“When we get back to campus, I’d like to show you something. Come to my room and you’ll learn a little more about me.”

“Couldn’t we do that in my room, though I’m pretty sure I’ve seen just about everything you’ve got.”

She gave him a seductive kiss.

“True but this is about what you may or may not have heard about me.”

“Oh, so now you’re an international man of mystery?”

Max just shrugged; his hands palms up.

“I’ll be there about two.”

Max was finishing up his paper and studying, when a video message came in.

Mom and dad.

He opened the video feed.

“Ciao mom and dad. How’s everything doing?”

“Just me son. Mom’s out at a meeting at the college. We’re doing fine. How are your classes going?”

“Very good dad. I should get at least a 3.7 maybe a 3.8 and change.”

“Good job, now about this three-thousand-dollar charge on the account.”

“Your question is?”

“Don’t play dodge ball with me, son.”

“You’re the best dad, who better to play it with.”

“Flattery, nice. Why so much?”

“I meet someone, she’s different. Not sure how much yet but, I think mom would like her.”

“Like whom and again why so much?”

“Again, because I wanted to, and I could. You’ve probably removed my access by now.”

“Nope. I wanted to, not because you charged it, but because you didn’t ask either of us first.

Mom said absolutely not, you were being romantic. I’d like to know how romantic.”

“She doesn’t know I’ve done anything, yet. We meet a week ago, set up by friends. Her name is Shelia, and she’s an art major, sophomore and cheerleader.”

“That’s all three thousand dollars will buy these days?”

“That’s insulting, beneath you and stupid. What’s your problem, didn’t get laid last night?”

“I assume that you did. However, you’re right, Maximilian. I’m sorry I said those things. Was it love at first sight?”

“No, but I want to know more about her and let her know some about me. She’s smart, we talk and yes, we’ve made love. She knows why I’m here. I’ll be telling her about how rich my parents are. They’re rumors around campus; I don’t know what she’s heard. I want her to know from me.”

“Okay, I understand honesty.”

“Let mom know I’m sorry I missed her and that I love you both.”

“Same here son…and I’m glad you’ve met someone. Ciao.”

After the call, Max looked around his room. “Time to do some cleaning.”


Sheila arrived about two-fifteen, “Okay Max, what’s the big surprise?”

“I’m going to tell you about my dad, or more precisely, how wealthy my parents are.” He brought up a website. “This is my dad’s company, an international detective agency.”

“Your dad is the president of that company,” Shelia said, her eyes wide with excitement.

“No, not president, he’s the owner.”

“They’ve got offices all over Europe and other places. They’re huge. So, you really are kind of an international man of mystery.”

“Perhaps, for an extra surprise. Shelia, how’d you like to go to the hotel on Friday?”

“You mean a day early?”

“Yes, I’ll pick up the cost.”

Shelia reached up, grabbing Max’s shirt and pulling him to her, giving him a kiss.

“I’d love to, now how about I buy breakfast tomorrow morning.”

Her lips brushing his, as the tip of her tongue, dabbed his nose. Max’s hands began massaging her tits.

“Guess what?” as Max’s tongue quickly thrust into her waiting mouth and came back out.

“What?” Shelia said in a sultry voice.

“We don’t need to use the couch.”

As Max pulled her shirt up and over her head.

“Do we need to hang the Do Not Disturb Sign, so room service won’t bother us?”

Max shook his head no.


Shelia stood up, removed his shirt. At that point, they began undressing each other, while kissing and touching. When finished, Max, scooped Shelia up in his arms.

“You do that so easily.”

“It helps that you’re as light as a feather to me.”

“You certainly do know how to flatter a girl.”

Max laid her on his bed and lay down next to her. The two engaging in romantic and seductive kissing and finger play.

“It’s not flattery. It’s being honest. I also figure you’ve heard stories, rumors about how rich I am.”

“Some. The rich, spoiled Italian guy. That’s about all I’ve heard. So, you’d pay for the extra day, if we go up on Friday?”


“Why, you trying to impress me?”

“Shelia, is that what it takes to impress you?”

She paused for a moment. “No, it wouldn’t.”

“Why wouldn’t it?”

“Because it would be an indication, they expect a certain behavior from me.”

“Have I in any way, so far, acted like that?”

“No, and that’s why I’m attracted to you and really like you.”

“The feeling is mutual. We’re getting to know and enjoy each other. I made the offer because I wanted to, just like showing you about my dad’s company. Your fingers are making my dick feel very good right now.”

“Just like your fingers are on my pussy. Let’s just do this and save other things for tonight. I’ll tease and torture that excellent, cum leaking cock of yours.”

“I’ll manipulate your hot button and love canal like a video game controller.”

“Sounds immensely sexy.”

Shelia continued dancing her finger all over the tip of his cock, slipping her tips into his slit. Her other hand was playing with his bocce balls. Their tongues were swirling and dancing with each other. Max had one hand squeezing her tit’s and nipples, while the other had slipped a finger into her womanhood and the heel of his palm was massaging her clit.

“Oh Max, that feels beautiful, what you’re doing. You slippery cum covered dick feels good in my hands. My pussy and tit are making my body feel like it’s on cloud nine.”

“My prick is feeling very well cared for, Shelia.”

Max’s finger started slowly moving around her veejay, her hips bucked, and she gasped. He knew he’d found it. He continued with two fingers teasing her spot and his thumb on her clit. She was very wet, and Max enjoyed that. Shelia did manage to keep ministering to his swollen member. Very soon, their hips were bucking in unison. Max’s cock spurted; she felt his streams hit her stomach. Yet, she squirted all over his hand and had a wave of warming pleasure sweep over her body, to be followed by another one a few seconds later.

“Oh Max, that was fucking awesome”

“You were pretty damn attentive yourself, dear.”

Sheila pulled his hand to her mouth and sucked her cum off those two fingers, while staring into his eyes. When finished, she said.

“Shut up and just kiss me.”

Their lips locked in a bout of kissing; their arms wrapped around each other. After a while, they lay in each other’s arms, fingers entwined, lightly kissing.

“Have all the girls you’ve been with was because of your money?”

“I just assumed it was. Most were obvious, there was one who thought I was a drug dealer and a few others thought I was a stuck-up prick. Back then, they might have actually been right.”

“Max, you’re sweating. Are you okay,” as she sat up?

“Yeah, just another thing you learned about me.”

Max got up and went over and opened his closet door, retrieving a pill bottle.

“I’m anemic, I have a lower red blood cell count than normal. At times after strenuous and intense love making, I have a drop in energy due to low oxygen levels. These iron and B-complex pills take care of that. Most of the time I plan for just such an event, forgot to take my pills this morning and then you came overlooking so beautiful and sexy. I’ll be fine.”

“How long have you been anemic?”

“Born that way.”

“Will we need to ah slow down?”

“Fuck no! Think of it this way. I just need to take my pill, just like you take your pill. That way, we can be as active as we choose to be. If you’d like I can get an STD test?”

“Okay, I will as well. Now, get back over here and so I can hold you, while we talk.”

Max climbed back into bed, his leg laying between hers. His head on her shoulder and an arm around her chest.

“What do you like most about me, Max?”

“Your openness and ability to have a conversation. You have an ability to talk to people not at them. Now, you’re incredibly nice on the eyes, a damn good lover and listener, like now. Your heartbeat is steady, calm.”

“That’s a nice, if unusual list from a college guy.”

“Thanks. My mom and dad have always told me to judge people for two things, after you’ve gotten to know them. Do they think with their brain and feel with their heart, like most people or do they do both, with both?”

Shelia intertwined her fingers with his, as she kissed them.

“Okay, your turn. Answer the same about me.”

“You’re polite, smart, and probably the best guy I’ve ever been with. You flirt, but differently than most guys. You’ve a very good body and those eyes, one green and one blue. You make me feel very comfortable, appreciated and safe. You have a strength and confidence about you.”

“Your flatterer,” he said as he quickly reached down and tickled her.

“Stop, I’ll get you for this.”

His mouth went to her tits and began licking around her areola and brushing her nipple.

“Stay the night?”

“I can’t, early class, no clothes and need a shower.”

“Bring some clothes here so you can stay the night whenever you want.”

“Did you ask me to like share your room?”


“Okay. Oh, and yes, we’ll go to the hotel on Friday. Any other surprises for me?”

“I paid for one or two upgrades.”

The two just kissed and touched for a while before Max helped her get dressed.



Darrel was talking with his lawyer.

“We know you’ve been in for a few weeks. Dad wanted you to learn a lesson. You’ll be out withing thirty-six hours. Your dad want’s you home right away.

“Sure thing, once I’ve taken care of a loose end.”


Shelia brought some clothes over to Max’s dorm room, the next day. She’s heard more about Max now that everyone knew they were a couple, than she’d ever heard about him. He wasn’t possessive, and enjoyed meeting her sorority sisters, several of who were jealous, one asked if he had a brother back in Italy. He didn’t.

Friday came and they headed to Cleveland. When she checked in, the clerk charged her the ninety dollars that had been arranged.

“Ms. Connors, here are your two room keys. Room 305, all the rooms are on the third floor, but are from 320 to 333. Enjoy your stay. If there’s anything you need just call the front desk or room service.”


Max had both their suitcases and his tux. She had her dress. They took the elevator up and when she got to 305, she saw it said Suite 305.

I don’t remember booking any suites

She opened the door walked in about ten steps and stopped.

“Oh, my fucking god! Is this your idea of 1 or 2 little upgrades?”

“Yes, first upgrade was the room, next was the prepaid for room service. Just call and order. Now, you did bring a swimsuit?”

Shelia spun around and wrapping one arm around the back of his head, the other, squeezed his butt, both pulled him close.”

“Of course, but Max, you didn’t have to do this and really shouldn’t have.”

“I wanted to and why shouldn’t I?”

“What will everyone else think?”

“If you really are worried, we can get a regular room.”

Her tongue licked his nose, then traced around his lips, before diving into to inviting mouth. It explored, going across the roof of his mouth, then along the gums, before wrestling with his tongue. Max’s hands had returned the favor, squeezing both of her ass cheeks, before slowly going up her back and pulling her with a strong embrace. His hips grinding into hers.

“I guess the swim can be postponed,” she said.

They ended up on the large couch, once they’d divested each other of clothes. Max dropped her onto the couch. He lifted her right leg and began kissing his way upward, from the ankle.

“Oh Max, that’s nice.”

He reached her nicely shaved womanhood and blew on it, as he got down on a knee and spread her labia. His tongue lightly teasing and tracing along its edge.

She’s getting wet, smells very good, and that’s turning me on.

Max shifted to being at her side, his tongue now dabbing at her clit, while his fingers were softly probing her love canal, staying just outside of it.

“Oh god Max, that’s so tantalizing. Keep it up.”

He used his lip covered teeth to garb and hold her enlarged clit, his tongue began quickly licking it as he inserted two fingers into her pussy, slowly moving them around. Her hips began bucking.

“Oh shit, that’s awesome and I’m getting close dear.”

He blew on her clit while his fingers began making a fast scissoring motion, which increased her pleasurable moans, her hands garbed the back of his head and pulled it onto her clit, which was now receiving the best tongue lashing ever. His finger had located her spot and was now slowly tracing around and over it.

“Yes, Max, that’s it! Oh yes! I’m coming a don’t you dare stop when I do.”

Max kept this up for several minutes, when Shelia let loose, gushing over his fingers, her hands pushing his head tighter and deeper into her.

“I’m coming you stud lover! Do that voodoo that you do so well!”

Three waves of pleasurable warmth swept over her body. Max didn’t miss a beat. Keeping up his ministrations while Shelia enjoyed her orgasmic experience. She pulled his head to hers, enfolding his neck as his arms encircled her. They enjoyed a romantic bout of kissing.

“That was awesome, Max.”

“You’re welcome, I enjoyed it as well.”

“Now for you,” as she rolled them over, placing herself on top. Her hand reaching down between his legs and finding his semi-enlarged manhood and stroking it. She moved to be between his legs and placed the head of his now enlarged penis, in her mouth. Her tongue swirling around the tip and exploring the slit. Her hands were playing with his balls, while one fingernail was going in a snake like pattern up and down his hard shaft.

“Shelia, that feels extremely good.”

She started moving her mouth down and up the first couple of inches of his delectable prick. Her tongue licking, slurping and fingertip on his underside, producing more pleasurable moans from Max. She kept this up for a while and Max’s hips began thrusting up as her mouth moved down.

Max Ivano, you are a dream boyfriend and I want to see where we go on our trip together. Now, to keep this beautiful cock, this hard for as long as possible.

She squeezed all around the base of his cock, just above his sack, smiling as she bobbed her head on and off his slick, leaking engorged love machine.

“Is that smile just for show or are you enjoying this?”

“This is the most enjoyable a blow job has made me feel in several years. You do intend to let me come at some point; I hope. I’m feeling rather constrained right now.”

“Max, I want to feel you explode in my mouth as much as you do.”

Her mouth returned to its enjoyable job and she felt his balls tighten and she slid her mouth all the way down to his sack. Swirled and shook, then retreated to just over the tip as he exploded into her mouth. She swallowed several times, from his six bursts. She kept sucking until his cock stopped. She let it fall out of her mouth as she climbed back to his face and they kissed for a while. Max reached up and pulled the throw blanket around them. They were laying there, hands entwined.

“So, about your swimsuit.”

“What about it,” as she ran her tongue across his lips.

“I’m trying to imagine how sexy and sexual you’ll look in it?”

“Are you implying that I don’t look like that now?”

“Shelia, you are extremely sexual, yet our brain is the largest sexy organ we have. Seeing you in a swimsuit, that well, gets my mind to thinking about what’s under that suit.”

“You already know that.”

“Yes, but it allows me to show my appreciation of how you look, and act. I get to flirt with you and think about later.”

“Well, in that case, let’s go swimming.”

Max got his suit on and Shelia shooed him out the door.

“I want to see your reaction, so out, now mister.”

Max left and a few minutes later, Shelia came out.

That’s what I hoped I get.

Shelia was wearing a very enticing suit. A medium purple bikini top and skimpier bottom, with some fringe hanging from both parts. Then there was a fishnet connecting section. She struck a few poses.

“So, how do I look?”

“Ravishing, and I can’t wait for everyone to see how lucky I am to have you on my arm.”

“Why thank you,” as she went over to him, snaked her arms around his neck and gave him a deep, seductive kiss.

“A pity we’re going swimming.”

“No, it just gives me more to appreciate, about you.”

The two spent over an hour, swimming and playing at the indoor water park. Shelia drew the attention of most guys, be they sixteen or sixty.

“Okay, how about we get ready for diner?”


They got back to the room. Max pulled her into him, as soon as the door closed. His tongue sliding into her mouth and playing with her tongue.

“Start the shower and I’ll join you.”

“Sounds inviting.”

Shelia did and Max joined her.

How beautiful she looks! Her hair reaching a bit past her shoulders, water streaming down her body.

“Well, showers don’t hand out invitations.”

He’s so goddamn sexy and that hard prick of his. Plenty of soap here.

Max went first, grabbing the luffa, and applying more body wash than usual. The shower head was on Shelia’s front, so he started on the back of her neck, moving to her shoulders. With his other hand, he was playing with her nipples and tits. She ground her butt into his rock-hard member.

“Now, if only that could do some cleaning.”

“Showers aren’t the best of places, for that type of cleaning. I didn’t expect to and that’s just poor planning on my part.”

“I’m sure you’ll make it up to me and what you’re doing feels so nice.”

Vince had finished her back and spun her around so he could clean her front. Shelia, used the soapy suds and pulled him into her, just moving her body around, up and down. She had her arms wrapped around him and they were kissing, passionately.

“Your cock feels awesome on my body.”

“I’m glad and it feels pretty good to me as well. Your nipples and breasts are turning me on, lather or rather well.”

“Okay, your turn,” as she took the luffa, poured some more wash onto it and began cleaning Max. His broad shoulders, strong arms and enticing shaft, each getting their turn. She made sure not too much so that he didn’t come in the shower.

“Times up, we’ll rinse off and dry.”


After drying off, Shelia started for the bed, but Max pulled her back.

“There’s something about you and hotel rooms, where you always need an elevator.”

Max grabbed Shelia under her butt and lifted her up and walked over to the wall.

“No need, you lift me like I’m a feather. I’ll show you some gymnastic moves.”

Her hands were already tending to his hard cock. Her tongue was deep in his mouth, fencing with his. He slowly lowered her, as she guided his iron shaft into her love shaft. Her legs tightened around his waist.

“No need to support me, just hold me.” She leaned back, her arms slowly pulling away from Max, her legs holding him tight. Shelia kept going back.

“Oh Shelia, that’s so sexy and makes me dick feel super hard.”

“I’m feeling that hard prick, the way you flex it and move in and out.”

By now, Shelia was perpendicular to Max and she started her return trip. The closer she came to his face, the faster and harder he was thrusting.

“Oh, god Max, that’s great! Keep it up.”

Shelia began meeting his trusts with her own, his up, was her down on his cock, while squeezing his member.

“Shelia, that’s doing it.”

“Same here, harder Max.”

I don’t dare, or I’ll hurt her. It’s much harder to remember when I’m with a human.

Max felt his dick and balls tighten and soon he exploded inside her pleasing pussy. Her muscles latched on to his cock and he felt her love juice flood around his prick and onto his groin and legs. They stayed like that for a few minutes.

“Dear, I might be as light as a feather, but my back and legs are a little tired. You’ve done that longer than any two guys I’ve ever been with, so you can put me down. Besides, we’ll need to rinse off again.’

After they rinsed and dried off, they started getting ready for dinner. Max’s phone rang, a special ring.

They always have the best timing and it could be very interesting.

“Who would be calling you?”

“Would you like to meet my parents?”

“Now! I’m in my underwear.”

“So? I’m sure they know we have and of all the things my parents would hold against me or you, that would be last on the list. Besides, they wouldn’t call if they didn’t want to see you. Think of it as a bathing suit”

“Okay,” as she gave him a cautious look.

Max set his phone on its kickstand and answered the call.

“Pronto, Max here.”

He saw his mom and dad on the video chat.

“Hello Max,” his parents said in unison.

“Hello, how are you both doing?”

“We’re well and just checking in,” his dad said.

“No, you’re dying of curiosity and this is an excuse. You had Gina spy on me.”

A female voice with an Italian accent replied.

“Gina isn’t a spy, Gina is a trusted servant of the Ivano’s and if Gina could, Gina would pinch Max’s ears for that insult.”

“Glad to hear you to Gina, I do miss you.”

“So much you get a new girlfriend and leave Gina alone.”

“I’m flattered you care so much. Now, mom and dad, to satisfy your curiosity, allow me the honor of introducing you three, excuse me four.”

“Of course, son,” his father said. “We’d be honored to meet her.”

“Mom, dad and Gina, I have the great pleasure and good fortune to introduce to you Shelia Tanner. Shelia, these are my parents Zephrin and Brielle Ivano. The voice you heard is Gina, my dad’s most excellent secretary and girl Friday.”

“I’m very pleased to meet you both, Mr. and Mrs. Ivano.”

I’ve seen his mother before…Brielle Chalmers! That’s his mother, she’s black.

Brielle spoke first. “I’m so glad to meet you and the pleasure is all ours.”

“Yes,” his dad added. “Can’t say as Max has told us all that much about you but, what he’s told us was very nice and I see why.”

“I see you recognize me, Shelia,” said Brielle Ivano.

“Yes, Mrs. Ivano, I do.”

“Max hadn’t told you that yet. Max, how inconsiderate of you.”

Shelia gave Max a mean sideways glance.

“That’s okay. He might not have told me, but he’s never lied to me, so far.”

“Max, what did you tell Shelia,” his mom asked with a disappointed tone.

“That you and Mr. Ivano met while you were in college.”

Brielle gave her husband the side eye.

“Don’t blame me,” Zephrin said.

“Shelia, though not a lie, he did miss lead you, which disappoints me. Any other misleading

statements Max?”

“No mom.”

“Well, I can see why Max likes you and my first impression is good. You have my permission to extract whatever punishment fits. When we’re done.”

The four spent about a half hour talking, before they hung up.

“Max, did you lie to me about dating black girls?”

“So, because I’m half black, you think I’ve dated black girls before?”

“Well, yes, but only because you lied about your mom.”

“I didn’t lie, you never asked, and I swear I’ve never dated a black girl before you. I’ll also add that, until you meet my mom, would you have believed I was half black?”

Shelia paused…” I don’t know. You said you’re paying but if your mom was a professor, you’re going free!”

“Nope, neither of my parents wanted me to go free of charge. I don’t even think the college knows that Brielle Chalmers is my mom.”

“Why wouldn’t you tell me about this? Is this something you’ll do again? And please, don’t give me the well I didn’t lie, shit line.”

“Shelia, I’m sorry for misleading you but, I wanted you to get to know me, not the rich son, or former professor’s son. I wanted it to be me and you getting to know each other.”

“Okay, I get that but please, don’t do this in the future. I’ll accept that you may not want to talk about some things, but don’t lie or mislead me. I’ve had enough of that from Darrel.”

Max softly pulled her close and kissed her. “I won’t.”

They finished dressing and went down for dinner. It ended with Shelia in a better mood than when they sat down. Walking back up to their room, Max said.

“If you want, you can have the bed tonight. I do understand why your mad.”

“Max, I’m not mad, just a little upset and disappointed. I’d never let something that simple, ever make you sleep on a couch.” She turned to him and gave him a medium kiss.

“Thanks, and again, I’m sorry.”

“I’m good with that. You seem to mean it and I accept your apology…even if you didn’t have to give me one.”

“If you’d like your sisters and their dates to come to our room, tomorrow, that’ll be okay. The bar is stocked but, not before noon.”

“They can?”

“As long as they behave. If they get drunk or break anything, I’ll ask them to leave.”

“I’ll help if they do.”

They got back to their room, changed into some sleep ware. Shelia had on a shiny red two-piece chemise and Max had on some nice fitting, boxer briefs, black. Neither remained on for long, though nothing was ripped.

“You did a lot of work earlier, so on your back, you sexy thing.”

Max did as ask. Shelia started kissing him on the lips, then move down his neck. She continued, after a brief detour to his nipples, to his ever-growing dick. One hand was cupping his balls, the other was holding it straight up while her tongue move din an ‘S’ shape from tip to sac and back up again, slowly. She swirled around the tip for a couple of minutes, removing the cum that emerged. She sat up and straddled Max with her back to his head. Then she lowered her wet mound onto his cock. Instead of on her knees, she stretched her legs out in front of her and gyrated on his hard shaft.

“Oh, Shelia, that’s feels divine.”

“That prick of yours is feeling awfully good as well. Now, just relax and enjoy, lover.”

Shelia then bent her body forward and her legs to his sides. She used her arms to bounce feeling Max’s cock, deeper than ever any cock had gone before. She did this for several minutes, as her passion inside built to bonfire of passion. Max was thrusting and using his hand to caress her ass checks and lower back.

“Oh Max, this is wonderful,” as her orgasm came. One hot body encompassing wave.

“I’m coming! As she clamped his cock in her pussy. Max thrusted his hips hard,

“I’m joining you, oh god does this feel great!”

Max had five more eruptions and Shelia two more body sweeping waves of pleasure.

Shelia remained on top for several minutes, squeezing his cock until it plopped out. She lay on top of him and they passionately kissed and caressed each other.

“Shelia, that’s the first time I’ve ever done it in that position, and it was most enjoyable.”

“Thanks,” with a kiss and she stared at him while caressing his chest and arms.

“What’s up, Shelia? You’re thinking about something.”

“Did they like me?”

“My mom does. She might have reached through the phone and boxed my ears for what I told you.”

“You mean for not telling me you’re mixed?”

“No, for how I bent the truth about how my parents met.”

“I’m like my dad when it comes to questions, I really don’t like length I do my best to only answer the question, I’m working on it.”

“Well, I’ll help you. Oh, Kevin and Ari will stop by our room, about 1, a couple of others, Casandra and Jasmine with their dates.”

“Of course, I’ll arrange for some munchies. Now, in the morning, brunch will be room service. We’ll call and you order whatever you want.”

They watched a couple of movies, well one and a half movies, when Max started kissing her neck and breasts, while his hand was massaging her pussy.

“Mm, nice but would it be alright if we just made slow passionate love?”

“My lady and Nubian princess, as you wish.”

They finished a little over a half hour later and went to sleep.

Brunch was a marvelous affair, fruit, pancakes, scramble eggs, sausage, grits, and the associated fair. They showered and dressed casually. Kevin and Ari were the first to arrive and were amazed at the room.

“Oh my god, Shelia. This is amazing”

“Thanks Ari. We’ve some snacks and would either of you want a beer?”

“Sure, Max, Ari likes Riesling.”

“I always think ahead big bro.”

Several others began arriving. They commented about a free fruit basket, cheese tray, and a complimentary breakfast coupon for Sunday morning. The party broke up about 3 when everyone decided to go to the water park. Shelia and Max headed back around 5 to get ready.

“Did you have anything to do with those fruit baskets and breakfast tickets?”

“Who, me. What, do you think I’m made of money? Fruit baskets are expensive.” He leaned over and kissed her. “Thanks very much for inviting me. This is a very good bunch of friends and sisters you have, and we’ll all have a good time. Do you have a passport?”

“A passport?”

“Yes, it’s the only way you can come to Venice over the summer.”

“Venice, as in Italy?”

“Yea, that’s where my parents live, remember.”

“No, I don’t have one.”

“We’ll get that fixed starting on Monday.”

The diner was good, a nice buffet and all were having a good time. The D.J. was setting up and people were mingling.

“Ari, Jasmine, let’s go to the lady’s room.” Shelia said.

The guys were either at the bar or palling around. They left the party room and headed down the hallway, when Shelia was grabbed by a large hand attached to a large man.

“Ari, you didn’t see anything or anyone, or else. I know where you and Kevin live.” Darrel said.

Jasmine had already run back to the room, screaming. Ari followed but didn’t scream. Already the room was emptying, Max, Kevin and Raymond, now holding Jasmine, were in front.

Max headed right for the front door, several followed.

“Max,” Shelia screamed.

The four of them stopped, turning toward the group.

“Well, well. If it ain’t the White Knight, Sir Lanceafuck.”

Max’s eyes rapidly moved between the three men and Shelia.

Two guards, one with brass knuckles, Darrel has a knife at Shelia’s throat. Take out Mr. Brass then the other flunky. Darrel should be no issue for me, but Shelia is in danger. If he wanted her dead she’d be so.

“I’ve heard you like hiding behind a lady to prove your manhood or lack of. Is that knife the biggest thing you have that hard? Darrel, which is the bigger number, your shoe size, dick size or IQ?”

“Listen, I’m going to have my friends discuss things with you, while I say goodbye one last time, to your girl. She’ll watch you get pummeled and the enjoy a real man.”

“That’s where your wrong, Darrel. She’s not mine, you don’t own people, your country fought a war about that. We’re together because we chose to be. Next, once I take care of Twiddle de and Tweddle dummy, I’ll take care of you and last, I’m sure the cops are on their way.”

“Break his mouth and anything else guys, quickly.”

They both moved to him and Max spun in a circle, his leg extended and was grabbed. Max smiled as he pulled that leg down and punch him in the face. Blood and a tooth flying. He let go and grabbed his face. Max kicked him in the neck, then broke his knee cap. The other had reached and slammed his fists into Max’s side.

That hurt!

Max spun his elbow but was blocked, but his knee wasn’t as it landed in his abdomen, but he took a shot to his chest.

A boxer, that’s his background.

Max feinted lowered his head and landed two punches in his stomach. He kicked in his knee, which brought him to a kneeling position, then he punched his face so hard, everyone heard the bones breaking. The first guy had recovered and stumbled over. His brass knuckles landed in max’s ribs. Max reached behind him, grabbed the guy’s head and dropped to the floor; the guys neck broke. The second guy had recovered and kicked Max in the side. Max did a kip-up, took a punch but hit him in the neck, feeling the crunch. He finished him with a wheelhouse kick to the head.

“Your next Darrel. If you let her go, you won’t need a body bag, they do.”

“You’re a dead man.”

He threw Shelia to the ground, saying “Time for some slice and dice.”

Good stance, defensive, he’s scared of me. Not much time before the law gets here.

Max charged, deflecting his slash with his arm, which was sliced, but getting in a solid blow to the chest. Maybe a breaking a broken rib. Darrel, was good and his back slash, made another cut on Max’s arm. Max went to grab the arm with the knife when Darrel flicked it to his other had and drove it into his chest. Max didn’t let go, he just grabbed Darrel, lifting him up and throwing him into the wall, over ten feet away. The body bounced of the wall, landing like a sack of potatoes. Max smiled as he fell to the ground.



Venice, Italy

“Zephrin, Brielle, we have a big problem,” said Gina.

“Look at the screen.”

A video came on of a fight being live cast on Facebook. They saw one man beating up two men as a girl with a knife at her throat and the man holding it watched.

“That’s Max,” shouted Brielle, “and Shelia!”

“Gina, make the plane ready, book a room at the hotel, we’ll be there in twenty minutes. Get legal and Interpol, working on removing that video from news broadcasts and the internet, and our medical specialists to whatever hospital Max is at.” said Zephrin.

About fifteen hours later they arrived in Cleveland. They went to the hospital, bags to the hotel.


Chicago, Illinois

“Jerry, what’s my sons’ condition and is it safe for me to visit him?”

“A broken knee, the radius in his left arm, ulna in his right arm, his left femur and he’s paralyzed from the shoulder down.”

“I saw that video, now it’s gone so who did this?”

“A source in the CPD says the kids name is Maximilian Ivano. You can visit but we’ll have your lawyer with you.”

“There’s a contract on this Maximilian yet?”

“That’s the problem, his dad is very rich. Owns an international detective agency and has strong contacts with Interpol. The kid’s parents are here from Italy and they have guards. He’s has three broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and a bruised kidney. We have a copy of the fight, from our friends at the station. This Max used a martial art called Savate and our guys say that he’s very good. The Italian and French Savate Federation agree, he’s a certified teacher, a professor. Just like his father.”

“Get the car ready and nobody messes with my family and lives, he dies, Jerry. Time isn’t of the essence, now let’s go visit my son.”



Brielle and Zephrin got to Max’s room, they saw that Shelia was there, holding his hand. Max was awake. Brielle looked at her husband, and whispered.
“You be nice, polite and respectful. We have no idea what Max thinks or feels for her or her for Max, especially after what happened.”


“But nothing.”

Zephrin just nodded. They walked in

“There’s our son.”

Max looked up. “Mom, Dad. Why are you here?”

Zephrin shook his head. “Son, you were an internet star for a few hours.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Your fight at the hotel. You killed two men and badly injured another, some son of a suspected drug lord,” said Zephrin.

“Men! Max, you fought for the honor of your girlfriend and almost got killed. The press loves it. We’re proud of you. You did the right thing.”

“Yes, the right thing,” Max said as he glanced at Shelia.

“Oh, mom and dad, allow me to formally present to you, Shelia Tanner, my girlfriend. Shelia, my parents, Zephrin and Brielle Ivano.”

“I’m so glad to meet you, though why did it have to be like this. He’s barely awake, drifts in and out of sleep.”

“I’ll be fine, Shelia,” Max said softly.

Shelia looked at his parents, with her large tear-filled eyes.

“Yes, Max will be fine. It’ll take some time, but the doctors got to him in time. How are you doing, Shelia?”

“Okay, I guess. The police told us not to leave the hotel but gave me permission to be here. The hospital makes me leave at ten-O’clock.”

“I’ll talk to the head nurse about you having our permission to stay all night if she wishes?”

Zephrin left. Max was sleeping again.

“That’s the pain medication, nothing to worry about,” Brielle said

“Why, Mrs. Ivano.”

“First, call be Brielle, as you did recognize my picture. Next, why what?”

“Why did he risk his life for me?”

“Max did what he did because he wanted to, and it was the right thing to do. He does like you.”


“He didn’t have to answer the phone the other night, neither of you were fully dressed. Now, that’s not an issue but he still did. That tells me he really does like you. He wanted us to see you, as he does.”

Zephrin returned with a smile. “Okay, the hospital will let you stay as long as you want. I even arranged for her to get food. Our family doctor has communicated with the hospital and will be here in the morning. He’s already told me that flying home is out of the question.”

“So, Max is here for his recovery, Mr. Ivano?”

“No. in school, did you ever hear of Agate D’Estange?”

“Yes, she was that Art Professor who went to Europe and died in an accident.”

“Close enough. Agate was my grandmother. She had a house in Ashland and it’s now mine. I’ll have it opened and made usable for his recovery. If your parents allow it, would you like to be his personal nurse?”



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