How do you recognize if you are dating a real-life superman?

How do you recognize a real-life superman? What makes a guy the perfect boyfriend or perfect husband?

Whether they’re throwing on their capes to help fight crime as a police officer or battling flames to put out fires, real-life supermen do exist. Maybe he’s creating better communities for children in his neighborhood by mentoring youth, or helping little old women cross the street. Maybe he is caring for our planet by making sure he recycles daily or volunteering at his local food pantry.

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How do you know if you are dating a real-life Clark Kent? How do you spot him when he is in your presence? To help specify if you have a superman of your own, I have put together a list of ways to know if you’re in a relationship with the perfect guy.

If your supposedly perfect boyfriend does not acquire these qualities, then you’re not dating a true superman (even though he’s probably still a stand-up guy). Here’s how to know if your guy is the real deal.

1. A perfect boyfriend is selfless.

He does things for others without personal gain. He does things from the kindness of his heart without expecting anything in return. People can rely on him and he does not ask the same of others. Everything he does for people is natural and genuine.

Even in the cruel world, we live in, and all life’s letdowns, he does not change. He continues to be the same selfless man. Is your man selfless?

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