You’re gonna need more than just a pretty face to catch his eye.

You know that moment: You see a guy across the bar and you believe he’s looking back at you, only to discover that he’s actually looking at the attractive girl to your right. Ugh, humiliating!

For decades you’ve been told, “Men can’t help being attracted to beauty and youth, men are hardwired to notice the hot chick.” (Meaning: they’ll never change, so don’t hold your breath, “boys will be boys,” etc.).

Well, hallelujah, that excuse is officially off the table, thanks to a recent study from Northwestern University.

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It seems that modern mate-attracting traits are catching up with the times. With more than 70 percent of mothers (with children under the age of 18) in the workforce, men are now reporting more interest in female intellect than eye candy.

Yes, scientists found that in nations that favor equality between both sexes, men find intelligence in women highly attractive versus countries where unequal rights between men and women prevail.

And that makes sense since it’s becoming more and more necessary for both partners to work outside of the home. From an evolutionary standpoint, of course, you’d find a highly intelligent partner attractive if you need someone to help maintain financial stability (rather than simply maintain a squeaky clean home).

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