It might be time to chat about exclusivity and commitment in a new relationship.

Are you wondering if the person you’re dating is ready for an exclusive commitment with you? It may be time to define your relationship (DTR).

With online sites and dating apps, there are so many nuances with modern-day dating that it’s hard to know when to DTR.

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There’s chatting online, which moves to text or phone calls, casual dating which can last a few dates or months, which develops into an exclusive relationship, and then finally comes a defined BF/GF status.

And you keep asking yourself, “Are we dating, exclusively?”

Exhausting, isn’t it?

With the multitude of dating advice available now, everyone has a different approach to dating — some put all of their eggs in one basket, while others date multiple people at a time. It can be confusing which relationship stage you’re in unless you talk about it directly.

An exclusivity talk or a conversation about commitment will ensure that you’re both on the same page.

Nothing feels worse than to invest your valuable time and energy into an emotionally unavailable partner.

Defining the relationship is going to be unique to each couple because it depends on what each partner is looking for and whether having an official title is important. The only rule is to never assume exclusivity, even when you’re sexually active.

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