Love was made to be free but all things come with a cost.

Your daily love horoscope is here with astrological predictions for all zodiac signs on Friday, December 27, 2019.

All zodiac signs will gain insight into their love and relationships this entire weekend. In fact, the energy of the Capricorn solar eclipse involving the Moon and Sun at the South node will continue to impact all zodiac signs for the next six months.

What does today’s astrology forecast mean for the zodiac signs’ love horoscopes?

The last eclipse of 2019 brings together the past, the present, and the future. For many zodiac signs, the past involves hurts and negative mindsets related to love that need to be broken so that new ways of thinking can come in and set the heart free.

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The Moon remains in the sign of Capricorn until this evening, and it continues to be in conjunction with Saturn. Saturn and Pluto symbolize our external environment. It’s time to look at the false beliefs about your love life that you may have bought into. For example, do you tell yourself you’re too broken to love or that you don’t deserve to be with someone out of fear?

Then, this weekend you will discover how this mindset holds you back from what you really desire: a relationship that is healthy and built upon true love. What keeps you from believing this can come up for you and help you to see what you need to do to break free from this restrictive belief.

Venus is in the sign of Aquarius. Venus is our planet of love and partnership. During the eclipse, Venus communicated with the Sun, and now she’s in conversation with wise Saturn and chaotic Uranus. She’s encouraging the ego to take a break and to allow the spirit to speak directly into all zodiac sign’s hearts, again to break free.

The Sun is in conjunction with the Moon while the Moon is in conjunction with the lucky planet, Jupiter, also in Capricorn. This time, in love and relationships, it may be complicated.

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