It’s not easy to tell the difference.

When you are seeking good relationship advice, it is when you are in a state of confusion or upset…or both!

Being part of a couple is wonderful but not without its challenges. When you need clarity on how to have a healthy relationship and want solutions, who do you turn to?

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More than often, couples will argue, it’s inevitable. And when arguments occur, many women turn to their trusted girlfriends for relationship advice. This is both good and bad.

Girlfriends have your best interest at heart. At least we would think so, right? But they could also be stuck in the same relationship problems that you are in.

Albert Einstein said you can’t solve a problem from the consciousness from which it was created.

The last time I had a “best friend” was in my 30’s. It was so wonderful to have that one very special girlfriend in my life. We met every Saturday morning for coffee. Do you know what we would do while we sat in the café and drank coffee?

We would complain about our husbands. We felt connected in our misery. We focused on our plight. We expanded on the unfairness of it all. We definitely weren’t giving each other good relationship advice.

Beware of this happening. When you’re seeking good relationship advice and wanting clarity on what constitutes healthy relationships, not everyone you ask will have it.

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