Looking to give your sex drive a boost?

You wouldn’t be the only one, with 43% of women and 31% of men battling with libido issues.

Nadia Bokody, a sexpert and YouTuber, cited this poll in a recent video.

And in a bid to help followers that may be experiencing the common bedroom problem, the love guru gave her words of advice.

She said: “Sex drive isn’t something you can lose.

“It’s still there under the surface and can be re-ignited quite easily.”

Nadia spoke about libido – as well as giving tips on how to increase it

Nadia then outlined ways women and men can get their groove back.

For ladies, she said it’s all about getting that spark back into relationships.

The vlogger explained: “For women, the best way to re-ignite sex drive is to incorporate high amounts of novelty back into the relationship.

“That novelty doesn’t have to be reserved for the bedroom – it can be reserved for outside the bedroom.

“Things like getting dressed up, going back to the activities when you first started dating, extended passionate kissing and prolonged periods of eye contact.”

Nadia urges women to treat their partners like they did when they were first dating

As well as working to reclaim the “honeymoon phase”, couples should also work harder to vary their sex lives.

Nadia added: “Do try to mix it up in the bedroom as well.

“Do things like incorporating sex toys or having sex at different times of day.

“Incorporate more foreplay – not making sex focused on the orgasm, just focus on exploring each others’ bodies.

“All of these things help to shift her mindset out of that routine she is most likely in.”

Nadia also recommended couples therapy to those who have ‘resentment’ in their relationships

The sexpert says men who lose their libidos could have emotional barriers to break down.

She commented: “For men, it’s more about the quality of the relationship.

“If you’re not having a high sex drive, you have to ask yourself ‘is the problem actually with your libido or something going on your relationship’.

“Something like resentment – which is really easy to breed in long-term relationships when you don’t address an issue…

“Resentment is absolutely toxic to our sex lives. Getting aroused can feel difficult or even impossible.”

Thankfully, there are ways to alleviate these problems.

Nadia added: “One of the best things you can do for your sex life is to re-charge your relationship emotionally.

“Go to couples’ therapy, go to marriage therapy.

“I know it’s not the most fun thing to do, but getting someone to mediate between you is really going to make a difference so you both have a safe space to discuss your issues.

“You’re going to feel lighter and more sexually available to your partner.”

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