It had been a hard day at work.  I had held myself back from making a play for Cindy at work, and as hot as she was, that was a difficult task.  I was thinking about her as I quietly stroked my raging hard-on. 

She was the office manager at the auto dealership where we both worked. 

Working in the auto business, I have seen hot looking women get some great perks. Cindy was a tall hot looking office manager. She had played volleyball back in college, but that was fifteen years ago.  Now she was thirty-five years old and she still had hot legs, but now her butt had filled out.  Not only that, but her breasts had filled out too.  No longer were they 32 B-cup, but now they were 38DD.

She had authority over the majority of the sales staff of which I was a part.

Today was an ordinary day except for when Cindy called me into her office.  I thought it was to get fussed at about how my sales had slipped or some clerical error on my part. 

I went into her office.  She was very businesslike when she had me sit down.  She said, “Mark, you can relax, we are not meeting because you did something bad.  I just wanted you to know that every time I walk through the sales area, I cannot seem to keep my eyes off your crotch.  But being a co-worker and on the clock, I cannot say or do anything about how I feel regarding what I see.” 

Cindy then slid her business card on the desk and said, “If you are interested, we can talk about improving sales off the clock over a few drinks later this week.  Think about it and get back to me with your answer.” 

I wanted to say, “I’m all in” right away.  But she stopped me by putting her hand over her mouth to tell me not to speak.  That is when she came around the desk to where I was sitting. 

She was standing over me when she said, “Mark, I know you like strong women.  You like a woman to take control.  You like a confidant, skillful woman.”  Cindy said, “Don’t say a word, just admire.” 

Then she turned her back to me and pulled up her dress and put one knee on the desk as she exposed her well-toned legs and beautiful ass.  Her thong panties were fire-engine red and they looked so good against her skin tone. Her legs got better the more you looked at them.

Cindy said, “Mark, does this excite you? Show me how much.”  She said, “You cannot touch me, but I want to watch you touch yourself.”

I unzipped and quickly pulled out my anaconda.  My cock was already stirring before she had me bring him out. I held my manhood in my right hand and was about to say something when she said, “Mark, you will only speak when I say you can while you are in this office.”  Then she said, “Stroke it for me and let me see that thing fully extended.”

I was stroking myself slow and steady while she rubbed her hot looking hands on her butt cheeks.

I was beyond happy.  She told me, “You will not cum in here, not now, not ever. Do you understand?”

I nodded yes. 

She said, “Continue to stoke it for me.”  I was enjoying this power trip and she was too.

She turned to me and said, “I know you want to be inside of me banging me out.  I know you want to let me have that hot load of jizz that has been building up.  I know you want to tell all the guys you work with that I came onto you.  I know you don’t want your wife to know how hot I am and how hot you are for me.  That is why you must save your cum for me.” 

Cindy said, “Mark, I like what I see, so I have decided to jack you off once a week for the next month.  I set the date, the time and where we will meet.  If this part of the process goes good, I will sit on your face just to see if you can handle a woman like me.”

When she said that, I came.  OH, SNAP!! 

Cindy said, “Bad Mark, you have thrown away the opportunity to enjoy months of intense abuse and pleasure.  Now you will have to endure seeing my juicy love envelope and not getting into it.  Since you came quickly I will train you by jacking you off every day for a while, but you will not cum.”

She made me clean up my jizz.  Then she said, “I already punched you out for today.”

Cindy said to me quietly, “Mark, you exist for my pleasure.”  The office was closed now.  “Mark, I like my ass to be eaten and you will be doing this job for me.  This is your punishment.  You will learn to like having your tongue in my bunghole.  You will never look at ass the same.  Everywhere you go, you will see how wonderful it is and the endless pleasure that you can give by pleasuring that deluxe orifice that is behind that headliner called Ms. Vagina.”

She told me, “If you ever want to see this scene again, you will call the number on the back of my card.  If you mention what happened just now, you will never work at this company or anywhere else in this town.  But if you play your cards right, you will be the happiest married guy that works here.”

While I was at home waiting for my wife and kids to come home, I finished myself off while thinking about the events of my day. Obviously, I came real hard… really hard.


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