Thank you, my readers, for your valuable time in reading this story. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did in writing it. This has been quite an undertaking… dreaming up the situations, and then coming up with names and places and characters. It has been a lot of fun just letting my imagination run away and putting all those episodes of Star Trek and Lost In Space to use!
This concludes this story, but there may be more in the future if I can come up with more ideas. I have started a sequel already, but I need to see what trouble King Adam can find himself in to continue the story! Wish me luck!

I started pushing against Verarea’s ass and I could feel her trying to get it to relax and open for me. Slowly her muscles eased and I could feel her open to me. I kept a steady pressure, not forcing my way, but just being insistent. 

I watched as her ass opened up and began swallowing my cock head. It was fascinating and very erotic, watching my cock sink slowly into her hot tight ass. I kept pushing gently as I slipped further and further into her.

Suddenly, the rim of my cockhead slipped past her anal sphincter with a pop we both felt. Of course, I was watching what was happening, so I expected it. But it caught Verarea by surprise and she gasped when she felt me slip into her.

“It’s all right, slut… that was just the head of my cock slipping inside you. How are you doing?” I asked.

“I am fine, Sire. Thank you for taking it slow with me,” she said.

I let her rest for a moment while she got used to having something so large back there. She was definitely tight–it had been ages since I had felt anyone who gripped me tighter. There was no question that I was the first person, or thing for that matter, that had visited this address!

Once I felt her relaxing, I told her that we would continue and I resumed pushing into her. With the head now inside her anal tunnel, things went easier and I sank deeper into her ass.

“Oh, Sire! Oh, I can feel you… so deep inside my ass! Oh, it feels so strange… but soo wonderful!”

Deeper and deeper my cock pushed into her, opening her and stretching her ass like nothing she had ever felt before. Finally, I was able to sink all eight inches of my cock into her and my hips pushed up against her ass cheeks.

“Okay slut, you have my whole cock buried in that tight ass of yours. How does it feel?” I asked her.

“Oh, Sire it feels… incredible! Oh, I am so full so stretched. Oh, Sire, your cock is amazing no matter how you use it! Thank you for showing me how wonderful this anal sex can be!” she said happily.

“Oh, my dear we have just begun. The really fun part comes now!” I said, and I began to slide back until my cock head was all that remained inside her ass. I pushed forward again, this time a little faster now that she had been opened up a bit more. I repeated this slow motion in and out pattern two or three more times, each time moving a little faster.

By then, my cock moved inside her pretty freely. I still felt a lot of friction–as I said this redheaded slut was tight–but I was pretty confident I wouldn’t hurt her if I moved into a more normal speed and rhythm. 

“Okay, slut, I am going to fuck this hot, tight ass the way it should be fucked… the way a king fucks his concubines! I suggest you find something to hang on to because it’s going to get pretty wild in here!” I said.

Verarea groaned, knowing that she was in for a strenuous workout, but she gathered up some of the hide blanket nonetheless. She wanted to stuff something in her mouth to bite down on and muffle her noise, but I stopped her.

“No Verarea, don’t… I want to hear your moans and screams!” I told her.

She nodded and braced herself for the coming onslaught. I gripped her hips and pulled back… then I rammed forward at full speed and power thrusting my cock deep into her ass until my hips smacked her ass with a wet plop. 

The instant they did, I pulled back and rammed back into her without so much as a moment’s hesitation. I began fucking her like there was a time limit on it, banging away at her ass like I wanted to punch a hole through her. 

“Oh, Sire! Oh… OHHH! Oh, that feels soo… yes! Oh, yes, fuck me, Sire! Fuck your slut tight ass! Oh, please give it to me! Give me all of that beautiful, big cock! Please fuck me hard, Sire!” she moaned and groaned.

And I did exactly that. With the assistance of the Shatabhisha Galli endurance, I pounding my redheaded slut with all I could give her. I knew it had to hurt her–this being her first anal experience coupled with my overexuberant state. 

But she didn’t complain and she certainly didn’t want me to stop. She whimpered and cried out softly, but she kept going. When I asked her how she was doing her answer was always the same.

“Please Sire! Please fuck my tight ass! Oh, Sire, I love the way you feel inside me! Please, Sire, fuck your slutty redhead! Please, I want to be a good fuckslut for you!” 

I had to admire her dedication to pleasing me. She was willing to do whatever it took, painful or not, to please and pleasure me. 

Back home if I so much as suggested anal sex, I would have been told to go fuck myself at the very least, unless I happened on one of the rare women into that sort of thing–and the women of Earth didn’t exactly come with a menu of interests!

But there was no need for menus here. Each and every woman on Shatabhisha Galli has been trained since birth that pleasing and pleasuring a man is their number one role and responsibility. 

And while the vast majority of the women on this strange and exotic planet will sadly never get the opportunity to do so, the woman of Kupolinis do. And they go to great lengths to make sure they do a proper job of pleasing me, never refusing anything I ask them at any time. 

No matter how strange or bizarre my request is, they will do their very best to fulfill it. No woman wants the stigma that they failed to please the King. And no woman would dare to refuse me–that is their first Law. 

To refuse my wishes or commands risks banishment and a slow but certain death in the savage wilderness of this planet. The Plains of Honnika–the arid, almost desert-like region that surrounds Kupolinis on three sides–would do in all but the hardiest and resourceful alone. And beyond that who knows what lies in wait for the unwary traveler.

Verarea needed no threats or warnings to do all she could to please me. Her excitement and enthusiasm came from a sheer desire to please her King. 

She wanted to be used, to be my fuckslut. More than anything she wanted me to use her in whatever fashion or form I desired. Such open-ended, nothing out of bonds service was very strange and hard for me to accept at first. 

But I had grown accustomed to these women’s unbridled service. I had told them when I first became King that I didn’t want them to think of themselves as my slaves–the first order of business, in fact, was freeing the palace slaves from their bonds. 

However, I did not take into account that all the women here would still be slaves to their own lusts and desires. While they weren’t called slaves anymore, that didn’t release them from the insatiable and overpowering need to please me. I guess millennia of customs training and tradition can’t be wiped away so easily.

I continued plowing into Verarea’s ass as hard as I could, pinning her legs against the side of the bed as I thrust into her. I could hear her grunt as the wind was knocked out of her every time my hips beat against her ass. 

I could hear her moaning when she did have the air for it. And I saw her hands opening and closing as she grabbed onto imaginary handholds in her lust-fogged brain.

When I felt she might be getting used to this technique I ramped things up for her, just to keep her off balance. 

With my left hand, I grabbed a huge fistful of her red mane and hauled her to her feet by it. Holding onto her fiery tresses, I reached up and grabbed her throat holding her tight enough that she had difficulty breathing properly.

“I’ll bet you would just love to cum right about now isn’t that right? You’re about to bust wide open, aren’t you?” I growled in her ear as I plunged into her asshole again.

“Oh yes, Sire!” she croaked, my hand on her throat preventing her from speaking clearly.

“Yes indeed. I can feel your need, I can sense how very much you want to cum, slut. Your scent tells me, your body tells me, even your breathing tells me. Well, I am going to let you cum, but only when I give you permission. 

“Until then, I want to hear you beg for your release. I want you to beg and show me that you really want it as bad as you let on!”

I let go of her throat then and moved my hand down to her pussy. I began furiously rubbing her clit hard. The effect was instantaneous and unmistakable.

“OH SIRE! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, please my king, please may I cum! Oh please, Sire! Ohhh, I can’t stand it Oh!” she cried. 

The people of Shatabhisha Galli didn’t know about God, at least not the Kupolinite women that I knew, so saying “Oh my God” wasn’t something they did. 

I wasn’t sure what, if any deity they did believe in–they had the Temple of  Pazuzu Pei, but what if any deity it was a temple to, I had no idea. The only thing I had ever seen worshipped there was my cock!

No, when one of the Kuplonite women was in the throes of ecstasy, they would always call on me with phrases like “Oh Sire!” or “Oh, my king!”–not that I am comparing myself in any way to God, it’s just that’s what these women knew.

And so it was with Verarea now. She was shaking as she fought against her orgasm… a battle she had no hope of winning. 

As my cock pistoned in and out of her ass and my fingers strummed her swollen sensitive clit, she was trapped between the two sensations, unable to move forward or backward or to either side. 

With my legs and feet between hers, she couldn’t even close her legs and she knew better than to try to cover herself. She was helpless and in my total control.

“Please Sire, Oh please may I cum! Please, I need to cum so badly! Please, please, I beg of you, Sire! Have mercy on me and make me cum, please!” she cried out again, repeating her entreaty.

Still, I did not relent. I kept up the pressure on her, thrusting into her ass with all I could muster and rubbing her clit like I was playing Foggy Mountain Breakdown on the banjo! 

Occasionally, just to vary my routine some more, I would pause in my fingering her to plunge two fingers into her drooling pussy and curl my fingers up behind her pubic bone to access her g-spot–or at least what Earth women call their g-spot! 

I split my two fingers and trapped her clit between them as I rapidly thrust in and out of her pussy like a rampaging sewing machine. The first time I used that trick on her she squealed and thrashed around like a wild woman–like I had hit her clit with a cattle prod!

She shook in my arms and I brought her very close to the orgasm she had been begging me for. But just as she could see the top of her mountain, I stopped. 

“Oh please, Sire. Please, I… I can’t go on much longer. Please, please, please…” she was at the point of sobbing and I knew she had had enough. I was not going to torture her anymore.

I pulled my fingers out of her pussy. “Cum my slut! Cum for your KING!” I commanded her. Then I slapped her sopping pussy and clit three or four times and she exploded.

“OH FUCK SIRE! OHHH, I’M CUUMMINNGGG! OHHH!! she screamed out. Her juices poured out of her in a rush as her dam broke. 

She began pitching and writhing in my arms so much I had to hold onto her tight to keep her from falling. I continued to fuck her and finger her as she came to draw out the experience for her but finally, her body gave out and she fell forward limp and exhausted.

But her respite was short–I hadn’t cum yet and my cock was screaming as long as she was! So I pulled her down onto the floor on her knees. I grabbed her hair. and held her head up.

“Open that mouth slut, your work isn’t done yet. Your king hasn’t cum. Now suck my cock… suck my cock and taste your ass on it!” 

I slapped her face to shake loose the fog and she opened up obediently. I knew she was exhausted and there would be time to rest later. But for right now, her service was required.

She began to suck my cock as she had been taught. And she was a top cocksucker exhausted as she was. I knew I wasn’t going to last long–not after being in her tight ass. But that was okay, I was ready to finish too.

“All right slut, I am going to cum now. I want you to catch it all in your mouth–don’t spill even a single drop. And hold it in your mouth until I have finished. I want you to show me the load I have given you, then you can swallow it.” I said. She nodded her understanding without missing a beat.

A couple of moments later I felt the cum rising up my shaft and I knew it was time I held her face still as I blasted the first of several jets into her mouth. She closed off her throat so she could hold the cum in her mouth breathing hard through her nose as I filled her mouth to near overflowing with my white seed. 

Finally, I had emptied myself and Verarea pinched off my cock as she pulled her mouth away so she wouldn’t spill any of it. She showed me her mouthful of cum and when I smiled she swallowed it down. Then she put me back in her mouth to suck out the last few drops and clean me with her mouth.

After she had cleaned me up, I took a look at the floor. She had made quite a puddle when she came. “Look at the mess you made on the floor! And just when the cleaning girls had gotten finished in here! I don’t think it’s very fair of me to call them back to clean up after you, do you? I want you to clean this up…I want you to lick up your mess from the floor!” I said in mock sternness.

I pushed her face down into the puddle and smeared the cooling juice all over her face as she licked and lapped up her pussy juices. I knew she wouldn’t get it spotlessly clean but she sure tried to! 

When I felt she had done enough I helped her to her feet her face was a wreck and she had a sheen on her face from her pussy juice but I didn’t mind. I kissed her long and deep and passionately.

“You did very well tonight my sweet slut. Your king is quite proud of you. Now go get cleaned up and then we can go to bed.” I said.

“I get to sleep with you, my king?” she said surprised.

“Yes, that is part of the Lottery,” I explained.

“But what about… the queen?” she asked.

“Queen Aurquan knows what this is all about. And she knows that she will have me tomorrow to herself. This Lottery won’t go on forever and after it’s done she and I will be together all the time. 

“So she is just waiting patiently for that time. She knows that she is my queen. And as much as I care about all of you, she holds a special place in my heart.”

“Yes, Sire… the Queen is a very lucky woman,” Verarea said. “Thank you for tonight and thank you for being such a kind and wonderful king to us all.”

Verarea went into the washroom and cleaned her face and washed herself. There aren’t showers here as there are on Earth–it’s more a bucket of water poured over your head kind of thing. 

But there were three buckets of water, one to pre-rinse to get most of the days’ dust and grime off, then you soap up with a flowery smelling liquid soap made of organic ingredients found locally, then you rinse off again to get the soap off. If you are exceptionally dirty, you can soap up again and use the third bucket.

After cleaning up she came into the bedroom. I helped her to bed then climbed in beside her. I took her in my arms and held her letting her enjoy the time with me until she drifted softly to sleep. 

The next morning, after I had said goodbye to Verarea and sent back to her home, Tara and I ate our morning meal. The conversation was unusually sparse–another clue that something was amiss. Usually, Tara is quite conversational in the mornings.

After we finished, Tara and I went into the great room as we normally did. But this time there was something different on my agenda than just the daily running of the kingdom.

“Tara honey, did I do something wrong last night? Did I say or do something to upset you?” I started turning to face her.

“No, why do you ask?” she said. She didn’t look at me directly. I knew there was a problem here.

“Well, it’s just the way you suddenly got out of bed last night and went to your room, I got the feeling you were mad at me for something,” I said.


“What is it, honey?” I asked.

“It’s silly, but sometimes when you are with another woman, I feel… like I’m not enough for you. That I don’t please you enough,” she said looking down and fidgeting with her hands.

“Oh, Tara! Oh, no, no, no sweetheart! You are more than I deserve! You are amazing honey!” I said quickly.

“Yeah but…”

“Listen, Tara, I am thirty-five-years-old–or at least that’s how old I was when I came to this planet. And in those thirty-five years, I have seen a LOT of beautiful women both in person and in pictures. 

“But there isn’t any of them that can begin to compare with a Kupolinite woman. This has got to be the most stunning, most gorgeous bunch of women anywhere. Any man would kill to be able to take just one of them to bed. 

“I have the incredible privilege of having all of the women of Kupolinite at my beck and call. But you know something? There is only one woman that always draws my eye. Only one. And she happens to be the Queen.

“You see, Tara, I may be King of Kupolinis and have my pick of women to sleep with, but you have something no other woman anywhere on this planet or Earth…”

I stood up and moved in front of her. I took her hand and turned it palm up, then I kissed the palm and placed it on my chest. 

“… you have my heart. And I only have one of those–I can’t share that with anyone.”

“Oh Sire…!” she said, her beautiful blue eyes filling with tears.

I placed my finger on her soft full lips, indicating I wasn’t done. Then I knelt down on one knee to continue.

“Tara Aurquan, I love you. I love all the women of Kupolinite because they are my people. But the love I have for you is yours alone. And it is far above any other woman anywhere. I may be the King here and have the right and privilege to have any of the Kupolinite women, but like the boomerangs of my home planet, I will always return to you.

“You are more than the Queen of Kupolinis… you are MY queen as well.”

“Oh, my king…” she said, tears running down her cheeks.

“It’s Adam, Tara. You, and only you, can call me Adam.”

“Adam… I love you too.”

I took my queen by the hand and led her to our bedroom to show her those weren’t just sweet words. I showed her in a way only a man can show a woman. And according to her, I was VERY convincing!


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