Running out of time to secure a Valentine’s date?

According to one woman, you should wear perfume that smells like your intimate areas.

Sexologist Shan Boodram says the scent of her natural “vagina juice” makes admirers “flock to her”.

The love guru spoke about her quirky dating advice in her book – The Game Of Desire: 5 Surprising Secrets To Dating With Dominance — And Getting What You Want.

In an excerpt shared with refinery29, she explained that vaginal excretions “can serve as a love potion”.

This could be because they contain pheromones that attract others – but it may also be a result of the bodily fluid giving ladies an extra boost of confidence.

Shan Boodram says the quirky perfume has worked to attract people to her – but it doesn’t always work

Shan argued: “Regardless of if vaginal pheromones truly make a person irresistible or not, the fact that you think it does, will cause you to act in a bolder, more confident manner.”

The author has tried the technique for a decade – and on occasions, admirers have struggled to resist her unconventional perfume.

But despite this, results have been mixed and some strangers haven’t reacted to it.

The sexologist also found this to be the case when she tested the theory on four women.

After instructing the participants to “apply their vaginal fluid to their necks, cheeks and wrists”, she sent them out on the town.

When Shan tested her theories on other ladies, some reported strangers standing closer to them

Some of the ladies reported feeling strangers “leaning extra close” towards them.

And amusingly, Shan also recalled an admirer towards her neck while they were chatting.

But having said this, the quirky trick didn’t leave everyone falling at their feet.

Shan concluded: “I’ve used this technique countless times in the past ten years and have had mixed results: sometimes people are flocking to me, sometimes I don’t notice a difference.

“So while I’m not sure how effective this experiment is, I am certain that every single time I employ it, it makes me feel like an enchanted goddess with a delicious secret.”

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