Create some lunar love magic of your own on Valentine’s Day, based on astrology.

Wouldn’t it be totally romantic to gaze at a beautiful Full Moon with your sweetie on Valentine’s Day?

Sorry, not this year! In fact, that powerful combination only happens once every 19 years or so. The last time there was Full Moon on Valentine’s Day was in 2014, and the next one won’t occur until 2033.

But you can still tap into the Full Snow Moon energy of February 9, 2020 to plan an uber-dreamy Valentine’s Day celebration with your favorite snuggle partner.

What astrological wisdom can all zodiac signs draw from the Full Snow Moon in Leo arriving just before Valentine’s Day?

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Full moons occur when the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs of the zodiac, and of all eight phases of the moon, the Full Moon is the one most associated with love and romance.

How convenient that it falls just a few days before Valentine’s Day this year to inspire you!

On this particular Full Moon, the Sun will be in the sign of Aquarius, while the Moon will be in the sign of Leo.

In astrology, the Moon represents your emotions and your intuition. With the Moon in fiery Leo, you’ve got an extra dose of passion, magnetism and creativity this month.

Leo also knows how to have a good time and loves to just play. But while there’s certainly a playful, fun side to Leo, it’s also all about passion, generosity, optimism and loyalty.

Leo’s symbol is the Lion — the King or Queen of the Jungle — so you can draw on that majestic, courageous and magnetic vibe as well during this Leo Full Moon phase.

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