Here’s an easy Full Moon spell to cast each month for all zodiac signs!

Each month, a Full Moon cycle takes place in a particular zodiac sign, and it’s the perfect time to set your intentions and cast a spell for love, healing, and money.

What is a Full Moon, according to astrology?

A Full Moon closes the door to a zodiac sign’s solar cycle. Each Full Moon invites a release of energy and lasts up to three months.

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If a Full Moon takes place during an eclipse, the Moon’s energy can last up to six months, impacting certain zodiac signs more than others.

According to astrology, a completed lunar phase means letting go and releasing energy.

A Full Moon cycle is a perfect time to start over again and to search for new ways to get what you want out of life, love, and relationships.

If your heart is broken, a Full Moon is a time for healing.

How do you set an intention during a Full Moon?

Each Full Moon encourages self-care, wellness, and letting something go. So, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to cast a spell using a little witchcraft.

Whether you are new to witchcraft or have been practicing for a long time, you might be familiar with jar spells, also known as container or bottle spells.

Jar spells can be used to find love, putting a curse on someone, or even breaking a curse someone has put on you. In our case, we can utilize the jar spell for healing.

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