The growing body of research on father-daughter relationships offers invaluable lessons for women.

If you’re struggling with love or repeating unhealthy patterns in relationships, it would serve you well to explore your specific relationship with perhaps the most influential man in your romantic life — your father.

Some of you reading this have been lucky. You’ve had an overall positive relationship with your father. He was reliable, consistent, and stable, someone you could count on and talk to with ease and who gave you the sense of security you need.

Other women have not been as fortunate. Perhaps their dad was an addict, had trouble holding down a job, was cold and distant, was overly controlling, or completely abandoned their family.

So while the term “daddy issues” may be somewhat condescending, whether you consider your father a “good” or “bad” dad, there is no denying the impact he has on your choice in partners, expectations of a relationship and views about love.

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Research increasingly supports the idea that the father-daughter relationship is unique and vital to your well-being.

Here are 5 ways fathers impact their daughters romantic relationships — plus what to do if “daddy issues” are affecting yours.

1. Having a present and supportive father is critical to later forming healthy attachments in relationships as an adult.

A father showing up for his daughter, as well as for his spouse, fosters hope and a positive outlook on romantic relationships. Seeing their father’s responsiveness and presence helps girls learn about the need for support, trust and closeness in the relationships they will go on to form in their own lives.

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