A woman spoke candidly about her past relationships after opening up about her battle with sex addiction.

Frankie Considine claims to have slept with 130 men by the age of 28, including four guys in one night when she was 21.

During the height of her struggles, the model would call in sick to work and cancel plans with friends in a bid to have sex.

But despite it being all fun and games, Frankie says the thrill had an impact on her mental and physical health.

Soon after she spiralled into depression, fell pregnant without knowing who the dad was and contracted multiple STIs, before being diagnosed with sex addiction.

Speaking to Fabulous Digital, Frankie, who says she’s always been a curvy girl, revealed how her sex craving derived from her parents’ divorce and the relationship she had with her body.

Losing her virginity at the age of 14, she went on to have a four-year relationship, but a year into it, she began cheating.

She told the publication: “Even though I loved it, I was having sex with someone at least every fortnight.”

Eventually she ended that relationship after her mum died following a year-long cancer battle, which made her sex addiction spiral out of the control.

Over the next three years, Frankie believes she slept with 80 men, some of which were one-night stands, while others were multiple hook-ups.

She explained: “I wasn’t interested in drinking or taking drugs. Sex was my coping mechanism. It was very much about the thrill of the sex but also the intimacy, being with someone close to you, which replaced the loss of my mum.”

The 28-year-old opened up about her battle with a sex addiction

Frankie also lifted the lid on the weekend she spent in Brighton for her 21st birthday – where she slept with four men in 24 hours.

And all of this never made Frankie think twice about her sexual health after never using any form of protection, not even the pill.

Then by 22, she discovered she was pregnant and struggled to identify the dad from five or six possible partners, so she made the decision to abort.

She then met a bloke from Tinder who she had an on-off relationship with in 2014. But in April 2017, she fell pregnant to a girl who was “very much planned”, so she was born in January 2018.

When her daughter was six months, Frankie and her partner broke up and so she started seeing a new therapist, eventually by the age of 26, she was diagnosed with sex addiction.

She explained: “There is so much stigma around being a sex addict. People think it’s an excuse, but we aren’t sl*ts. It’s a genuine illness.”

But now she won’t let her past hold her back, saying her friends have been “nothing but supportive” as she made a 360 degree turn in life.

Frankie concluded: “I’m very reserved now. If I’m seeing someone, I don’t want to have sex straight away. If they initiate it or want to talk about it, they almost get blocked from my phone – I’m that fearful. I’m scared if I sleep with them too soon, will I go back down the spiral?”

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