A mum has spoken out about sex after having children in a brutally honest post.

Jessica Hood is a mum-of-four who blogs under the name House of Hoods where she shares the “raw-relatable” side of motherhood.

Writing on a Facebook post, Jessica said she and her husband “couldn’t get enough of each other” when they first met.

But when she felt pregnant, things changed as the sex they once enjoyed frequently started to “vanish”.

She wrote: “You become that women who starts believing your husband’s penis will poke the baby in the eye.”

After childbirth, Jessica and her husband were so exhausted as new parents that sex just simply wasn’t a priority anymore.

The mum has four children

The mum continued: “Eventually you do have sex again and it’s probably just to try and procreate again and over time your family becomes complete, your children start getting older and there is a glimmer of hope… for passion! But not so fast!!!”

Jessica said that between work and completing the house chores, her “sex life was a window that closes at 9:30pm because you’re so exhausted”.

She wrote: “Sex with lights on becomes non-existent because carrying life has left you with two tennis balls in a pair of socks and a tummy that flaps in the wind.”

And while spontaneous sex becomes rare, Jessica claimed that no matter what, it was still the “best 5 mins of her life” when she finds time to reconnect with her husband.

The blogger detailed her sex life after the couple welcomed kids into the family

The mum wrote that while many parents felt “pressure on keeping that spark alive”, it doesn’t completely go but sometimes will need to be re-ignited.

She concluded: “Love is deeper than just sex and sex will always be there, but your children, well they will eventually grow up and leave the nest leaving you back where it all started.

“So relax and enjoy parenthood. Enjoy those rare moments that you get alone with each other and always make sure you renew your Netflix subscription.”

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