy would have, that’s just normal, but it’s okay. It was probably too much, too fast. I don’t want to screw up everything just for a few minutes of enjoyment.”

“And you would have enjoyed it, too; trust me.”

“That’s helpful, Jake, thanks.”

He laughed. “Hey, what are friends for, right?” He paused for a moment, and I waited; I knew he wanted to say something, but was struggling with it. Finally, he said, “She wanted you, too, you know. She was disappointed when you left and swam to shore.”

“I know, she told me. I explained why, same thing I told you.”

“She wanted your big dick in her.”

I shrugged. “She was just horny, Jake. We all say and do dumb shit if we’re horny enough.”

“I don’t blame her. I’d probably want it too… you know, if I was a woman.”

A little uncomfortable, I tried to make a joke out of it. “Now there’s a frightening thought to take to bed with me – you’d make a truly ugly woman, dude. I’m calling you if nightmares keep me awake tonight.”

He gave me a wan smile. “I’m sorry I chickened out. Maybe next time we’ll go all the way, the three of us. You and Teri both want to.”

“I won’t lie and say I don’t, but only if it’s right for all of us, and at least right now, it’s not for you. It’s gotta be something where all three of us are willing, or it just can’t happen. I don’t want to be the asshole that fucks over my best friend.”

He sighed. “I guess it’s good for me that you’re such a Boy Scout; at least I know I can trust you.”

I didn’t tell him what a fine and fragile line that trust was, how I’d wrestled with myself over my feelings for Teri, and how tempting it was to try to make a play for her, to take her from him, or even just to tell her my feelings, that I was hopelessly in love with her – despite whatever fallout might result.

“I hope you can trust me, bud. I like Teri a lot, but I don’t want to do anything that will hurt any of us. I think taking a leap like that if even one of us wasn’t ready would probably hurt all of us, don’t you?”

“I guess, sure. Thing is, I think I’d probably enjoy it too, the three of us doing stuff together. She’d love having the two of us focused totally on her, and imagining us all going at it together makes me really horny – plus, I think watching you and her would be hot, but I’m afraid I’d be so fucking jealous!”

“Of course you would. I get jealous of you and her all the time, what you have together, which is what had me so pissed when I was driving earlier.” It was as close as I’d come to revealing my feelings for Teri to him, but that’s not what he seemed to focus on.

“You were pissed when you were driving? When, just now?”

“No, earlier, after she blew you in the back seat – oh, that’s right; you fell asleep like you always do, so you never knew.” I couldn’t resist the jab.

I went on, “That’s how we wound up at the lake in the first place, I guess so Teri and me could sit and talk it out instead of me wrecking your car and killing us all, which I suppose is what she figured I was trying to do. She’s a pretty smart lady – I mean, you know, other than dating you.”

He nodded. “Yeah, fortunately she has a major blind spot there.”

I laughed. “For sure, and lucky for you. Anyhow, I should get in and let you get home. You think about it and decide how far you want to let things go, but don’t let either of us – and by that, I mean Teri, specifically – pressure you into something you’ll regret.”

“Is that advice from Saint Heath?”

“Jeez, Jake; if anyone on earth knows I’m no saint, it’s you. For the record, I’m a hundred percent on board for some serious naked time together with her… and you, if necessary.” I shoved him affectionately as I said that, to soften it, but in truth it was how I felt at the time. “But anyway, whatever happens, happens; it doesn’t change our friendship.”

“Thanks.” As he was climbing into his car, he paused. “Hey, try not to dream about any big, muscular women with a strange resemblance to me ravaging your bod’, okay?”

I mock-shuddered. “Ugh – but thanks for the advice, I’m sure it will prove helpful. See ya tomorrow?”

“Sure. Goodnight, bud.”




As things turned out, Jake eventually relented; whether Teri talked him into it or his own curiosity and desires changed his mind I was never sure, but less than two months after that fateful night at the lake I entered her for the first time. We’d done a considerable amount of sex play by then, the three of us, in addition to whatever the two of them were doing together – and since I certainly never felt undersexed during that period, I can only imagine how the two of them felt!

But while I was the happy recipient of many a blowjob or handjob from the woman I loved, and I’d rained down significant quantities of semen on various parts of her body as well as in her mouth, we’d still never crossed that final line. Until a memorable Thursday afternoon at her parents’ house.

Teri’s dad was in marketing of some sort and traveled frequently, often gone from early Monday until late on Friday, and her mom was a loan officer at a bank and worked until five every afternoon; this gave us free use of her home – and her bedroom – every day after school. As seniors, we had favorable schedules; mine and Teri’s final classes ended at 1:20 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, while Jake’s ended at 2:15, still allowing us plenty of time to play, although some days Jake and I had to hurry back for practice for whatever sport was in season.

The other three days we all got out around three, but even then, with less time, we sometimes hurried to her place with very specific intent. If we were lethargic at practice I suspect our coaches had a pretty good idea why, since they all knew Teri.

On the Thursday in question, we’d been in bed for awhile; I’d eaten her pussy, something I’d grown to thoroughly enjoy, while she sucked Jake, bringing her to two shuddering orgasms (a cock in her mouth always made her very hot, a fun discovery!) and after he’d shot a load down her throat we swapped positions so that she could suck my hard, aching cock.

She came again on his face as she sucked me, and by then Jake was hard again and entered her from behind while she was still at it. He loved watching her suck cock, and when I filled her mouth just a few minutes after he’d entered her, he shot his second load soon after, deep in her pussy.

We all flopped together after that for a while, recuperating, Teri between me and Jake, face down, her long hair across our shoulders and necks. Before too long, she began to fondle me, squeezing my balls and gently stroking my semi-flaccid cock. She turned her head and we engaged in some heavy kissing as she began to work life back into me, and I could taste the musky combination of his and my cum in her mouth, something which by then was becoming quite familiar.

I rolled on my side so that I could stroke and caress her back and ass, and before too long my fingers were toying with her cum-filled pussy, the slippery, viscous feel of which never failed to arouse me. She pushed me back so that I was flat on my back again and then swung a leg over me. I had to retract my fingers, but when she mounted me and began to slide her dripping pussy against my hardening cock, grinding herself against my shaft, I decided quickly that it was a far better use of her wet sex.

Jake propped himself up on one elbow so that he could watch her rub her hard clit against the thumb-thick ridge on the underside of my cock – like me, no doubt enjoying the sight of my cock disappearing each time she slid forward, and then reappearing, slathered and glistening in the combination of his cum and her pussy juices each time she moved back, sliding along the length of my cock each time.

It didn’t take long for me to get fully engorged and hard as a rock, nor did it take her long to come as she rubbed her hard, sensitive clit on me, and Jake played with her nipples as she came, tugging and flicking them.

When she began to come down from her orgasm, he said, “Raise up for a minute.”

She opened her eyes and looked at him. “What?”

“Raise up for a sec’, off Heath’s dick.”

When she grasped what he was asking, she lifted herself off me, straightening up to a kneeling position. When she did, he reached in and grabbed my hard cock, holding me upright and rubbing the head of my cock between her dripping lips.

“Okay, now you can come back down.”

I could see and she could feel the head of my cock between her lips, prodding at her opening, and we both knew what he was doing. She paused. “Baby, are you sure?”

I wanted to ask the same, but didn’t say anything; I just watched them.

He nodded. “Very sure. It’s time, and I know you both want to. Go ahead, take it; I want to see my two favorite people enjoying each other like this.”

Teri, horny as usual, needed no further encouragement; nor did I. She slowly lowered herself onto me, and I felt the head of my cock stretch her open and slide into her silken heat, gliding easily in the slick cocktail of sex juices that continued to leak from her. She slowly rode me all the way down, taking me fully inside of her, eyes closed, biting her lower lip as she impaled herself on my rigid cock.

I groaned in pleasure at the intense sensations her tight, wet heat created on me, and she uttered a guttural, “Ohh, my fucking god!” as I went deep.

Time seemed to stand still for a moment then, Teri breathing heavily as she opened her eyes and looked down into mine. Sheened in sweat, her nipples jutting, her eyes smoking with arousal and her face flushed, she was as always the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, and I still hold that image to this day. The fact that her pussy was snugly encasing every bit of my cock, her ass pressed to my balls, was just the icing on a perfect cake.

Nobody spoke a word until she turned her eyes on Jake, at which point she said, “God, he feels so fucking big. You were right, it feels amazing.” As she spoke, she began to slowly move her hips, fucking herself on my cock.

He leaned in and stretched up to kiss her, and I felt his cock, hot and hard against my side as he did. As their lips parted, he asked, “Does it feel good in you?”

“It’s wonderful… it’s a good thing you went first though, because we sure needed all that extra special lubrication you made.” She laughed as she said it, and I snorted back a laugh of my own, amused by her bawdy boldness.

He grinned. “Hey, glad I could help! How’s that feel for you, bud?”

“Tight, hot, perfect, amazing – and yes, incredibly sloppy wet thanks to you, but even that feels amazing right now.” I groaned as she rode down on me and pumped her hips, working my length to touch all the right places inside of her as their fluids dribbled down over my balls. She brought herself to a shuddering orgasm in this way, and I held her hips and bucked upward into her as she came.

No longer able to remain merely a bystander/voyeur, Jake stood up and, straddling my chest, guided his stiff cock to her lips. She took him eagerly, continuing to ride my cock as she did, and it left me in the position of having to decide whether I wanted to look up at Teri’s beautiful tits and Jake’s ass pumping, his balls swinging as his cock slid in and out of her mouth, or at Teri’s tight pussy riding my cock, my shaft glistening with cum.

In the end I did both, enjoying sort of a split-screen porno in which I was one of the star players. I was especially intrigued with the way her pussy stretched so tightly around the base of my shaft when she rode all the way down, and I wondered if and how I felt different to her compared to Jake’s shorter and more slender endowment – not that I would ever dream of asking her, and especially not in his presence! She felt incredible on me, and that was all I really needed to know.

The other fascinating thing to watch was the reactions of Jake’s body when he began to come. I heard him groan and felt his heels dig into my sides where he stood across me just as he announced he was going to come. His balls drew up tight on each side of his shaft like miniature outriggers on a boat, and then the portion of his shaft that I could see and the smooth area right behind his balls began to flex, tensing and relaxing rhythmically with each spurt of cum he fired through it and into her mouth, again and again as he grunted and thrust.

I’d never seen anyone come from that angle before, and I had to admit that it was a very erotic sight, perhaps because I knew exactly what he was feeling as he emptied himself. When the spasms relented and then stopped, he slipped slowly out of her mouth, his rubbery, semi-hard cock wet and drooping as I watched Teri’s throat work, swallowing his load.

Watching her pussy squeeze my cock again, I saw and felt a wet drop land on my stomach a few inches above my navel and looked up just in time to see another long, stringy droplet of cum break loose from the tip of Jake’s dangling dick and land on me.

I slapped his calf. “Dude, you’re dripping cum on me!”

He laughed and reached down to shake his semi-hard cock, dropping another gob on me. “Funny you bitch about that, yet you didn’t hesitate for a second sliding your horse cock into a whole pool of it.”

That was a tough point to argue with, but habit demanded that I try. “Yeah, well, that’s… Okay, that’s true, but shut up.” Not my best debate tactic, so I pushed him and he fell over onto the bed, still laughing.

As Teri began to once again slide up and down, riding the length of my cock, he righted himself. Propping himself on one elbow where he could look down at me and at where she and I were joined, as well as suck her erect nipple on that side, he reached behind her and began to caress her ass. His fingers occasionally grazed my shaft, slick with their juices, as he touched her.

He fondled my balls briefly, finding them slathered with his own cum that our coupling had forced out of her, and when he began to tickle and explore Teri’s tight little rosebud with one of those slippery fingers, she gasped. “Jake, stop!”

He grinned. “Feel good?”

She moaned softly, wiggling on me. “Kinda, yes, but… Ohh!”

I felt her jump, and asked, “Are you okay?”

She giggled. “Yes, but he just put his finger in my butt! Jake, stop that!”

“Admit it, it feels good, doesn’t it? Can you feel when I wiggle it?”

“Ohh, Jake, god! You perv!”

“How about when I shove it in deeper?”

I felt her tense again as he thrust his finger into her. “Ohh, oh, god, Jake! Ohh, I think I’m gonna cum…”

With his middle finger up her ass, his other fingers rode her pussy on either side of my cock, straddling my shaft. I was very aware of him squeezing me between his fingers, stroking up and down my hard shaft with her movements as she continued to impale herself on both of us, eagerly riding his finger and my cock to a massive, wrenching, very noisy orgasm.

It all proved too much for me, and as she moaned and cried out her pleasure, I reached my tipping point. We hadn’t discussed whether I was to come inside of her or not, but now it no longer mattered as it was too late. I groaned and thrust deep, unleashing a long, intense, near-painful first spurt of cum, immediately followed by another and another, my cock madly pumping and spasming as I emptied myself into her; it was a strange but very intense and very memorable “first time” for us, and it would prove to be the first of many.

After, when I’d pumped myself dry and she’d squeezed the last wave of pleasure from her orgasm, she collapsed on top of me, her breasts crushed to my chest. Our bodies slick with sweat and cum, the three of us lay together, satiated and exhausted, my cock still inside of her and Jake’s finger still in her ass. I could feel that I was slowly going limp, allowing a substantial quantity of cum to escape and run down over his fingers and my balls, and when I eventually slithered out of her the sensation of loss caused a small spasm in her body, accompanied by a tired moan.

She moaned again as Jake slowly withdrew his finger, then sighed contentedly, her head on my chest as she closed her eyes. Oddly, rather than withdrawing his hand, Jake moved it down only enough to lay his palm over my limp, spent cock, his fingers curling under my balls as he gently cupped me. It wasn’t unpleasant, nor particularly intrusive, and when I didn’t say anything he went all Jake-like and slowly dozed off.

When I heard his breathing become deep and even, announcing his slumber, I grinned and was about to make some snide comment to Teri when I realized that she, too, had drifted off. I could feel that same lethargy closing in on me, and, trapped under her soft, warm body and against Jake as I was, it was easy to give in to it and slide into sleep.

I awoke with a start sometime later, disoriented at first and with no idea how much time had passed, suddenly remembering where we were, and that Teri’s mother might be home any time. I checked the bedside alarm clock and was relieved to see that only perhaps fifteen minutes had passed, and that we still had over an hour before her mom would arrive.

As we’d dozed, Teri had slid off me and was now against my right side, one long leg across my middle and her head on my shoulder. Jake was on my opposite side, his hand still softly cupping my junk, and I became very aware of his cock, once again astonishingly hard and erect, hot against my skin. Whatever he was dreaming apparently involved sex, because he moaned softly as he moved his hips, grinding his cock against my hip.

I enjoyed the feel of Teri’s warm body against me, and her scent, which was fresh feminine sex sweat, arousal, cum, and whatever that sexy-scented shampoo she used was. She felt amazing, and sexy, and so very right, and I selfishly wished it was just the two of us in that bed. It wasn’t, of course.

As for Jake… well, there was nothing painful or unpleasant about his naked body against mine, but with him rubbing his hard, aroused cock on me and my own cock and balls resting in his hand, we were deeply into a type of intimacy that we’d never shared, never discussed, never even hinted at beyond one very brief experimental thing shortly after we’d turned sixteen. After that we’d never brought it up again, and it wasn’t something I’d ever again sought, or even expected, My first instinct was to pull away quickly, perhaps even tossing out some kind of rebuke.

On the other hand, he’d shared Teri with me, which, even though she wanted it, was incredibly generous and open-minded of him. In addition, he’d initiated the contact between us, and although I’d never responded in-kind, I could sense that he’d be open to it, likely even welcome it.

That wasn’t something I could do, however; it was just too far outside of my comfort zone and too far from the person I believed myself to be, but I also couldn’t bring myself to push him away or denigrate him in any way. Nobody in my life was closer to me than Jake, and despite my discomfort with the situation and my lack of interest in pursuing it, I wouldn’t hurt him intentionally.

Instead I took a gentler approach, speaking softly and addressing my words to both of them. “Hey, guys? C’mon, you guys, wake up, nap time is over. Teri’s mom is going to be home soon, and we sure don’t need her to catch us like this!”

Jake roused just enough to thrust his cock against my hip even harder, humping against me, and to move his hand from cupping my package to a firm grip around my cock, which he began to slowly stroke, playing with my foreskin as he groaned, “I’m still too tired… need more sleep.”

Teri merely moaned and shifted on me, sliding her hand down to my crotch as well. When she found my cock occupied with him stroking me, she didn’t seem to find it as odd as I did and moved instead to slide her hand beneath my wet, sweaty, cum-slathered balls, which she began to gently fondle. As they both played with me I felt the inevitable response begin, the tingles in my groin as my cock hardened and thickened, lengthening in his hand; I didn’t want that, not now, not in Jake’s grip, so I sat up.

“C’mon, you two, we don’t have time for another round! We need to get cleaned up, get these sheets changed, and air out this room – it probably smells like there was an orgy in here if anyone was to walk in.”

Jake laughed. “Been to a lot of orgies, have you?”

That got a soft laugh from Teri, and I had to grin too. “No, this is my first – and I said probably. But just because we’re used to it and can’t smell it doesn’t mean it doesn’t reek of sex in here. I mean, you know, it must! We’re a mess.”

Teri released my balls and sat up, looking at her hand. “You’re all sticky and gooey.”

“I know, so are you – kind of my point.”

She sniffed her wet, cum soaked hand. “Whew, and you’re right! Cum and testosterone are a potent combo, especially when mixed with sweat and pussy. C-mon, let’s all grab a shower together.”

That sounded great to me, and I eagerly trailed her into the bathroom, admiring the incredible rear-view of her naked body as my cum slid down her leg, hoping that maybe Jake would return to his nap; alas, it was not to be. Apparently, the prospect of sharing a shower with a wet, naked Teri (and perhaps a wet naked me, although I didn’t want to follow that train of thought) appealed, and had him out of bed and following us in no time.

Their shower would have been cozy for two, but was crowded for three, so we spent a good deal of time touching, fondling, and rubbing our soapy bodies together. Inhibitions were seemingly left outside, at least initially and when he kneeled and took my cock into his mouth briefly I just rested my hand on his head and watched, torn between being somewhat repulsed and wishing I had the courage just enjoy it, or maybe even do the same for him.

When I neither encouraged nor rejected him he seemed to become self-conscious and stopped suddenly, blushing and turning away as he rose to his feet. Feeling bad, I put my arm over his shoulders, his neck in the crook of my elbow, and pulled him back against me. We’d hugged before, of course, when we’d win a game or one of us would make a great play, and once when his grandmother died, but never naked, and never with my balls and hard cock nestled in the hard valley of his muscular ass and extending up his spine to the small of his back.

I quietly whispered, “It’s okay,”and then simply held him until he put his hand up on my elbow, resting his chin on my forearm for a moment. I felt the tension go out of him as he realized that I hadn’t rejected him, merely run up against a personal boundary; the issue was me, not him, and I needed him to know that

I caught Teri looking at me, a small, soft smile on her lips and her head cocked to one side as she too realized what I was telling him. The moment had been fraught with the potential for pain and alienation, but it felt like we’d come through it okay.

After that, dangly and non-dangly bits got plenty of attention, fingers explored every available crevice and orifice, and by the time we were clean and fresh we were all recharged by our play and ready for another round. Teri was willing – in fact, she was the one pushing for more – but both Jake and I, though hard and ready, were wary of the clock, not wanting to get caught by her mother.

We got dry and dressed quickly and then helped Teri strip and remake her bed and get a load of towels and sheets into the washer and were standing in the kitchen casually chatting when Mrs. Denton got home. She greeted us – me warmly, Jake somewhat less so; Teri had told us that she liked me and thought I was a perfect gentleman but felt that Jake was somewhat of a rogue. He’d been hurt until she explained that if I was her boyfriend and he was merely the “other” friend, her mother’s feelings toward us would have been reversed. Luckily, she had no clue about my new role in the relationship!

We chatted politely for a few minutes before she told Teri that she had some paperwork to do and headed to the back, toward her home office, Teri assuring her that she’d go grab a bite with us and bring something home for her later, and to ignore the laundry, something else she’d handle when she got home. She kissed her daughter gratefully on the cheek and we went our separate ways.

The rest of the evening was uneventful, except that I think we all sensed a seismic shift in the way we related to each other, our afternoon of virtually no-holds-barred sex changing our relationship irreversibly. We touched and stroked and fondled throughout the evening, Jake and I revolving around her and Teri eagerly accepting our attentions.

It was an entirely new paradigm, one for which many details would have to either be worked out or eventually work themselves out. I was unsure exactly what my standing was in the relationship, and how it had changed, but it slowly became clear that Jake and Teri were still the committed couple and me the friend, albeit now a friend with full benefits; glorious, exciting, arousing and sometimes confusing benefits, but at that moment, happier than I’d been in a long time, I was not about to question anything.


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