Struggling to get the spark back in your relationship?

Sexpert Emily Morse has shared her tips for getting “better sex in 2020”.

The love guru, who runs the popular Sex With Emily podcast, said that plenty of her listeners are bored in the bedroom.

She explained: “The biggest complaint I get from couples is that they’re flat out bored with their sex life – and it’s usually because they’ve never talked about it.

“Just like for anything in life we want to improve – we talk about it, and then we work on it. So why not do the same for sex?”

So to re-ignite passions, Emily recommends “prioritising your sex life and your relationship”.

Relationship expert Emily says plenty of couples tell her they’re ‘bored’ in the bedroom

To really prioritise intimacy, Emily recommends pencilling sex sessions into your diary.

She said: “Have a sex schedule – I know that’s not sexy but if you and your partner want to have more sex then put it in the calendar.

“Figure out when’s right for the both of you…

“I thought scheduling sex would p*** me off, but the truth is, it helps your relationship.

“If something isn’t happening, you have to prioritise it and make a commitment with your partner that it’s going to happen.”

The 49-year-old recommends scheduling sex

While scheduling romps may seem strange at first, it will start to feel natural over time.

Emily remarked: “So once you are committed to it happening, then it gets fun.

“You’re like – ‘OK Saturday night is sex night and I’m gonna make sure I prepare for it’ – maybe you shave, maybe you wear something sexy or maybe you plan something…

“Then you get to look forward to it.”

The relationship expert added that communicating with your partner is another way to give your love life a boost.

While Emily recommends being regimented with your routine, you should keep it varied when you get down to business

She recommends switching up how you’d usually have sex.

This can include slowing things down, focusing on foreplay and making a bucket list of kinky things you want to try.

Emily added: “We’re bored, because it’s the same.

“How do you add variety? You talk about things that might be interesting to try and do research….

“When you get interested with sex, you realise you’ve only just scratched the surface.

“There is so much more than you’re just not doing.”

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